Arnold Ereth's Nonsmoking Diet: The Basics of the Healing System

June 06, 2018 22:30 | Diets

Not so long ago for a general discussion was made a unique power supply system, proposed at the beginning of the last century by a German scientist and writer. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in natural sciences, naturopathy, vegetarianism and other natural sciences have allowed to develop precise schemes of food intake and scientifically prove the value of a completely different approach to nutrition. It is on such principles that the irrational diet of Arnold Ereta is based. What is most interesting, the scientist did not focus in his observations and conclusions on weight loss. His main goal was a fundamental change in the entire human nutrition system, without any formal restrictions. That's right, according to Arnold, you can achieve the highest level of health, getting rid of many diseases.

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A bit of history
  • Little discoveries of Ereta
  • Features of the
  • diet Basic inhibitions of
  • Transition period
  • Benefits of nuts for the body
  • A bit of history

    Arnold Ereta's name is associated with naturopathy, as he was engaged in research in this area. His work is known to scientists from around the world, and followers who called themselves eretists, and to this day believe that the best nutritionist, a specialist in the field of treating any chronic diseases simply does not exist.

    Natural sciences have been interested in the naturopath since childhood. However, to engage in them closely became in quite an adult age. At the age of 31, doctors diagnosed him - chronic nephritis. Arnold was treated under the supervision of 24 medical luminaries and from each of them he heard a disappointing conclusion - the disease is incurable. However, Eret did not drop his hands, but began to look for other ways to recovery. In Berlin, he learned the basics of vegetarianism, experimented with starvation, and then went to Algeria, where he practiced fruit diets. After having tried all this on himself, the scientist was cured and at the same time got new knowledge, vast experience.

    This prompted him to the fact that after a while Arnold founded in Switzerland a special sanatorium, whose employees specialized in the treatment of severe chronic diseases. Practical courses gave their results - the patients were on the mend.

    After moving to California, the scientist continued to treat people and began to write books.

    Having collected all his research papers, Arnold Eret developed a system of proper nutrition - a non-nutritious diet.

    Small discoveries of Ereta

    Despite the fact that modern dietology and medicine are at the peak of another round of their development, the printed works of the German genius are gaining more and more value and relevance. What are the main achievements and discoveries of Ereta?

    So, first of all, the scientist came to the conclusion that:

    • purity of the organism directly depends on nutrition;
    • diseases are caused by blockages of organs, tissues and systems;
    • heat-treated( dead) food makes it difficult to remove toxins and toxins;
    • any disease - a signal that the body needs emergency cleaning;
    • can not be treated with symptoms - the entire body should be cleansed;
    • dead food provokes disease, as it blocks the normal functioning of organs;
    • unnatural food causes addiction;
    • feeds everything necessary and makes cleaning only live food;
    • natural food is live food;
    • vitality, longevity determines not the energy value of consumed products, but the weight of toxins and toxins. An organism burdened by such a burden can not work in a normal rhythm.

    Huge exclamation point Arnold Ehret has put above that dead food, especially synthetic food, easily causes addiction that resembles narcotic. Accumulated in tissues and organs, toxins and slags stimulate a greater absorption of food, which will allow the deposition of additional toxins and toxins. The person has an unpleasant sensation of breaking. He always wants to eat.

    In support of the thoughts of the German scientist, the luminaries of science from around the world say that practically the entire population of our planet is pischaliki. People do not so much feel the real need for reinforcing the forces of food, how many are simply tied to food by a tenacious psychological dependence. And this dependence is much greater than that caused by alcohol or tobacco. In the end, the body fails and begins to ache.

    Previously cooked( ie, dead) food did not have such harmful effects. And it was explained by the fact that it remained natural for a long time. However, after the technogenic methods of processing food began to develop, the situation rapidly deteriorated. The first serious diseases( atherosclerosis, hypertension, cancer, AIDS) appeared, followed by infertility, depression, allergy, obesity.

    Today, probably, there is no one person whose body from the very childhood would not be filled with eggs, cow milk, meat, potatoes and grain products. Namely, such food is harmful to the body, as it provokes a buildup of mucus. And when the body seeks to get rid of pollution - there are diseases. According to Eret's reasoning, malaise and health problems arise only because of the products that feed the person, the body produces mucus.

    Features of the

    diet The unique fatless diet developed by Arnold Ehret will help to go the way to health and wellness. However, this path will be commensurate with the indifference with which a person treated his body. In the process of bringing your body back to normal, you will have to face such a phenomenon as elimination - it is the release of toxins accumulated in the body into the bloodstream in order to further excrete them. This stage is inevitable. And we can say that it is one of the most difficult. That's why not everyone who treads the raw food path, endures it and simply refuses to change.

