Potato Diet: 5 options for healthy weight loss

June 05, 2018 11:30 | Diets

Many people know that potatoes contain starch, which is instantly put away by extra centimeters at the waist, so the potato diet often causes bewilderment among those who want to lose weight. However, potatoes have one small secret: the older it is, the more it contains malignant starch, while in the young potato there is no starch at all! Instead, the young root crop is rich in proteins, while the carbohydrate content is minimal - this arrangement allows you to effectively lose weight without exhausting feelings of hunger. Moreover, it is rich in potassium, iron, vitamins B2 and C, amino acids and vegetable protein tuberin, which makes it an excellent product for mono-diet!

  • How to choose the potatoes
  • The basic principles of the potato diet
  • The menu of the potato diet
  • The potato diet for weight loss - pleasant nuances and shortcomings

How to choose potatoes

The basic principles of the potato diet

The potato diet belongs to mono-diets,that emp

hasis is placed on the use of monoproduct( in this case, potatoes), while it is quite natural in the body to create a deficit of other important amino acids and vitmines, so during such a diet is recommended the intake of additional vitamin-mineral complexes.

Do not eat fried potatoes, as well as mashed potatoes with the addition of butter and milk. Roots should be cooked, baked even better, because it is in the peel contains most of all useful substances. In a day it is necessary to consume no more than 1-1.5 kg of potatoes. Ideally, you need to divide this kilogram into 5-6 meals;often eat small portions. By this method, you can disperse your metabolism, and, as a result, start to lose weight even faster. And in order to squeeze out the maximum possible diet, you need to limit yourself to salt.

Menu of potato diet

  • Three-day

Three-day hard short-term mono-diet allows you to remove weight from one to three kilograms. Every day, one and a half to two kilograms of large fresh potatoes should be baked right in the skins and eaten for 5-6 meals without salt, oil and other additives. The norm of water is three liters per day.

There is a sparing version of this diet, in which it can be alternated with the usual diet according to the scheme - three dietary days / three normal. So it is possible to drop not single kilograms, but 10-20.We eat like this: breakfast - a glass of any fat content of milk, lunch - 300 g of mashed potatoes, dinner - salad of 250 g of potatoes, one boiled egg, salt, black pepper and vegetable oil.

  • Five-day

Another variant of the diet is designed strictly for 5 days, no more! Again, drink as much water as possible.

  1. Breakfast - half a kefir.
  2. Lunch - 300 g of mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes, do not salt, if desired, you can dilute the puree with milk.
  3. Dinner - salad from eggs, potatoes and greens. Served with either vinegar or spices.
  • Seven-day

During the day, you should consume no more than 1 kilogram of potatoes, you should not allow any self-will, no fats and additives. In the evening it is allowed to eat 200 gr of cottage cheese.

  • Two-week

This variant of potato mono-diet is considered the most balanced solution. Choosing it you are guaranteed to get a good result with minimal health risks.

  1. Breakfast - low-fat cottage cheese, oatmeal, fruit( except banana, figs, peaches).
  2. Lunch - mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, boiled eggs. Dinner - baked potatoes + baked fish.

Fruit snacks( except forbidden), kefir or milk are allowed.

Potato diet for weight loss - pleasant nuances and shortcomings

Potato mono-diet has many advantages. First, efficiency and speed. With all the conditions for the first 5 days of the diet, you can throw about 3 kg. Accessibility and simplicity are, undoubtedly, the second plus. Potatoes are always in the kitchen, absolutely not costly and easy to prepare. Moreover, you do not even need to count calories, because potatoes are a low-calorie product( 100 grams of boiled potatoes contain only 70 calories, and a day it does not exceed 1200 calories).

Very often the total absence of sweet, salty and roast leads to breakdowns. Also to the minuses of this diet can be attributed the risk not to get the expected result with the wrong choice of potatoes. Remember that the potato must be young and not contain starch, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain!

Hearty, affordable, delicious product, traditionally loved by us - potatoes - will help and lose weight, and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Therefore, as soon as the season of young potatoes begins, try out a potato diet for weight loss, it helps everyone. Be sure that while you do not have to experience excessive hunger, and the figure will noticeably grow.

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