How to lose weight for 2 days on a sugar diet: a "sweet" way to harmony

June 06, 2018 07:30 | Diets

Is it real to lose a few pounds in just a couple of days? Really! Only do it not at random, but with the mind, so as not to hurt yourself. The best solution is to use a therapeutic diet to cleanse and discharge the body. An excellent option for a fast two-day weight loss - sugar diet. How to lose weight for 2 days on a therapeutic sugar diet with health benefits? What a sweet and promising name is the sugar diet! Surely sweet tooth already had time to imagine how they chewed appetizing cakes, cakes, ice cream, chocolates, candy, cookies and other goodies for both cheeks, and yet lose weight in excess. Alas, such dietary madness from the field of fantasy and to the sugar diet has absolutely nothing to do, because, like in most diets, in this case, the most delicious is also prohibited.

  • Two-day weight loss with benefit to the body
  • Sugar diet for cleansing and losing weight
  • The essence of the sugar unloading diet for 2 days
  • Therapeutic sugar diet for 2 days
  • Advantages of a short sugar diet
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What is this strange diet and what is theits essence? Is it tough and effective? How many kilograms can I lose in two days and how often can I use it? Let's try to figure it all out.

Two-day weight loss with benefit to the body

Sugar diet for cleansing and losing weight

The sugar diet is really sugar and sweet, but rather stiff and monotonous, almost starving. Originally it was developed for people suffering from hepatic and renal insufficiency, is indicated to patients with acute hepatitis and cholecystitis, i.e.this is a medical diet. Its main task is to cleanse the body, and weight loss goes as a completely natural side effect of the purification process.

Heavy, oily, spicy food causes the liver and kidneys to work in a strengthened mode. These are our natural filters, which protect the body from various toxins and toxins. If these organs are sick or weakened, they simply can not cope with the functions assigned to them. Sugar diet is one of the types of unloading diets, that is, partial temporary starvation, during which the same products are used, minimally stressing the body. Temporarily moving to a sparing sugar regimen, you will let the body rest, and the liver and kidneys in the meantime will be cleared. Regardless of strict dietary restrictions, following a diet for two to three days, you do not harm the body, but on the contrary, help to activate metabolic processes, give rest to one body and improve the work of others.

Sugar is one of the main sources of fast carbohydrates, for the processing of which the body spends minimum time and effort. Carbohydrates, in turn, are the main source of energy, therefore, despite all severity and severity, you will not be threatened with fainting on a sugar diet. In addition, for a short period of time, it will be possible to kill two birds with one stone: cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and other debris, and at the same time drop a few extra kilograms. The outlook is very tempting.

The essence of the sugar unloading diet for 2 days

Everything is extremely simple: within two or three days you have to drink five glasses of sweet tea daily! And nothing more! All other products under the strictest ban! And the sugar in each glass should not be less than 30 g. Even if you love sweet teas, to withstand several days without food, will power will and endurance. The best time for a diet is the weekend. Since unloading sugar days are practically starvation and a real shake-up for the body, before you start experimenting with your own body, be sure to consult a doctor and get his approval. Make sure that the body is really ready to withstand such a shake, especially necessary for people suffering from any diseases. With diabetes, diet is contraindicated!

Therapeutic sugar diet for 2 days

The proposed power scheme, as in the case of other rigid mono-diets, should be kept no more than three days. Repeat the diet is recommended no more than once in two months. This is due to the fact that with rigid single-component diets, the body loses vital vitamins, vitamins, proteins, fats and such fiber, which is necessary for normal digestion. A prolonged diet can lead to serious violations! Do not abuse mono-diets and do not forget that they should be short-term.

During the sugar diet, it is desirable to reduce physical activity: morning exercise can be reduced in time, and fitness classes can be replaced by long walks in the fresh air. Try to leave as much time as possible for sleep and rest. Remember that sleeping during a sugar diet is recommended at least ten hours a day! With unloading days and "hunger strikes", most vital substances do not enter the body, so they need a sparing regimen and a full rest. It's easier to organize it at the weekend, when there is no need to get up and down and go to work. Yes, and just revel in tea at work can be more than a problematic occupation. In addition, everyone knows perfectly well that any restrictions on food have a very specific effect on the psyche, making a person more irritable and intolerant, therefore, in order to avoid conflicts, it is desirable to minimize contact with others.

Five glasses of tea a day is just one liter of liquid. To remove slag, be sure to additionally drink pure still water. The recommended daily volume of liquid is not less than 1.5-2 liters.

After the end of "sugar unloading" do not rush to relax and pounce on all the dishes and goodies. Having started the day with a hearty breakfast, following such strict restrictions, the digestive system may fail. In the first days after a diet, try not to overload the stomach. Start with fruits, vegetables, low-fat sour-milk products, light salads and soups. Then enter the porridge, and then gradually return to normal power mode.

Advantages of a short sugar diet

  • Short-term - is calculated only for two or three days, during which you can lose a couple of extra pounds.
  • Therapeutic - helps to cleanse the body, improves metabolism, gives rest and time to restore the liver and kidneys, normalizes the functioning of the body's basic systems.
  • Can be used as a fasting day, preparatory phase to the main diet or to consolidate the achieved results on weight loss.
  • Perfectly complements the basic diet - literally for a couple of days we switch to sugar unloading, and then again we return to the usual dietary ration. This is an excellent shake for the body, which will give the right impetus for further active discharge of extra pounds, especially if, despite dieting, your weight has reached a certain point, with which it can not move."Sugar kick" will be very handy and the braking loss of excess kilograms will be able to move from the dead center.
  • In addition, a couple of days spent exclusively on sweet tea, certainly for a long time will repel cravings for sweet.

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