Diet Maggi: description, menu and possible result

June 05, 2018 16:30 | Diets

Want to lose weight, but in principle use only fashionable technologies approved by celebrities? Moreover, you dream that the weight correction technique was simple, but satisfying, did not take up much of your time, but allowed you to eat often? Then, of course, you need a Maggi diet, created for one of the greatest ladies of the 20th century - Margaret Thatcher.

  • History of the mysterious diet
  • Essence of the
  • methodology Why the egg dishes are useful
  • Egg - get acquainted again
  • Original menu of the Maggi diet
  • What results can be achieved with the help of the Maggi diet

The history of the mysterious diet creation

Today the Maggi diet,based on protein products, is at the peak of popularity. However, very few people know that this method has recently turned 35 years old. Why did we learn about technology more recently? What kind of secrets? It's simple. Fashion Maggie's diet now, the recipes for the dishes of this system and the principles o

f nutrition were kept secret, and not by anyone, but by Margaret Thatcher herself.

The secret was revealed to the world only after her death, when historians dismantled the archive of the "Iron Lady" and came across a sheet with typewritten text. After studying the material it became clear that this is a nutrition technique and it was designed specifically for Thatcher in 1979 in the well-known on the whole planet clinic "Mayo"( USA).For certain it's impossible to say whether Margaret was losing weight on this technology or not, but one thing is clear: she knew how to keep secrets. The weight correction system had no name, but nutritionists who studied the data decided to go creative and called a diet in honor of Margaret Thatcher, but not pompously, and affectionately, using the given to her people diminutive name - Maggi.

It is worth noting that the original diet of Maggi is calculated for 2 weeks, so all the techniques that exceed this period are just derivatives of the prototype. However, decide for yourself whether you need for weight loss improved by contemporaries diet Maggi for 4 weeks or you will use the script that is already 35 years old.

This is important to know! Unfortunately, the miracle system of figure correction has contra-indications. Those who suffer from ailments related to the heart or digestive tract, as well as to victims of allergies, nutritionists recommend choosing a less rigid system of weight loss, and also to coordinate it with your doctor.

The essence of the technique

The famous diet of Maggi is a chemical diet, because its action is covered in a skillful combination of products that cause in the body special reactions that promote fat burning, as well as the removal of all sorts of "garbage" from the digestive tract: toxins, toxins, perennial deposits. If this system of weight correction were invented nowadays, then, most likely, it would be referred to the category of protein diets, because the main product of the diet of this technology is the egg.

Meanwhile, the food system has its own "chip", consisting in the simultaneous consumption of protein and citrus, which, as is known, are excellent against fat. The leader among them is grapefruit, which is characterized by the maximum concentration of naringin flavonoid, responsible for the level of production of insulin hormone controlling the feeling of hunger. We do not know if Maggie's "iron lady" liked the diet, the table of which will be submitted below, but we know for sure that the system is working, because thanks to Margaret Thatcher's archives, already many overweight people got rid of their problems and gained harmony.

The basic principles of weight correction technology are as follows:

  • It is forbidden to change meals or foods, or replace them with other food.
  • You can not starve. You should eat everything that is indicated in the menu.
  • For the period of weight loss, you should drink at least 2 liters of liquid every day, giving preference to ordinary water.
  • It is forbidden to consume sugar, fat, mayonnaise, butter, meat broth.
  • The diet can not be interrupted. If this has happened, start all over again.
  • Lifestyle during weight loss requires correction. You should sleep well, because drowsiness is fraught with increased appetite, and also enough to move to activate metabolism.

For 2 weeks of special nutrition, you can become 5-10 kg lighter, the final result, of course, depends on how accurately you follow the rules of the technique and how much weight you started working on yourself.

Why egg dishes are useful

Egg - get acquainted again

Often we consume dishes from eggs without thinking about their usefulness, the main thing for us is that it's delicious. But this product is a storehouse of useful substances that help the body to stay in good health, and we are in a good mood. Eggs not only perfectly sate, but also make us healthier, more beautiful and more cheerful. What is the "focus"?

