Kefir diet for 7 days - we lose 7-10 extra pounds

June 08, 2018 02:00 | Diets

Kefir is a product of fermented milk, the usefulness of the impact on the body of which has been proved more than once. Doctors and nutritionists, he is considered as the main means of preventing many diseases. This drink is able to treat illnesses and often takes part in the organization of the rehabilitation period after quite severe tests for health. So a kefir diet of 7 days can be considered as a positive step in the medical environment to a very desirable for some harmony. Nevertheless, not every plan-project for the application of such a program is welcomed by specialists-gastroenterologists.

  • Useful properties of kefir diet programs
  • Cautions
  • Kefir diet for 7 days
  • Kefir diet for 5 days
  • Tips for kefir diet

Useful properties of kefir diets

The mentioned dietary component helps reduce nervous tension, strengthens the vascular system. For the gastrointestinal tract, even a short "kefir" stage is a great blessing. Stabilization of the inte

stinal tract, a tendency to reduce the tendency to frustration, to alleviate or even eliminate the "chronicle" in this area, the success of the fight against nausea and heaviness in the epigastric region is the "lactic acid positive" confirmed by life. You can add to the list the ability to overcome anemia, chronic problems with respiratory organs( pleurisy, tuberculosis), rid of scrofula. So the reasons to attract him as part of the diet is enough.

All of the above explains the presence of a very respected female audience of "kefir" in several diets of medical and "near medical" directions. It became the basis for the diets that are recommended for hypertensive patients, diabetics suffering from nephritis, the presence of stones in the bladder( when there is no phosphaturia), and with circulatory disorders. In order to lose weight, they resort either to a seven-day diet plan or to a kefir diet for 5 days as an accelerated program of effective weight loss. None of the modes is designed solely for sour-milk "govenie": additives will certainly be, but in each case their own.


  • Experienced nutritionists recommend to exclude from plans the transition to the weekly menu, the scheme of which is based on the consumption of kefir-component in the amount of 700 ml per day. This is certainly not enough for success. This idea is fraught with dehydration and can result in irreversible changes.
  • The decision to declare "kefir war" fatty folds must certainly discuss with the doctor. Caution is needed and when choosing a fermented milk ingredient. Option with a long shelf life is better to discard - contrast it with a package with a fat content of 1%, not calculated for long use.
  • Any kefir project provides for abstinence from sugar-salt, fatty, fried, flour and alcohol. Black tea and coffee in this period are also extremely undesirable - it is better to switch to herbal teas. They can be drunk in any quantity - as well as simple purified water without gas.

Kefir diet for 7 days

To improve the effectiveness of 7-day, advise to start with the preparatory phase lasting a week. Its goal is to go smoothly to "shock weight loss".This period will adjust the body to reduce caloric content and provide preliminary cleaning of the intestines - so that the diet is not perceived as too severe a test. So it will be possible to competently pass all the stages of the thin-slimy seven-day program. The line in 1300-1400 kcal should not be exceeded in any of the days of such preparation. The food itself combines the two leading components: fiber and protein.

Let's outline the daily ration:

  • 1st breakfast: porridge on the water, to which you can add fructose or brown sugar.
  • 2nd breakfast: a glass of kefir.
  • Lunch: vegetable / okroshka soup( on kefir) + a slice of meat + salad( vegetables).
  • Snack snack: again kefir( glass).
  • Dinner: fish / seafood cooked in a double boiler.
  • Shortly before sleep - repeat kefir( if you need it).

The actual diet period: weekly menu:

  • Day 1 - one and a half liters of kefir, divided into 5-6 receptions in combination with 4 baked potatoes( oil and salt are not provided).
  • Day 2 - the same schedule + 4 green apples.
  • Day 3 - repeat the main component + 800 g of fruit-berries( but not bananas!).
  • Day 4 - kefir-mineral( there is no other food).Day 5 - kefir-chicken( "meat" part - 400 g).
  • Day 6 - kefir and vegetable( "vegetable" norm - 1 kg).Day 7 - a purely kefir-mineral.

Thus, the daily milk-kefir "dose" will be 1.5 liters."Reset" weight - up to 10 kilos. Whom the combination of "kefir-apples"( see day 2) confuses, you can replace it with a duet "kefir + cottage cheese".It puzzles the kefir-fruit-fruit day - instead of berries eat boiled fish in 2 divided doses( 100 grams a day).

Coming out of such a seven-day test drive, next week it will be advisable to give up salt. To her less "strained", add to the dishes at this time, or a couple of spoons of soy sauce, or pepper( ginger is also good).And try to replace one of the three "basic" meals with a mixture of yogurt and fiber( 2 teaspoons of powder-flour for 200 g of liquid).

The system described above is very strict, therefore the kefir-protein-cellular program is suitable only for women, whose lifestyle is not too active. On fitness-running-swimming with such a harsh regime it is better not to remember - until everything is completed. If the work you have sedentary and you can afford to distance the home office "cover" in the car salon, such a project is for you.

Kefir diet for 5 days

At the heart of the five-day event is the use of one and a half liters of skinny kefir every day, every time a glass. Water is present in parallel."Approaches" to the table should be a lot - 7-8.That is, every 2 hours you have to "throw" something into your mouth. The concept of "something" will include fruit-vegetables( with the exception of potato-banana-grapes), a little boiled chicken or fish.

You can supplement the diet with prunes, apples. If it really will be "hungry", allow yourself to eat an egg or a slice of cheese. Tea is included in the list of allowed - but only unsweetened. If the intestines "do not rebel," try sometimes to drink a cocktail "kefir juice"( pour a little juice).

Tips for kefir diet

This diet can afford even people who live quite "dynamically".But from intensified sports for this period and they will have to give up - otherwise the battle for the waist will end with physical exhaustion. If you approach the process "competently", parting with 5 unnecessary kilograms you are provided. Dare!

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