Ducane Diet - menu for every day for 4 phases with a list of products

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"What would it be to eat to lose weight?" - a fat man's dream or a reality that guarantees an ideal shape? Since the Ducane diet, whose menu is delicious, hearty and unlimited, your dreams can come true, but this does not mean that you can lie on the couch and, watching movies, weave cakes. Still have a little work, but the result will exceed all your expectations. Ready to test the miraculous power of French slimming technology?

  • Introduction to the technique and the author
  • Video about the Dukan diet
  • Attack - declare fat war
  • Cruise - sail on waves to the ideal weight
  • Fastening - buy insurance
  • Stabilization - get used to a new food culture

Introduction to the technique and the author

How did the menu of Dr. Ducane's diet appear? Permission to say - spontaneously, as well as many genius in our world. Pierre, being still small, moved with his parents to Paris from Algeria. To become a doctor is Dukan's childhood dream, although he could not

orient himself in what direction to choose, but the case helped Pierre to decide.

At first Dukan was a therapist, but in 1975 everything changed. At the reception to the young doctor came a patient, "awarded" a bunch of diseases that developed due to severe obesity. Pierre realized that treating illnesses is not an option, because overweight will again lead a person to an appointment, sooner or later. As they say, Dukan "looked at the root", so he decided to treat his patients in a complex, including from the disfiguring body of obesity.

And the first menu of Pierre Ducane's diet was born. All subsequent years it was improved, improved. As a result, an extensive methodology was born with a detailed description and a collection of recipes, as well as several books that swept the entire planet and became bestsellers.

How can you describe a glorified system in a nutshell? In fact, it is a protein diet, but not so simple, "hungry" and short-term in effect, as other alternative techniques, which includes 4 stages:

  1. Attack - food exclusively proteins.
  2. Cruise, when the DUKAN diet menu is an alternation of proteins and vegetables.
  3. Fastening, during which the diet gradually returns to normal foods, but only useful, recommended by Pierre.
  4. Stabilization is the phase for the rest of your life, in fact - a new food culture, to which you will have to get used, of course, if you want to have an impeccable figure and excellent health.

Video about the Dukan diet

Attack - declare fat war

The very first stage - The attack by its name completely reflects the essence of the process. This period is the most difficult, but the shortest and most incredibly effective, when for a day there is an opportunity to become lighter by 1 kg. The maximum duration of the phase is 10 days. To eat a French dietician allows 72 products, but all of them are protein.

Meet: indicative list of permitted foods and beverages:

  • skimmed dairy products;
  • lean meat;
  • by-products;
  • fish;
  • seafood;
  • eggs;
  • ham containing not more than 4% fat;
  • tofu;
  • oat bran;
  • natural seasonings in the form of dried herbs;
  • lemon juice( in the form of refueling);
  • soy sauce;
  • mustard;
  • vinegar;
  • garlic;
  • tomato paste( very moderately);
  • gelatin;
  • tea / coffee;
  • diet drinks that do not include sugar;
  • decoctions of herbs;
  • water.

And now more: what does Pierre suggest to cook from these products?

Dupant miracle diet - approximate menu for the day for the Attack phase:

  • morning - scrambled eggs, yogurt, favorite drink( tea, herbal tea, coffee);
  • snack - cottage cheese;
  • dinner - ear, chicken with herb and yogurt sauce;
  • snack - kefir;
  • evening - fish or seafood( to choose from), slices of skim cheese.

During the Attack of a dish it is forbidden to fry in oil. Give preference to useful ways of handling food: cooking, stewing, cooking in the oven or grilling. If you already used to cook all the food in a frying pan, then you can continue, but without the use of fat. Meat, toasted in its own juice, is no worse than fried in oil.

Cruise - sailing on waves to the ideal weight

Cruise is a smooth journey to the cherished goal - the weight that suits you, and what it should be - only you decide. As a rule, this period lasts from 3 months to 6 months, as you understand, everything depends on excess fat. To the list of products allowed by Atak, 28 more vegetables are added. Now, in your culinary "asset" 100 products, you agree, not bad?