Firstly, an ordinary egg in itself contains about 14% of the daily protein norm necessary for a person to live normally.

Secondly, eggs are a "mix" of:

  • amino acids,
  • potassium,
  • iron,
  • phosphorus,
  • of vitamin K,
  • of zinc,
  • of manganese,
  • of vitamin A,
  • of biotin,
  • of vitamins of group B,
  • of vitamin E,
  • choline,
  • of vitamin E.

What is the listed composition so useful? First of all, amino acids, which contribute to the renewal of tissues, which slows down the aging process. Phosphorus, zinc and a number of other microelements improve the condition and growth of hair and nails. Vitamins improve well-being, increase mood and energize. In the period of weight loss, when you have to limit yourself in many ways, this is especially important, is not it?

Why is the diet for losing weight Maggie nourishing? The point is: the egg is absorbed by the body almost completely - by 98%, so the feeling of hunger disappears for a long time. You, probably, also noticed it, for example, after an omelet for a breakfast, when before a dinner satiety is felt. In addition, the Maggi diet, a detailed description of which you will find below, is mild, does not provoke "heaviness" in the stomach. It is the combination of satiety and lightness that makes this weight correction system popular, beloved by many people who follow their forms.

But do not forget that the Maggi diet, whose recipes were stored for a long time "with seven seals," attracts primarily its mystery, because the system of weight loss has been developed for a long time, but for a long time Margaret Thatcher was her sole owner.

It is worth paying attention to !Regardless of what diet you like, the original two-week or improved 28-day Maggi diet, 5 weeks or 3 weeks, meaning a return to the usual menu, should not turn into a "belly holiday", otherwise the dropped kilos will not fail to come back to you again, and even a couple of "prisoners" will lead. Expand the diet gradually, choosing the most useful and fresh products.

Original menu of the Maggi diet

Was Lady Maggi's diet useful, the detailed menu of which is set out below, the story is silent, but modern beauties she liked. So, study the diet and become slim, beautiful, happy, cheerful - such as Margaret Thatcher.

Breakfast is always the same: coffee / tea( naturally, without sugar), a couple of hard-boiled eggs and grapefruit.

As for the rest of the meals, take a look at this menu:

  • Monday. Lunch actually repeats breakfast, but it's better to refrain from coffee, replacing it with a useful tea or broth of rose hips. In the evening, you can enrich the same diet with toast and salad from healthy vegetables( of course, without oil).
  • Tuesday. In the afternoon, treat yourself to tomatoes( as long as you like) and a couple of eggs. Dinner - "royal", consisting of a large steak and vegetable salad, which is allowed to add a few olives.
  • Wednesday. At lunch, traditional 2 eggs, as well as a stew of spinach. In the evening you can again steak, but this time the salad should be more modest and consist only of celery, tomato and cucumber.
  • Thursday on the lunch menu repeats the previous day, but the dinner is different. Finally, you can please yourself with a portion of cottage cheese( 150 g) with toast. Also allowed to eat a cabbage salad, of course, with a couple of eggs.
  • Friday. Lunch repeats a similar meal on Wednesday or Thursday. Supper - fish. Fish can be cooked on the grill, boiled or baked( orient to your taste), it relies on vegetable salad and toast. The dessert consists of grapefruit.
  • Saturday. Sweets are allowed, but are useful. In the day you can eat, as much fruit salad, and in the evening - whatever you want a piece of lean meat, as well as a salad from the dinner menu of the environment.
  • Sunday. For lunch, chicken( except fried), lettuce( tomatoes, cabbage, carrots).For a snack - grapefruit. In the evening you can again pamper yourself with chicken meat with a cut from tomatoes.

The diet of the second week follows the described menu.

As a result, you can get rid of 5-10 hated kilo fat and find the desired shape.

What results can be achieved with the help of the Maggi diet

With the help of the Maggi diet, you will surely achieve what you want, because this is the method of the "iron lady", in which everything turned out.

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