Coffee diet: the effectiveness of green coffee for weight loss

June 06, 2018 12:30 | Diets

The list of nutrition programs offered by the search engine on the request for an effective diet for weight loss is extensive and varied. The search for an effective and easy method of weight control encourages women to various, sometimes extreme experiments. The trade industry only supports such studies, offering as a dietary variety of products, unconventional use of which a few years ago, no one thought. Coffee diet, based on the use of green coffee beans - one of the experiments that showed a good practical result.

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  • Coffee Diets: Green Coffee vs. Black
  • Principle of the diet on green coffee with ginger
  • Diet with a combination of green coffee and ginger tea
  • A recipe for a drink from ginger and green slimming coffee
  • Nutritionist on the properties of green coffee for weight loss

Coffee diets:green coffee against black

"Black coffee does not lose weight!" - confidently state nutritionists. This product does not contain fat-burning microelements, does not

affect the metabolic processes, does not introduce any necessary compounds into the body. Black coffee simply interrupts your appetite, allowing you to eat less often. There are a lot of cases of losing weight on coffee, for example the USSR screen star Anna Samokhina with a diet on black coffee dropped before shooting 20 kg per month.

To understand the reason for this effectiveness is not difficult: the diet of the film was composed of a cup of strong coffee and a cigarette instead of two meals. Such torture of the body by the interruption of hunger for weeks gave obvious results: an aspen waist and a sudden withdrawal.

Diet on green coffee is built entirely on a different principle. The chemical composition of unroasted coffee differs from the past thermal treatment not much, but significantly. When roasting, chlorogenic acid evaporates, a substance that helps to purify the body and break down fatty tissue. It is in it lies the secret of the effectiveness of a diet with green coffee, and the catalyst that accelerates the metabolism and enhances all internal processes is the root of ginger.

The principle of the diet on green coffee with ginger

The program of weight reduction with the help of green coffee and ginger is sometimes called the "diet of the prima donna".Includes Diet Pugacheva green coffee in the morning and drink from the fresh ginger root before dinner. Allegedly this menu Alla Boris owes a furor, produced at the "Christmas Meetings", where she appeared in a frank skirt with a wide belt, showing a slender waist and girlish slender legs. The prima donna herself, who has experimented with weight control programs all her life, does not comment on the authorship of this diet attributed to her, although she does not deny it.

Physicians who are skeptical of most experiments with fat-burning complexes, cautiously state that weight loss with the addition of a drink of green coffee and ginger in the diet is possible. The effect caused by the symbiosis of these products is explained by their chemical composition.

Green coffee and ginger in total contribute to:

  • acceleration of thermogenesis, total metabolism, circulation of blood and intracellular processes;
  • optimization of the digestive process;
  • strengthening the tone of the internal and superficial muscles;
  • decreased appetite.

A specific diet can include green coffee and ginger in both different dishes and in one, the effect does not change.

Diet with a combination of green coffee and ginger tea

This coffee diet implies the use of two different drinks: boiled green coffee and ginger tea for 5-6 cups of both in the day. The recipe for brewing coffee differs little from the traditional preparation of a drink, and recommendations can be given identical:

  • for maximum preservation of useful grain substances must be grinded immediately before consumption;
  • can not be allowed to boil the drink, the Turk is removed from the fire immediately after the appearance of abundant foam;
  • a cup of coffee requires 3-4 teaspoons of finely ground product;
  • adding cream or sugar reduces the effect.

The second component of this diet is ginger tea. The root of the ginger, boiled in a thermos boiling water, is infused for three hours. To consume both drinks is recommended before meals and in between meals. General recommendations for a lifestyle for the period of weight loss, averaging 7-10 days, coincide with the principles of any diet: reduced caloric intake, increased intensity of exercise, refusal of alcohol.

Ginger drink recipe and green slimming coffee

The second kind of diet on green coffee with ginger involves the preparation of tea, combining both these products. For the drink you need a fresh root and whole, not roasted coffee beans. Grind products are recommended immediately before cooking, which preserves their properties and the maximum amount of essential oils. Their absence makes the product virtually useless, so buying a ready-made powder or dried ginger deprives the diet of meaning. The cooking variant may differ.

You can cook with boiling, including in a coffee machine, similar to black coffee, you can brew with boiling water in a thermos, which will allow you to prepare a drink for the day. The daily norm for effective weight loss is about 0.5 liters of drink per day. The course is 2-3 weeks and there is no refusal from the usual diet.

Nutritionist on the properties of green coffee for weight loss

The coffee diet has been spread very recently, so there is not much reliable data on its effectiveness. Proved to promote a smooth weight loss and general strengthening of immunity. But drink from green coffee and ginger as a vitamin supplement without a complete refusal of food can not harm the body, which allows you to safely carry out observations and experiments.

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