Diet 3 by Pneuser: features of the menu and recipes of dishes

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Diet 3 allows you to get rid of such trouble as constipation. This therapeutic diet is diverse and includes a large number of products with a laxative effect. It is necessary to limit the consumption of flour and cereals, as well as to give up fatty, smoked food. In return, a lot of plant foods, fermented milk products are introduced into the diet. Such nutrition will allow regular emptying of the intestine and stimulating its motor function.

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  • Purpose of diet number 3 and diet
  • Menu for one day and dietary restrictions
  • Features of treatment table №3 and several recipes
  • Proven recipes of diet table 3
  • Doctors' advice on treatment of constipation

Purpose of diet №3 and diet

Diet number 3 is prescribed for people suffering from constipation of nutritional origin, that is, those that are the result of malnutrition. Moreover, the disease is not accompanied by pronounced inflammatory processes. Diet, which is the main way to treat the disease, allo

ws you to strengthen the intestinal peristalsis. The reason for the appearance of constipation lies in the lack of laxatives in the diet of the patient, in particular coarse plant fiber. You need to eat 4-6 times a day.

Chemical composition of food for 1 day:

  • proteins - 100-110 g, with about half should be given to proteins, animal origin;
  • carbohydrates - 450-500 g;
  • fats - 100-110 g, where 30% are taken away from fats, vegetable origin;
  • table salt - 15-20 g.

Caloric content of food should be on average 3200-3300 cal.

Diet 3 for Pevzner assumes the use of such dishes and products:

  • the first dishes - vegetable and fruit soups, cabbage soup, borsch, solyanka;
  • the second dishes, for the preparation of which use lamb, rabbit, beef, veal, low-fat pork, fresh fish with a piece;
  • bread should be consumed predominantly gray or black;
  • prepares crumbly porridges for buckwheat( buckwheat, wheat, barley, millet), vegetables cut large;
  • snacks - jelly, salads, canned vegetables, marinades, vinaigrettes;
  • sour-milk products - cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir, sour cream, yogurt, cheese;
  • fats - creamy, vegetable, melted butter;
  • sweet dishes - compotes, jam, dried fruits, fresh fruit, honey.

One-day menu and diet restrictions

The menu of table diets 3 for one day can include such dishes:

  • on an empty stomach: 1 cup of liquid, for example, a decoction of prunes or raisins steamed from the evening;
  • 1 breakfast: boiled tongue or baked fish with stewed zucchini, millet porridge with apples, herbal broth, one slice of yesterday's bread;
  • 2 breakfast: vegetable salad, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, rose hips infusion;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, fish with stewed vegetables, compote;
  • dinner: boiled stew with vegetables, compote or fresh fruit;
  • one hour before sleep: fruit salad or kefir, in which sugar and cinnamon can be added to taste.

Using a diet table 3, a person should limit the amount of consumed flour and cereal products( pies, white bread, pancakes, cereals, especially manna and rice, noodles), jelly, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, strong tea. It should minimize the amount of fried, as well as rich in essential oils, food, because it enhances the processes of fermentation in the intestine.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet: fatty meat and fish, duck, goose, smoked fish, meat and fish canned food, mushrooms. It is better to abandon such types of vegetables: radish, garlic, onions, radish, turnip, and limit potatoes. It is necessary to grind food as little as possible. The optimal types of cooking: cooking, stewing, steaming, baking.

Features of the treatment table №3 and several recipes

The peculiarity of this dietary diet is the use of liquid on an empty stomach. It is recommended to drink cold water, which can add honey, sugar, and also eat fruit and vegetable freshly squeezed juices. The menu should contain a large number of raw, pickled, fermented fruits and vegetables.

Often receiving the recommendation of the attending physician about the need for dietary nutrition, the patient may think that the menu is meager. However, a large number of dishes are available for cooking.

Proven recipes for table diets 3

  • Curd pudding with raisins and apples, which is prepared from a wiped sour milk product with the addition of flour, sugar, vanilla. Then put the fruit, mix and gently inject proteins, whipped into a foam. Pudding can be cooked in a water bath or in an oven
  • Crucian, cod, carp or pike-perch baked in sour cream sauce. Fish pre-fry in oil. Further, it and the circles of boiled potatoes are laid out in a mold. Top with sour cream sauce( dried flour is introduced into the vegetable broth, add a lemon crust, cook for 15-20 minutes, filter, put sour cream, lemon juice and yolk, warm), sprinkle with grated cheese, and then bake;Porridge millet with various fruits. Millet is boiled for 10 minutes. In the loosened porridge add butter, sugar, finely chopped boiled carrots, small slices of apples, washed raisins, prunes. It is best to cook the porridge in a water bath for 30 minutes.

Doctors' advice on the treatment of constipation

Diet table number 3 allows you to get rid of the delicate problem of constipation. The menu is quite diverse, but there are limitations. It should include vegetable, protein dishes, sour-milk drinks and other. Such a diet will stimulate the motor function of the intestine.

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