Diet on chicken breast: the effectiveness of white meat for weight loss

June 05, 2018 05:15 | Diets

With the word "diet", the imagination draws a picture of a menu consisting of carrots, apples and skimmed yogurt, which frightens meat lovers who do not even imagine a week's diet without it. Excellent way to lose weight without exception from the menu of animal protein - a diet on the chicken breast. There are quite a few diets on white chicken meat, they vary in severity and duration. The only thing that unites them is the type and method of preparing the main product.

  • Chicken breast - the most popular dietary meat
  • Tips for choosing and preparing a breast
  • Rules for preparing a dietary chicken breast
  • Easy balanced diet on a chicken breast
  • Seven-day diet with chicken breasts
  • Chicken breast as part of a mono-diet

Chicken breast is the most popular dietary meat

Sam choice of chicken breast as the main component of the diet is justified. This product is nutritious, contains all the necessary for the body to function properly, including vitamins B, nicotini

c acid, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. Such a composition not only prevents the negative impact of food restrictions on the condition of the hair, nails and teeth, but also improves the digestive system, thanks to the absorption of excess white fiber by the fibers. This makes it possible to arrange "unloading" the body for several days, using the recipes of a diet on chicken breast, even people with problems in the work of the intestines and stomach.

The centuries-old experience of using chicken broth as a restorative food for patients of various groups proves that even the broth is able to give strength, improve blood circulation, restore motor and mental functions. Like no other diet, a chicken breast can help reduce weight without feeling tired and apathetic. Moreover, fitness trainers are strongly advised to pay attention to this product to ladies, whose working day passes in a sitting position. This mode of life does not require a lot of energy, and the introduction of white meat into the diet gives a noticeable result at the waist in a week.

The main mistake prevented by nutritionists is an attempt to replace the breast with a more moderate ham in the price category. Visually it seems that there is no significant difference between these types of meat, but the chemical composition suggests the opposite. Saturated with fats, cholesterol and myoglobin, which gives color, red meat does not give a positive result as a dietary dish, regardless of the method of preparation. Hams of chickens, in contrast to the breast and wings, refer to this type of food, so their use in dietary nutrition does not make sense.

Tips for choosing and preparing a breast

Rules for the preparation of a dietary chicken breast

The effectiveness of a diet depends not only on the properties of the ingredients but also on their processing. For any kind of diet on chicken, hams are prepared according to a single recipe that maximizes the benefit of the product.

  • Thawed meat should be cleaned from the skin and rinsed thoroughly.
  • Divide the daily rate of meat into parts in accordance with the number of meals.
  • Water to bring to a boil.
  • Immerse the meat.
  • For flavor and sharpness, you can cook in the same broth of celery, carrots or other root vegetables. The categorical prohibition is imposed only on salt, as it is capable of retaining fluid in the body. Are not recommended and replacing her seasonings, for example soy sauce.
  • As a sauce with a strict diet, you can use lemon juice. This will make the dish less fresh.

The second and less common way of cooking chicken dietary meat is steam. Requirements for the preparation of the breast with it are identical to boiling. The frying, stewing and baking of chicken meat invalidates its useful properties, therefore for dietary nutrition are not relevant.

Easy balanced diet on chicken breast

Physicians have proved that even the simple addition of chicken meat in the usual diet, optimizes the digestive system and, accordingly, promotes weight loss. Diet, chicken breast and vegetables at which become the main dish, can last indefinitely, as it is not only useful, but also diverse, and tasty.

It is preferable to give fresh vegetables and greens, but garnish can be cereals, fruits and stewed vegetables. Councils of nutritionists to exclude sweet, flour and alcohol are also relevant, they will greatly accelerate and enhance the desired result.

Seven-day diet with chicken breasts

The daily diet of the slimming should consist of 800-1000 g of meat cooked accordingly. Divided into 7-8 meals, the norm can be used with vegetables cooked in the same broth. For a change, you can add to the menu a piece of steam fish or egg white, which are similar in chemical composition to white meat, so do not break the diet.

For those who categorically can not do without salt, nutritionists allow indulgence in the form of soy sauce, but only natural. The result of such a diet for a week can reach 6-7 kg. The feeling of hunger does not attend at the same time.

Chicken Breast as part of the mono-diet

White meat is often used as a protein source for mono-diets. Changing the three-day cycles of consumption first of green apples, then the chicken and at the end of fresh broth gives a tangible result. For 9 days of such a diet, you can throw up to 10 kilograms.

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