Diet on buckwheat - how to lose 7 kg per week: menu options

June 05, 2018 22:45 | Diets

How to lose weight without starving? This question torments all who decided to regain the beauty of the body. Most diets, alas, imply severe restrictions in the diet, which have a negative impact on well-being and mood. But life goes on, so we need strengths to go to work, positive emotions, to have fun with friends or family. Can I eat well, stay active and lose weight? All these requests can satisfy the diet on buckwheat - a technique that allows you to reset every day to 1 kg.


Ode to buckwheat
  • Express method of cooking buckwheat porridge
  • Classical diet for a miracle porridge
  • Buckwheat in a duet - a variant for gourmands

    Ode to buckwheat

    You may have noticed that buckwheat porridge is a frequent "guest" in different medicaldiets. And this is no accident, because this grain - the leader among themselves similar. First, the product has the maximum protein concentration and the minimum is carbohydrates, which means that the consumption of such a m

    iracle porridge charges with energy and does not lead to weight gain. Moreover, the croup due to the unique structure of the fibers does not allow all carbohydrates entering the body to be absorbed. These solid particles pass through the intestines "transit", clearing the walls of the mucous from unnecessary deposits( slags, toxins).Therefore, the diet for buckwheat for weight loss improves well-being and appearance. In addition, porridge is also useful for its other components: calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins and amino acids. Of their usefulness to tell, you see, too much.

    Many people mistakenly believe that buckwheat is a product of domestic origin. Yes, its consumption is very popular in our region, but "magic" croup was born far beyond our country - in Greece, and, on the territory of the monastery. It was the Greek monks who opened the world to this miracle plant, which now gives humanity such useful food. The Holy Fathers were the first to develop the technology of buckwheat production, as well as the best way to prepare it. As it turned out, the new product is not only satiated and tasty, but also brings longevity, protects against all kinds of diseases. Having checked the properties of porridge on themselves, the monks shared their discovery with the whole country, and then buckwheat went to "conquer" the world. In our country she fell in love especially, and, as you understand now, not in vain.

    This is important to know! The main torture, lying in wait for people losing weight on buckwheat, is a ban on evening snacks. What if the stomach makes a mournful sound that interferes with sleep? As an exception, allow yourself a cup of yogurt, and it is not recommended to drink it at a salvo, rather stretch "pleasure" with a teaspoon.

    Express method of cooking buckwheat porridge

    Classical diet on the miracle porridge

    The most common diet for buckwheat, the menu of which differs by its extreme simplicity, refers to the system "mono", that is, you can eat only porridge, but in unlimited quantities, which, you will agree,can not but rejoice.

    Does the technique have any features? Is it really that simple? The right questions come to your mind, the food system has its secrets.

    1. Kasha needs to be cooked in a special way. You can not cook. Groats are allowed to steal. If you do this in a saucepan, the porridge will cook in 8 hours. Choosing a thermos can shorten this time to 1 hour. It is forbidden to add anything to the dish, even traditional salt.
    2. You can not starve. The minimum number of meals per day is 3.
    3. The mouth should be closed "to the lock" a few hours before the moment of immersion in sleep.
    4. You need to drink at least 2 liters, and useful drinks, without sugar and high-calorie additives. Ideal water, tea( green, herbal), chicory.
    5. Breakfast miss badly. Morning meal "includes" the system of metabolism and protects against overeating throughout the day.

    Here, in fact, and all the rules of nutrition by the classical method. If at first you will eat porridge with pleasure, then on the third day you will want something different. This moment should be survived and last for a week, then you will be able to part with 7 kg of fatty ballast. However, for some who have serious weight changes, there are more significant losses.

    Buckwheat in a duet is an option for gourmands

    If you hate eating monotonous food, you do not like buckwheat or you can not give up other adored food, then you need to choose a food system that allows you to combine rump with another useful product. Think about what food, other than cereal, you want to eat for a week. Of course, you can not choose bad, fatty foods, fast food or sweets.

    Well-established diet buckwheat and kefir, the recipe of which is also very simple. Eat according to the above scheme, but adding a liter of fresh kefir with a fat content of 1% to the diet.

    Certainly, buckwheat with yogurt is a diet for lovers of sour-milk products. If you are not that, but you can not live a day without milk, then a diet with buckwheat and milk is ideal for you. This option by the rules does not differ from the previous one, except that you replace kefir with milk, of course, not the most fat.

    But buckwheat and apples are a diet for sweet tooth. Believe me, during the period of weight loss, ordinary apples will seem to you "paradisiacal" - incredibly tasty and sweet. But on them too there are restrictions - no more than 4 average fruits for a day, moreover, they can be, not combining with porridge, for example, in the form of snacks.

    To fans of a vegetable ration the buckwheat and tomato juice will approach, the diet resolving to consume up to liter of a tasty drink in day. You are free to drink them porridge or add directly to the dish.

    It is important to know the !Regardless of which product you chose in the "tandem" to buckwheat, salt or season it with something it is forbidden. Pay special attention to buying tomato juice( if you chose a technique with this product).After all, often in the composition of the drink contains a fair amount of salt, which can cross out all your work.

    For meat eaters, too, there is a delicious diet: chicken and buckwheat. During the day, except porridge, it is allowed to eat 2 chicken breasts, certainly cooked in a dietary way( without fat and frying).This kind of technique attracts many people. However, a delicious weight correction system has its own important disadvantage: it is forbidden to eat for 5 hours before bedding. Meanwhile, true fans of meat dishes, such restrictions do not bother at all.

    A one-week diet not buckwheat can remove a pair of wrinkles from the waist, make you healthier, prettier and happier.

    By the secret of

    Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

    The agonizing diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It's understandable, in the home-work-house mode, there simply is not enough nerves and forces to comply with the diet and exhausting workouts.

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