Diet 8 or table 8 on Pevzner - menu for a week for obesity

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In the forties of the twentieth century, Mikhail Pevsner lived and worked in the USSR, a well-known gastroenterologist and professor in the capital. He was the first to guess that for a sick person, ordinary food can be a medicine. Pevsner broke all diseases into groups and each has developed a medical diet, or table, all the tables turned 15. For many of our readers will be especially interesting diet 8, which doctors prescribe to people with obesity to lose weight.

  • Medical tables Pevsner modern always
  • Diet table number 8 - a general description of
  • prohibited and permitted foods
  • Diet 8 - menu for the day and week
  • Video: what causes obesity

Medical tables Pevsner modern always

you should notto embarrass that has passed without a small century. Since then, nothing new has been discovered in the science of nutrition. On the other hand - scientific research at that time was conducted carefully, many reliable tests were conducted, which can not b

e said about modern diets that grow like mushrooms after a rain. Diet number 8 is the only "slimming" diet, which was taken by official medicine, and this speaks for its minimum safety.

You just need to test its effectiveness, especially since modern multivarkers and steamers here perfectly fit. Those who have digestive organs are healthy, diet Pevzner 8 will help to lose weight, affecting the metabolism itself.

Diet table number 8 - general characteristic of

Weight reduction is achieved by reducing the daily caloric value to 1700-1800 kcal by reducing the diet of carbohydrates and animal fats. The protein content is normal or slightly increased. Limit foods that stimulate appetite, salt and liquids( water is not limited).Food is taken in a warm form, 5-6 times a day. Products are baked, boiled, stewed. The chemical composition of the daily diet: proteins - 90-100 g, carbohydrates - 100 g, fats - 50 g, salt 5 g, liquid - 1-1,2 l.

At 4-5 degrees of obesity, the daily calorie content is further reduced( up to 1200 kcal), but such treatment is conducted in a hospital. At home, a standard diet of 1,800 calories a week Pevsner admitted "dilute" unloading days per 1000 kcal - kefir, curd, apple-curd, vegetable.

Prohibited and authorized products of

These products should be excluded from the diet: white bread and baking;Milk, cereals, legumes, potato, pasta soups;canned meat, fatty meat, sausages;caviar, fish - salty, smoked, fatty, canned;rice, semolina, oatmeal, macaroni, leguminous;all sweet fruits and berries;sugar, honey, ice cream, any confectionery;mayonnaise, spicy and fatty sauces, any spices;cocoa, sweet juices( for example, grape).

Limit potatoes, carrots, beets, pickled vegetables, canned peas.

Allowed products:

  • bread, rye or bran 150-200 g;
  • vegetable soups with cereals, twice a week - soup on meat( fish) broth;
  • meat and poultry - up to 150 g;
  • fish 150-200 g;
  • eggs 1-2 pieces;
  • porridges crumbly( buckwheat, barley, barley)
  • milk and dairy products of reduced fat content;
  • vegetable and butter in dishes;
  • sour fruit and berries, compotes without sugar;
  • cooked, braised, sour, raw vegetables;
  • tomato sauce, vinegar;
  • tea, coffee with milk, vegetable and fruit unsweetened juices;
  • xylitol and sorbitol.

Diet 8 - daily menu and weekly

Example of day menu:

  • breakfast - 200 grams of salad from apples and carrots, 200 g of cottage cheese;
  • second breakfast - raw or baked apple;
  • lunch - borscht or soup with bread, boiled meat or fish with stewed vegetables, compote;
  • snack - 200 g of cottage cheese or kefir;
  • dinner - boiled fish or meat, vegetable salad;
  • before bedtime - milk or kefir 200 g.

The menu for the week in diet 8 is made similar to the daily, for cooking dishes are used products from the list of allowed, surely respected all the principles of diet 8 with obesity, which was mentioned above.

Such a diet is low enough to reduce weight without using physical exertion, even if your lifestyle and work can be called "sedentary."

If you are engaged in fitness or experiencing other physical exertion, or just on this diet feel weak and a constant hunger, then the diet menu 8 table can be strengthened with carbohydrates in the morning, for example, replace the morning salad with porridge.

Video: what leads to obesity

Diet number 8 for obesity is built on a simple principle: the ration eliminates the excess, what can be deposited in the body "in reserve."Diet table 8 does not take into account the psychological attachment of a person to certain dishes, she suggests parting with the most caloric, carbohydrate-rich foods and fats, making a simple strong-willed effort. If you are capable of it, then this method of losing weight is sure to please you.

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