Drinking diet: what you can drink for weight loss - menus and recipes

June 05, 2018 21:30 | Diets

Diets that promise record results in a short time, there are many. But why then are there so many fat people? Apparently withstand a hard discharge is not capable of everyone. Indeed, to eat so as not to cross the day the border of 1200 calories is very difficult. Such power systems include, for example, mono-diets, when it is allowed to consume only one product, as well as a drinking diet. Like all the hard ways to lose weight, it is highly effective.

  • Principle of drinking starvation
  • Dietitian about juices
  • Varieties of "liquid" nutrition
  • Drinking diet for a week

Principle of drinking fasting

The very name says that the diet will only contain liquid food. This means that the chewing muscles will rest, but for them this is an unusual condition. In this regard, at first you will feel some discomfort. What can I drink with a drinking diet - all that can be drunk!

In the daily diet must be present juices, teas, broths and sour-milk products( yogu

rt, yoghurt, yogurt).Exceptions are only alcohol and drinks with gas.

Dietitian about juices

Varieties of "liquid" nutrition

It can be of several kinds. Everything depends on the liquid that will replace the other products. The classical variant of such food is a drinking diet for 30 days. It maximally helps to cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances, as well as reduce weight. To endure such a strict regime is only by the most self-sacrificing. It carries with it the dangers often warned by doctors, so it is easier and practical to consider short discharge options. With them, too, you can lose up to 5-7 kg of excess weight.

It is not recommended to organize your meals on juice from packages, coffee, cocoa, sweetened drinks and fatty sweet drinking yoghurts. The menu of the drinking diet should be based on the following fluids.

  • Water

If you choose this option, then every day should drink 1.5 liters of clean water without gas. This method is considered to be the most stringent and complex, therefore it is not maintained by many.

As it can be equated to starvation, it is not necessary to prolong unloading more than 3 days. Better once a month to do 1-3 days of relief, using only water. Gradually, you can extend the period for 1 day. But remember: the maximum number of hungry days should not exceed 5-7( everything will determine your health).

Important! Such a chocolate drinking diet requires preliminary preparation. A week before it starts, you need to gradually reduce the amount of food you eat, and for a day or two go to one juice. After the end of fasting on the water you need to go out smoothly from it. Return to the usual diet is carried out for 2 weeks. At this time, you can not overeat, and gradually enter into the menu of light foods without fat, and then all the rest.

  • Broth

In this capacity, not only vegetable, but also chicken, beef, fish broth is suitable. Drink diet recipes you can use any, but remember that broths should be prepared from fresh products. Do not use soups in packages - they contain preservatives! Broths can be poured and when cooking they add celery, carrots, parsley( greens).Pepper and onions kindle appetite, so they are excluded.

  • Freshly prepared juices

When deciding what to drink to lose weight quickly, pay attention to unsweetened fruits, for example, citrus fruits. We are talking about orange, grapefruit, apple juices. Grapefruit is the most successful product for fat burning. First you need to make sure that you are not allergic to these fruits and then include them in the diet.

  • Dairy products

In liquid form, they can be used as a basis for dietary nutrition. The main thing is that they have a small percentage of fat and do not contain flavor additives. Since in adults, milk can not be digested, it is better to give preference to sour-milk products.

  • Different teas

They must be brewed and of good quality, everything else depends on your taste. The first day of a drinking diet you can start with a green, red, black or fruit tea drink. It should be drunk without sugar, but you can add lemon or milk.

  • Compotes and kissels

They are prepared using different berries and fruits without the addition of sugar. Very good oatmeal. Since it is the most satisfying, losing weight with it is much easier.

Regardless of what fluid you will lose weight, every day you need to drink plenty of clean water.

Drinking diet for a week

This is the most popular type of discharge. It allows you to lose 7 kg of weight. At this time, you can consume all of the above liquids. In addition to them, drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Days on different liquids can be alternated, for example:

  • 1st day - milk and kefir;
  • Day 2 - broths;Day 3 - juices;
  • Day 4 - some tea;5th day - kissel;
  • 6th day - unsweetened compote;
  • 7th day - again juices.

Remember that the way out of the drinking diet should be gradual and last two times longer than the unloading. During this time, you will enter into your diet vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, salt, sugar, etc.

Since such a tough diet is associated with stress for the body, do not forget to consult your doctor in advance. We wish you durability and good results!

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