    If this issue is presented more easily, it turns out that during a non-slimy diet or in the process of fasting, the body has an unused energy, which it seeks to use in order to do "general cleaning".In the blood, the accumulated garbage is thrown away and begins to circulate in all systems, causing headaches, weakness, nausea.

    At this stage it is very important to withstand and not abandon the started business, not to return to the usual food and favorite dishes, as the free toxins in the blood will connect with the incoming products and, returning to their original place, will create more dangerous connections. A person, as instilled, has a feeling that he has acted correctly, because the bad state of health quickly passes. However, these are just illusions.

    When choosing the principles of nutrition for Arnold Eret, it is important to understand well what the mucus products are.

    Vegetables( which have a green leaf), nuts, all fruits( raw or cooked) are free of mucus. The rest of the products that civilization gives us are mucus-forming or acid-forming, and therefore harmful. It is important to eat live vegetable food and do not mix it with each other. In addition, you can not also mix food with drinking and vice versa.

    Often people remember about dietary and healthy nutrition when facing illness or excess weight. However, changing his diet, he does not even think about what are the useful properties of a product, what is its energy value. The curative system of a non-slimy diet did not arise from scratch, it was preceded by whole years of research, observation. That is why it has points of contact with raw food, vegetarianism and naturopathy.

    However, its distinctive feature is that it is necessary to completely abandon milk, meat, fish, eggs and some vegetables rich in starch and protein. The main food is fruits that do not contain protein. Thanks to this, it is possible to purify the body, heal it at the cellular level, and therefore, to save from excess fatty accumulations and chronic diseases.

    Basic prohibitions of

    • Breakfast in its usual sense( porridge, omelet, toast with jam, omelet) should be generally excluded. As Eret himself explains, it is better not to eat at all in the morning, because the body is simply not ready for the load. You can drink one glass of water or juice.
    • Boiled or fried vegetables and fruits will block the removal of debris from the body. Therefore, these foods are better to eat raw.
    • Vegetables containing starch must also be excluded from the diet.

    The diet offered by the German scientist is very strict. She often called hard criticism in her address, provoked arguments. However, modern nutritionists still see in it a grain of truth. Therefore, it is recommended to adhere to this food system occasionally, in order to cleanse your body. It is enough to endure 7-10 days, then you can return to your usual, but well-balanced diet.

    The transition period of

    Arnold Eret was far from being a stupid man, he realized that it was quite difficult for a simple person to switch immediately to such a rigid diet. Therefore, he created a small-scale diet, which softens the transition from the usual food, saturated with proteins and carbohydrates, to the food right. Its essence is that two months are divided into 4 stages, each of which consists of two weeks. Breakfast is excluded completely, but a glass of freshly squeezed juice is quite acceptable.

    1st stage:

    • Lunch. Grated carrots and shredded cabbage + a few spoons of stewed vegetables( green peas, green beans, spinach).In a small amount you can add tomatoes, green onions, lettuce, cucumber, celery. Diversify the menu can be one baked vegetable. It can be cauliflower, pumpkin, turnip, parsnip. If the feeling of hunger remains, a small piece of bread with bran is allowed, or one baked potato. This vegetable mix Eret called a "broom".
    • Dinner. Fruit puree: dried fruits, apricots, plums, peaches and apples, bananas. You can add a small amount of cottage cheese and honey.

    2nd stage:

    • Lunch. Apple puree or stewed dried fruits. After 15 minutes, you need to eat the same salad of vegetables, as in the first stage. You can add two pieces of bread with bran.
    • Dinner. One baked vegetable + salad of fresh vegetables, filled with nut oil.

    3rd stage:

    • Lunch. Fresh fruit( only one species) is a summer variant. Dried fruits( raisins, dates, plums) + oranges and apples - a winter variant. You can add a little nuts. At this stage, there should be no consumption of bread.
    • Dinner. Baked vegetable + salad.

    4th stage:

    • Lunch. Fruit.
    • Dinner. Baked or stewed vegetables + fruits.

    If you really want to eat meat during the diet, this desire should be compensated with a portion of vegetables.

    Benefits of nuts for the body

    Arnold Eretu's diet is quite contradictory, but it has a serious scientific basis and helps people. In any case, the technique can be used to improve one's own organism, prevent diseases. But whether it will become an integral part of life - everyone must decide for himself.

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