Water diet: a detailed menu for seven days and possible results

June 06, 2018 17:30 | Diets

It's a well-known fact that we are all more than a third of water. Also, many people know that we can survive without food long enough, a little more than a month, but without water we will not last a week. It would seem that unnecessary knowledge and completely useless information, but not for those who are hungry to part with excess centimeters at the waist as soon as possible. Thanks to these features, you can force the body to burn fat at an accelerated pace. This is what the water diet is designed for, which is also able to regulate metabolic processes in the body and adjust its water balance. How does this all happen, and what is the diet of a person losing weight on this diet, we will consider further.

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  • The principle of the diet
  • Sample menu for the week
  • Tips for losing weight
  • Expert opinion on the water diet
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The principle of the diet

When absorbing insufficient amounts of liquid, our body tries to save the obtained drops at any cost. It

distributes water molecules along the intercellular space and starts to slow down all processes( slows the metabolic rate).The liquid itself, instead of distributing useful substances to the places of their destination, is hidden in secret places.

At this point, we absorb food, and the process of processing it is wrong. Instead of actively processing the food received, absorbing useful substances and sending unnecessary surpluses further, slow, slow and poor digestion begins. As a result, unsplit fatty compounds are deposited in the body and are not discharged outside.

With active, but not excessive absorption of liquid, we help the body balance the water balance. Now he does not need to hide anything for later, and he can start working at full strength. This leads to a better processing of food( no fat deposits are formed).And if at the same time to reduce the portions of food, then to get energy, he will burn the fat that was deposited on the hips and waist.

Some people think that the total volume of liquid absorbed per day( tea, coffee, soup, etc.) is taken into account, but this is not so. Beneficial effect on the body only pure water. And other liquids( including juices, fruit drinks, etc.) need either to be excluded altogether, or to reduce their volume to a minimum.

In addition, we very often incorrectly interpret the signs that our body gives us. We ourselves instilled a bad habit: only after feeling a slight discomfort in the stomach, we begin to eat( assuming it's a famine).In fact, the body can thus require drinking. Instead of another snack, it is better to drink a glass of water, if within half an hour you do not feel better, then it's time to feed yourself.

Sample menu for the week

The most effective water diet is for 7 days. This is explained by the fact that in a shorter period the body will not have time to adapt to the new diet, and so the effect will not be very significant. A longer period is fraught with complications, since the amount of food is minimized during this period and a serious deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the body can develop.

Below is an example of a menu for three days, after which you can repeat either exactly, or compose at your discretion( take breakfast from the first day, lunch from the second and dinner from the third, for example).

That's what we do every day: just woke up - drank a glass of water, we are going to go to sleep - drank a glass of water. Before eating( about 20 or 30 minutes) drink another glass, do the same after this( but only after 1.5-2 hours).

Day one:

  • First breakfast: boiled egg - 1 piece, rye bread - 50 grams, cheese - 100 g.
  • Second breakfast: pear - 1 piece, sink - 3 pcs.
  • Lunch: boiled chicken fillet - 100 grams, vegetable salad - 300 grams, rye bread - 25 g.
  • Snack: peach - 2 pcs.
  • First supper: boiled beef - 100 g, vegetables stewed without adding oil - 300 g.
  • Second supper: yogurt - 50 grams, cottage cheese - 50 g, low-calorie fruit - 100 g.

Day two:

  • Curd - 100 g, rye bread - 50 g.
  • Nectarine - 2 pcs.
  • Fish boiled meat - 100 g, vegetable salad - 300 g, rye bread - 25 g.
  • Apple - 2 pcs.
  • Egg boiled - 2 pieces, rye bread - 25 grams, cheese - 25 grams, vegetable salad - 300 g.
  • Boiled chicken fillet - 50 g, vegetables - 100 grams, rye bread - 25 g.

Day three:

  • Boiledchicken fillet - 50 g, rye bread - 50 g.
  • Plum - 4 pcs.
  • Rye bread - 25 g, diet soup( it is possible with lean meat) - 300 g.
  • Pear - 2 pcs.
  • Boiled fish meat - 100 g, vegetables - 100 g, rye bread - 25 g.
  • Yogurt - 50 grams, curd - 50 g, fruit - 100 g.

Tips to slimming

To make the results of the water diet more impressive, it is necessary to try to adhere to somerules.

  • Do not start losing weight on this scheme in the cold season. A large amount of drunk water will overload the kidneys. In hot weather it is easier to bear due to excessive sweating.
  • Do not drink very cold water. Low temperature causes blood vessels to narrow, resulting in slower processes in the area of ​​the body, longer processing of food.
  • The diet is contraindicated for those who have problems with the kidney and heart, as well as those who are prone to severe swelling.
  • Do not absorb more than one glass of water at a time. If you really really want, then take a break, at least 20 minutes. Large volumes of fluid stretch the stomach, after the diet ends, this space will have to be filled with food.
  • Do not drink more than 3 liters of water per day. And do not start a diet with the absorption of its full volume at once. The first two days are enough to drink half the dose( half the glass at a time).

Expert opinion on the water diet

It is impossible to name the exact number of kilograms that will be dropped during this period. Everything is very individual and the result is influenced by many factors. About a week is lost from 3 to 6 kg. But the benefit is not only in the weight that has passed away, but also in the normalization of metabolism, in saturation of the body with the necessary fluid and not to overeat yourself. Therefore, even after the end of the diet will continue to lose weight.

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