Chocolate diet for operational weight loss without feelings of oppression

June 06, 2018 20:00 | Diets

Chocolate diet for weight loss - does this really happen? After all, we are all confident that chocolate, sweets and other sweets contribute to weight gain, and not its loss. Still as happens! And there are several types of this paradoxical diet. Most popular: a hard chocolate mono-diet and a more sparing Italian chocolate diet. Both diets are only for a week. The effectiveness of both methods is very high, since in 7 days you can lose from 6 to 7 kilograms! The results are impressive, but will there be enough willpower and will there be chocolate at the end of the diet?

  • Tasty and effective way to lose weight
  • Hard chocolate mono-diet for 7 days
  • Limitations of chocolate monodyte
  • Menu of classic chocolate monodiota
  • Italian chocolate diet for a week
  • Approximate daily set of products
  • Menu options

Delicious and effective way to lose weight

Rigid chocolate mono-diet for 7 days

As it is a question of a mono-diet, and even tough, indulgenc

es do not have to wait. A day is allowed to eat no more than 100 grams of chocolate( one standard tile) and nothing more! So not for long and hating your favorite chocolate, but the first tangible results will appear after the first three days, for which you lose from 3 to 4 extra pounds.

Daily rate of chocolate can be eaten at a time, but it will be wiser to divide it into several receptions. It should be taken into account one more important point - every reception of chocolate must be accompanied by a cup of unsweetened natural coffee. To coffee it is allowed to add a little low-fat milk( no more than 1% of fat content).By the way, coffee is an indispensable component of most fast and very effective diets, as it will significantly accelerate the metabolism, and therefore, contributes to more intensive weight loss. However, given that doctors recommend drinking no more than one cup of coffee a day, such an abuse of energy drink can adversely affect the state of the cardiovascular system, lead to disturbances in sleep, irritability, overexcitation. Lack of vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements, proteins, fats and carbohydrates will only exacerbate the situation. What exactly does not threaten you with this diet is depression, decay and lethargy, because both chocolate and coffee are powerful energetics. Since chocolate is rightly recognized as one of the best stimulants of brain work, a weighty plus of losing weight with the help of chocolate is a quick weight loss with full preservation of mental activity.

Limitations of chocolate mono-diet

Chocolate mono-diet provides for a number of limitations. Like most mono-diets, it imposes a ban on salt and sugar, in addition to sugar contained in chocolate. If you take into account that in addition to chocolate there is nothing more to be salted, too, in fact, there is nothing. For seven days, we will have to forget not only about meat, fish dishes and flour, but even about fruits and vegetables. Also you will have to refrain from using any juices( even natural), carbonated drinks and soda, which contribute to an increase in appetite. Under the prohibition, alcohol, including those consumed in minimal doses for preventive purposes, also falls.

And one more important point: water, green and black tea can be consumed no earlier than three hours after taking chocolate with coffee! The amount of liquid consumed must be at least one and a half liters per day.

Caloric value of black chocolate is about 525 Kcal per 100 g of product. In this case, the standard tile of black chocolate contains 4.40 g of proteins, 32.80 g of fats and 55.90 g of carbohydrates. Rigid chocolate diet significantly restricts caloric content and removes the body from the habitual diet, which can have corresponding consequences for the person.

Menu of classic chocolate monodiota

The classic version of the diet should be carried out exclusively on bitter black chocolate with a maximum content of cocoa( not less than 70%) and on natural coffee. It is in black chocolate contains a minimum of fats and a maximum of flavonoids, which improve blood circulation and serve as antioxidants, protecting against cancer, stroke, heart disease, and also slowing down the aging process. Contained in chocolate stearic acid helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, catechins are struggling with free radicals, and the constituents of chocolate serotonin and theobromine cheer up. In extreme cases, you can use milk chocolate, but white for dietary purposes is not at all suitable, because it practically lacks cocoa butter. It is also not recommended chocolate with sweeteners.

  • Breakfast: 1/3 part of 100 g of dark bitter chocolate and 1 cup of unsweetened natural coffee.
  • Lunch: 1/3 of a 100-gramme of dark chocolate and a cup of coffee without sugar.
  • Dinner: 1/3 part of 100 g of dark bitter chocolate and 1 cup of unsweetened natural coffee.

A special variety of the menu is not happy. Here they are - the hard mono!

To re-conduct the diet is recommended not earlier than a month, but better later. In any case, after a week of dieting, you should gradually move to normal diet.

Italian chocolate diet for the week

A more sparing version of the chocolate diet was invented by Italian nutritionists. Pleased with the fact that you do not have to starve yourself. Snacking is allowed even between basic meals. A day allowed to eat no more than 30 grams of dark chocolate, which will help stay throughout the day vigorous and energetic. A strict menu, from which one step can not be retreated, in the Italian version of the diet there. Only a list of recommended products is provided, which can be used in any form and mixed with each other.

Approximate daily set of

  • products 30 grams of black bitter chocolate without additives;
  • 2 liters of still water;
  • paste: noodles, spaghetti, pasta and other types of pasta from durum wheat;
  • wheat, corn or oat flakes;
  • vegetable salads, dressed with light low-fat sauces, sour cream with low fat content or a small amount of olive oil;
  • sauces for pasta, preferably without meat, although an exception can be made for chicken, turkey and rabbit;
  • popcorn, however it should be cooked without salt and oil;
  • toppings for popcorn with vegetable additives, a small amount of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, hard parmesan, hot pepper and other burning spices;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • kefir.

Menu options

  • Breakfast: vegetable salad / fruit salad / fresh fruit / wheat, corn or oat flakes with low-fat milk, fresh strawberries or dried fruits.
  • Snack between main meals: fruit / vegetables / popcorn / kefir / chocolate
  • Lunch: spaghetti / pasta with sauce / vegetable salad.
  • Snack: vegetable assortment / popcorn / fruit cocktail( half chilled banana, half a cup of pulp pulp or other fruits and a cup of skimmed milk).
  • Dinner: boiled or steamed vegetables / vegetable salad / fettuccine with garlic-tomato sauce or any other kind of whole-grain pasta.
  • Snack: chocolate / popcorn / kefir.

During the day, do not forget to drink at least one and a half liters of liquid!

Before sitting on a chocolate diet, especially hard, it is advisable to consult a doctor. In any case, chocolate diets are contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, allergies to chocolate, liver diseases and cholelithiasis. A rigid variant of the diet, involving consumption of a large amount of coffee, is contraindicated in people with hypertension.

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