Yogurt diet for weight loss: 2 menu options

June 06, 2018 10:00 | Diets

It is easy to lose weight for 10 days by 5-6 kilograms will help a diet on yogurt, characterized by a balance, mild effect and almost 100% efficiency. This unique diet was invented by the German doctor Zeyk, who in the 1930s for his wealthy clients opened an elite sanatorium in Switzerland, where all the conditions for rest, treatment and quick casting of the charred figures into a divine appearance were created. The basis of the treatment course, for which the moneybags laid fabulous money, was a yogurt diet. To check the effectiveness of the methodology, it is not necessary to go somewhere and pay too much. Everything is feasible at home!

  • Pros of the yoghurt diet
  • What, how and when will we have
  • What we will drink
  • Options for the slimming menu with yogurt
  • How to prepare yogurt at home for the diet

Pros of the yoghurt diet

  • Balanced. Yogurt contains all the nutrients necessary for the body - proteins, fats and carbohydrates, a number of vitamins and trac
    e elements( vitamin C, B12, calcium), so you will not be threatened with hunger, headaches, loss of strength and bad mood.
  • Useful. The lactic acid bacteria contained in the living yoghurts favorably affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract, improve peristalsis and promote the normalization of metabolism. Moreover, yogurt strengthens the immune system and supplies the body with easily digestible calcium, which reduces the risk of developing arthritis, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and heart attack.
  • Diverse. Unlike hard mono diets, the diet of a yoghurt diet is pleasantly pleasing in variety, because, in addition to yoghurt, it contains fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, berries, greens and even meat.
  • Delicious. This diet differs and a rich taste palette due to the ability to consume different types of yogurt: berry, fruit, pure yogurt without additives.

What, how and when we will eat

As you can guess, the basis of the ration is yogurt, which must certainly be natural and live, with a shelf life of not more than two weeks. Preference should be given to varieties, the fat content of which is not more than 1.2%.Daily you need to eat 500 grams of yogurt, but this amount should be divided into four meals. If you take into account that the average weight of a standard package is about 125 grams, it will be enough to use one package for breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner. For drinking yogurt is recommended exactly the same dosage: a half liter bottle per day.

Before each meal, it is necessary to drink a small amount of warm tea, just a few sips, and only after that you can start the prescribed portion of yogurt and the reception of other food.

Supper should be no later than 3-4 hours before going to bed, so that the body could spend the calories collected during the evening meal. Not necessarily, but still it is desirable that the dinner was not later than six or seven in the evening. If you feel hungry before going to bed, try to make the last meal more satisfying by transferring a meat dish from lunch to dinner.

Daily it is allowed to eat up to 300 grams of fresh fruits and berries, except pears, melons, watermelons and grapes, which contain too much sugar and high-calorie carbohydrates, which will hinder the achievement of the goal. But to promote weight loss will be apples, especially green varieties, and citrus, from which you can prepare delicious fruit salads and fill them with yogurt.

Variety of the main diet is allowed and boiled meat. It is best to eat a turkey, rabbit, chicken, lean beef and veal. A small piece of meat, weighing not more than 100 grams, it is advisable to eat for lunch, adding it with a light, unsweetened salad of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes or carrots and string beans. A serving of lettuce should not exceed 150 grams. Fresh herbs - parsley, dill, coriander, salad, celery, basil, spinach - can be consumed without restrictions.

That we will drink

Admission of a sufficient amount of liquid is extremely important for any diet, including yoghurt. The total amount of fluid consumed per day should be about two liters. In addition to mineral still water, you can drink unsweetened black and green tea. Replenish the deficiency of vitamins will help a variety of fruit juices, preferably freshly prepared, because they do not contain preservatives, dyes or stabilizers. To ensure that the body does not experience shortages in vitamins and trace elements, juice should account for at least half of all consumed liquid. To perform such an important mission for the body, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, apple and cherry juice are ideal.

A few words should be said about purchased juices. When buying apple juice, carefully read the packaging and make sure that it is not clarified, because only in this case the body will receive valuable pectin substances and fiber, which improve digestion. Pomegranate juice should not be bought in packages, but in glass bottles. Before use, it should be diluted with cooled boiled water in a ratio of 1: 2.This will help reduce the concentration of acid in the grant juice, which can irritate the gastric mucosa and damage the tooth enamel. A small amount of pomegranate juice is recommended to drink after each meal, and all other juices are best to drink in between main meals.

Options menu for weight loss with yogurt

First option

Breakfast: half a cup of warm black or green tea without sugar, jelly from yogurt with raspberries or other berries, half a glass of water diluted with pomegranate juice.

Lunch: yoghurt soup: cucumber, finely chopped greens, yogurt, a little red wine, olive oil;100 grams of boiled low-fat meat with a salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and greens;a portion of yogurt and half a glass of water diluted with water of pomegranate juice.

Snack: fresh tomatoes with yoghurt dressing( we add mustard and salt, whisk to regular yogurt), mineral water.

Dinner: half a cup of warm tea without sugar, dressed with yoghurt( 200 grams), string beans, water diluted with pomegranate juice.

The second version of

Breakfast: half a cup of warm tea without sugar, a portion of yogurt, 100 grams of fruit, 40 grams of dried fruits, prepared pomegranate juice.

Lunch: a portion of yogurt, 100 grams of boiled meat with a tomato cucumber salad, water diluted with pomegranate juice.

Snack: yogurt filled with fresh vegetables.

Dinner: half a cup of warm tea without sugar, stewed vegetables, a serving of yogurt, half a cup of prepared pomegranate juice.

In breaks between the main meals, do not forget to drink vegetable and fruit juices!

Yoghurt diet is designed for 10 days. The maximum allowable time for a diet is 14 days. Exceed these terms in the pursuit of the result is not worth it. Despite the balance of the yoghurt diet, the number of daily calories consumed is significantly reduced, as a result of which, a rapid decrease in weight occurs. With this method, on average, you can reset from 3 to 6 kilograms. It is not recommended to abuse yoghurt diet because prolonged stay on a low-calorie diet can adversely affect health, and the body "breaking" to full-fledged food can begin to rapidly gain weight dropped, and even put a couple in reserve for the next cut in rations.

How to prepare yogurt at home for a diet

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