Fiber for losing weight and reducing stomach: diet with fiber

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Fiber is a constituent of many plant organisms food fibers, which are the basis of cell walls. Fiber is the main constituent of plant food, it is not digested, but it has great importance for the life of the organism. Dry fiber for weight loss cleanses the stomach and intestines, strengthens its healthy activity, this in turn has a beneficial effect on almost all digestive disorders. Therefore, fiber is an indispensable part of dietary nutrition. Thanks to the use of cellulose, you can quickly remove the stomach and lose weight significantly, but only if you regularly and regularly use it and adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Video demonstration of the "work" of fiber
  • Useful use of fiber
  • Types of fiber for weight loss
  • Fiber in dietetics
  • Where fiber is most
  • Why it is necessary for the body
  • Fat-based diets

Video demonstration of "work" of fiber

Than usefulthe use of fiber

Now there is a dry fiber, it is also called Siberian fiber for weight loss. It

is enough to fill two full tablespoons of this fiber with thick fruit juice, low-fat kefir or 1% yoghurt. Eat the resulting mixture better on an empty stomach and then do not eat for half an hour. Dietary fiber is able to reduce the residence time of ordinary food in the gastrointestinal tract. The longer any food is delayed in the stomach, the more time it takes to fully remove it. Fiber accelerates the whole process, and also helps to cleanse the entire body of toxins and toxins. The use of fiber well normalizes the work of the large intestine and stimulates the metabolism, the person grows thin, his immunity rises. Fiber prevents the occurrence of frequent constipation, protects against the development of spasmodic colitis, the formation of hemorrhoids, the appearance of colon cancer, the formation of varicose veins, prevents diabetes.

Fiber and intestine are not digested, but it is a nutrient medium for bacteria of the colon. Due to the action of the enzymes produced by such bacteria( they are called biocatalysts, which accelerate chemical reactions), volatile( light and freely digestible) fatty acids are formed that serve as energy sources for good intestinal work. Dietary fiber prevents the formation of carcinogens - dangerous substances for the body, contributes to lowering the level of cholesterol, sugar in the circulatory system, because it is able to combine with bile in cholesterol, and this helps to break down fats in the small intestine. A small amount of un-assimilated cholesterol can be excreted naturally.

Types of fiber for weight loss

There is insoluble fiber - it's cellulose, and also lignin. Such fiber is found mainly in vegetables, cereals, fruits, legumes. This fiber swells in the water like a sponge, it accelerates the emptying of the full stomach, helps to remove from the body harmful cholesterol, bile acids, which are in the digestive system.

There is a soluble fiber - pectin( in fruit), resin( in legumes), alginase( in various seaweeds), helicellulose( in barley and oats).Pectin absorbs harmful bile acids and cholesterol, preventing their further penetration into the blood. Such soluble fiber absorbs a large amount of liquid and turns into a jelly-like substance. Due to the large volume, it fills the stomach completely, it gives a feeling of saturation, quickly disappears the feeling of severe hunger.

Fiber in dietetics

To improve your health and normalize your weight, dieticians strongly recommend increasing your daily intake of fiber, as well as reducing the consumption of harmful saturated fat, calories. Dietary fiber reduces caloric content of dishes, it is ideal for various diets.

Where the fiber is most

The outer cover of grain, beans, seeds, vegetables, fruits is much richer in fiber, compared to internal. A large number of useful fibers are found in whole grain bran, husks of beans, peel of vegetables, fruits. Fiber is widely found in wheat wholemeal flour, young peas, cabbage, green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, peppers, cucumber, carrots, apples.
Beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, uncooked vegetables, fruits differ in the balance of the pulp, nutrients. Therefore, a diet based on fiber requires the use of whole grains, as well as unrefined fruits, vegetables( beets, Brussels sprouts, green shoots of mustard).

Among the deficiencies of a diet based on fiber, you can call meteorism caused by too much substance, as well as reducing the absorption of calcium by the body. It should be remembered. That in itself the energy value of this product is too small. Contraindications are gastric ulcers( open form), colitis, infectious enterocolitis.

Why it is necessary for the body

At the heart of dietary healthy nutrition are foods that have a lot of fiber. It is necessary for the qualitative work of the stomach, intestines. Swelling in the stomach insoluble fiber dietary leach wash out excess cholesterol, accelerate the process of emptying the stomach, clean the digestive tract, as a stiff brush, absorbing, removing toxins and toxins from the body. Fiber maintains the correct intestinal microflora, as it is a suitable medium for the rapid development of beneficial microorganisms.

With a lack of fiber in the diet, there are problems with proper digestion. Fiber prevents the inflammatory processes in the intestine, significantly reduces the possibility of stones in the bile ducts.

Food in which a lot of fiber, prevents obesity. Those who want to lose weight need to include foods rich in fiber in the diet. The use of such food, which causes a feeling of satiety, does not overload the body with excess calories.

For breakfast, it is advisable to eat muesli, cereals, instead of a piece of white bread containing only 0.5 grams of fiber, it is better to eat a crisp bread. If you can not refuse snacks, you can eat apples and oranges instead of buns. The diet should be calculated in such a way that daily the body received twenty-five grams of fiber. For example:

  • a dish of carrots, lettuce-lettuce - 2,4 gr.cellulose;
  • one orange - 2 g;
  • bread with bran - 1.5 gr., Rye - 1.0, white bread - 0.5 grams;
  • packing( 100 g.) Crispy bread - daily rate.

Switch to fiber-rich foods need to gradually, otherwise you may have bloating or upset stomach. For a diet based on cellulose, it is better to buy a special pharmacy fiber.

Diets based on fiber

The diet is calculated for two weeks. Fiber is needed pharmacy. Four glasses of low-fat kefir are drunk a day. In each glass is added two teaspoons of Siberian( chemist's) fiber. You can replace yogurt with one percent yoghurt. For a day you can also eat two vegetables, one fruit( not more than two hundred grams).A huge plus of this diet is the absence of a painful sense of hunger, as the fiber perfectly fills the stomach.

You can arrange on a basis of such a diet to periodically relieve the day. One liter of kefir must be divided into four parts, each of which is added two teaspoons of fiber.

Another less severe diet option is the usual diet, but with the addition of two teaspoons in food three times a day.

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