The main principle of the Cruise is alternation, that is, a diet consisting of protein products and a combination of proteins with vegetables. You can alternate 1 in 1 day, or 3 in 3, but do not exceed the period of 5 days, because the health will worsen. For those who weigh a lot, Ducan advises choosing long periods of alternation, so the body weight will decrease faster.

As you understand, the menu of protein days is no different from the diet described in Attack, so let's consider what a combined day is.

So, the French Ducane diet is an approximate menu for the day for the Cruise:

  • morning is a chicken roulette with cheese stuffing, tea;
  • snack - yogurt, naturally, low-fat;
  • dining meal - soup with vegetables, eggs and meatballs;
  • snack - cottage cheese;
  • evening - braised fish, vegetable stew.

If you eat right, then for a week you can become easier for a couple of pounds.

This is important to know! The Ducane technique is extensive, encompassing not only a food culture, but also a lifestyle. The doctor strongly recommends not only adhering to the menu, but also enough to drink( 2 liters per day), eat from one and a half to three tablespoons of oat bran daily( the volume depends on the phase according to which you eat), and also every day to walk for at least half an hour. Only if all the rules are observed, Pierre guarantees the result.

Fastening - buy insurance

"If Cruise has led to an ideal weight, why continue to limit yourself in nutrition?" - you will ask. The same question was asked to himself and Dukan at the beginning of the journey. And found the answer by the trial method. The fact is that after losing weight in the first 2 stages, Pierre's patients gradually returned the lost kilos and again came to the doctor for help. This continued indefinitely, and Dukan realized that the system needed further work.

So the phase of the Fastening was born, allowing to return to usual food, but gradually, adhering to the list of useful products. To the list of the previous stages is added potatoes, bread, butter, rice and even sweets, naturally, in moderate amounts. But one day a week remain protein - strictly under the menu Attacks.

What does the example of the 1-day fixation diet look like?

  • morning - an omelette with meat, coffee;
  • snack - fruit / berries, but not more than 200 g;
  • dinner - ear with eggs and potatoes, salad;
  • snack - yogurt / yogurt( glass);
  • evening - stew( vegetables, beef / rabbit).

"Zest" of the Fastening phase is "Day of Gluttons", which Pierre specifically included in the technique, so that users can relax, please themselves with their favorite dishes, and at the same time and spur metabolism. Once a week you are free to eat 1 portion of any food, even the most harmful.

The length of the Staple step directly depends on how much you dropped. Each lost kilogram of fat is equal to 10 days of nutrition on the menu of Fasteners.

Stabilization - get used to the new food culture

The final phase is a long one, for the rest of your life, however, looking at yourself in the mirror, you will not regret for a second that you have joined the company of slender and beautiful people living under the laws of Uncle Ducan. Here you will see!

The menu is simple: you eat what you are used to, but adhering to such rules:

  1. To consume a day not more than 2 slices of bread, 2 starch-containing dishes, 2 bars of cheese and 1 serving of fruit / berries. As you understand, there is no limit to proteins and vegetables.
  2. Drink at least 2 liters of healthy drinks per day, giving preference to clean water.
  3. Once a week, eat only proteins( under the menu Attacks).
  4. Walking / walking 20 minutes daily.

Would you like an example of a diet? It can look like this:

  • morning - pancakes with yogurt or yogurt, coffee;
  • snack - fruit;
  • dinner - soup, beef with pasta( made from whole grains) or unpeeled rice, salad;
  • snack - curd casserole, favorite tea;
  • dinner - fish in any form with stewed vegetables, including potatoes.

The described Duckana diet menu is not just a technique for weight loss. Rather, it is a kind of science that changes the way of life of its followers, turning fat people into successful, excellent-looking and self-confident people.

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