Apple diet for 14 days - a simple and effective way to lose weight

June 07, 2018 13:30 | Diets

Are you tired of complex diets? Tired of counting grams and calories? Do you want something simple but effective? Then you need an apple diet for 14 days. It is not difficult to learn its rules, and products can be bought at any store. There are different options for this method of losing weight. In this article we will only talk about two.

  • Apple-buckwheat diet
  • Diet variants with apples and buckwheat
  • Cons and pluses of diet with buckwheat
  • Apple-kefir diet
  • Pros and cons of apple diets

Apple-buckwheat diet

This diet is designed for two weeks and includesyourself not only apples. The menu includes such a useful product as buckwheat. This unloading has several advantages:

  • you do not have to eat apples all the time;
  • thanks to an inexpensive diet can save money;
  • there is no need to waste time preparing complex dishes.

Please note! Nutritionists advise caution in approaching diets of this kind, because they are considered i


Options for a diet with apples and buckwheat

Before proceeding with unloading, you should evaluate your capabilities and choose the option with which you will be easier to transfer restrictions in food.

  • 1 cup of buckwheat poured into the pan in the evening, pour boiling water, wrapped( for example, in a towel) and left overnight in a warm place. In the morning, the porridge is divided into 3 portions - for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day you can additionally eat either 2 large or 4 small apples. They need to be eaten between buckwheat methods.
  • In addition to the above, you can drink throughout the day 0.5 liters of fat-free or 1% kefir.
  • Porridge and kefir are consumed in the volumes specified in the previous versions, and the apples are increased to 1 kilogram.
  • Buckwheat porridge can be eaten with the addition of soy sauce and once in 2 days - with butter. Apples for a change can be baked in the oven, adding cinnamon and honey to them.

Cons and pluses of the diet with buckwheat

In most cases, the main goal of diets is to lose weight and this diet is no exception. It helps to reduce weight quickly enough. Since the menu completely lacks salt and sugar, the body quickly "sheds" excess fluid and weight.

  • This nutrition helps to naturally cleanse the body and digestion.
  • All products are safe and do not cause allergies. As a result, very soon you will notice how your skin has improved and it has become less greasy.
  • Both products contain a lot of iron, and it supports the necessary hormonal balance and the work of the immune system. In addition, there are a lot of vitamins in apples, including vitamin C.

The drawbacks of such unloading include the following:

  • This method of nutrition can not be attributed to balanced, because it has a deficiency of B vitamins and not enough trace elements such as magnesium and calcium. Therefore, doctors recommend at this time to use artificial minerals and vitamins.
  • There is a lack of useful fats and proteins. Such a diet does not satisfy the needs of the adult organism in these important components. And this can provoke a slowdown in vital processes.
  • Because of a low-calorie diet, metabolic problems can occur. As a result, you may experience dizziness and a feeling of constant hunger.

Given all the negative aspects, it would be correct to consult the doctor in advance and only then to start the diet.

In addition to apple-buckwheat, there is another diet for 14 days, in which the second constituent is kefir. It will be discussed further.

Apple-kefir diet

Adhering to the rules of this unloading, you can reset two weeks to 10 kg of weight. But at once we warn, that to endure a strict and hungry diet will not be easy. But if you are a strong and purposeful person, you can try. Agree that the visible result in a fairly short time is worth the effort. So, how and what can you eat?

  • 1-3 days. Every day 1.5 liter of low-fat 1% kefir is drunk.
  • 4-6 days. During the day, you need to eat 1.5 kg of apples( preferably fresh ones).
  • 7-9 days. The diet of the first 3 days is repeated.
  • 10-12 days. Food becomes mixed - in parallel with 1 kg of apples you drink 1 liter of kefir per day.
  • on the 13th and 14th days. At this time, a smooth return to the usual diet for you. These days you eat about 200-300 g of boiled vegetables( for example, vinaigrette).The menu also includes a half-kilogram of other fruits. Breakfast consists of light cereal, cooked on the water. Instead of yogurt and apples, they drink tea or decoction of dog rose with the addition of 1 tsp.honey.

During this mono-diet, you should drink 2 liters of water a day( you can have mineral water without gas).So you will help the body to clear itself of toxins. As already mentioned, for 14 days you can lose 6-10 kg of weight. To save the result for a long time, you need to spare no time and study the information on how to properly exit the mono-diet.

Reviews say that this method of weight loss is well tolerated even by hypertensive patients. Thanks to a separate diet, you can fully recover not only the intestines - at this time, there is a purification of blood vessels. Do not think that those who left 10 kg will create problems for obese people who, as a rule, suffer from high blood pressure.

Pros and cons of apple diets

You have already realized that the main disadvantage of this diet is a constant feeling of hunger, which not everyone can struggle with. But if you really value your strength, then you will enjoy a pleasant experience! Good luck!

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