Diet Kate Middleton before the wedding and after childbirth

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Problems of maintaining an ideal figure are not only worried about young ladies of ordinary, not possessing a special status, but also representatives of elite circles. For example, the wife of Prince William, whom we know as the Duchess of Cambridge - a pretty, slender, charming woman. She was given a lot, rare opportunities to smile this girl "one hundred percent", and in life frankly fortunate. Nevertheless, a special diet Kate Middleton was needed - and resorted to it had not once. It turns out that even very beautiful ladies would not mind being even more adorable. For the sake of love, the approving looks of others and the comfort of their own sensations.

  • The main installation of the diet of the Duchess
  • Four stages of weight loss
  • Tips for young mothers
  • Video: dieting Kate Middleton

Taut and physically perfectly developed Catherine was always because she was fond of sports and inherited excellent natural data. With a height of 175 cm, she did not look like a

fragile creature - strong athletic legs and plump cheeks produced in her a person of clearly not aristocratic origin. Having decided to surprise everyone, turning into the standard of a true princess, Kathy decided to lose weight by the time of marriage. She did not just succeed - the result amazed everyone who witnessed such a pleasant event. The famous nutritionist-professional Pierre Ducan helped the bride. It was his system that was adopted by the future wife of the heir to the British throne.

The main installation of the diet of the Duchess

The dietary order Kate Middleton before the wedding was aimed primarily at reducing the carbohydrate component in the diet. Gradual and reasonable. The Dukan system is so good that it is not positioned as an express program or a temporary, rather sharp turn in the usual order. She has to trust. Recommendations for protein nutrition may well become familiar for years.

The list of allowed in the project is wide and necessarily includes oat bran and mineral water( one and a half liters daily).On fasting there is no hint, but the body is cleaned of toxins regularly. The main thing is to eat the dishes in a thoughtful ratio. The process is divided into 4 phase-phases.

Four stages of weight loss

  • Stage 1( "protein" circle in 3-5-10 days)

Basic products: chicken-turkey-fish-seafood-eggs-milk( fat-free).Salt is limited. Fifteen tablespoons of bran is the daily norm.

Junk food: duck-goose-pork-veal-beef. Sugar is also excluded.

Reset 2-6 kilos. The duration depends on the desired parameters.

  • Stage 2( "protein-vegetable", 10-20-day)

You can eat: non-starchy vegetables in any form( but not roasted).Two products a day from the list of spices-adzhika-cornichons-milk-pepper-garlic-gelatin are also acceptable. The list can be expanded at the expense of a tablespoon of ketchup, a teaspoon of low-fat cream or cocoa, 40-50 g of wine. Protein and vegetable diets alternate.

"Norm for bran" - 2 tablespoons.

"Leaves" to 10-12 kilos.

  • Step 3( fixing period)

In the menu - all the above products( allowed) plus any fruit, except banana-cherry-grapes. In day it is allowed to eat 2 slices of bread and cheese( grams 40).Twice a week allowed starch-containing vegetables( from the group of potato beans-peas) and pasta. A couple of days a week and a half, you can once taste your favorite dish "from anything."

Block of bran in 2.5 tbsp.spoon is a must.

"Loses" per kilogramme in 10 days. The duration of this phase is not less than a month.

  • Step 4( stabilization of success)

There are no restrictions on the food package, but 1 day a week should consist only of protein food. Bran is a constant supplement( 3 tablespoons).

Tips for young mothers

Diet Kate Middleton after the birth of her son was almost absent. The woman had enough care for the baby( she took care of him), breastfeeding, shopping for shopping and everyday walks with a sidecar in the fresh air. Thus - without much effort and advice from dietitians, she lost 13 kilos in the first month of motherhood. And later she did not gain weight.

Now the "icon of the British style" was carried away by the raw food, which is resorted to once a week. But not for the sake of fighting cellulite( there is no hint of this), but for the health of the skin of the face and body. Raw marinated fish, soup from grinded unprocessed vegetables and goji berries are leaders in diet.

Video: Keith Middleton's diet sketches

It's hardly a serious diet. More like an easy gesture in favor of a vigorous state of health and an application for eternal youth. But to run around the garden path, ride a bicycle happy mother of a lovely little girl likes now. We advise you not to forget about active movement and physical education.

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