Ulcer of duodenum: diet and basic nutrition rules + approximate menu

June 08, 2018 19:30 | Diets

Obvious is the fact that with various diseases of any department of the gastrointestinal tract, the first action of the patient should be to change their diet. After all, most often he is the root cause of the development of the disease. Malnutrition along with other associates( depression, severe psychological stress, unhealthy lifestyle) often strikes not the stomach, but the intestine following it. A diet is prescribed for ulcer of duodenum for a number of important reasons, which we will consider below.

  • Why change the diet regime
  • General recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle
  • Recommendations for lifestyle
  • Sample menu for the patient
  • Symptoms of ulcer of the duodenum

Why change the dietary regime of

The disease can be completely asymptomatic and the patient cando not even suspect of its availability. But this happens very rarely. Most often, people suffer from pain in the abdominal region, which have some kind of system of origin. Th

ey appear either between meals, or at night during sleep. It is explained by short-term periods of fasting, the reception of food brings a little relief and dulls pain.

Slightly more than half of the patients suffer from constant heartburn and eructations with a sharp acid-specific odor. In addition, there are failures in the periodicity of emptying( constipation).An insignificant part of the patients observed often suffers from nausea and vomiting.

All these symptoms can be reduced to minimal manifestations, which will immediately affect the patient's well-being. To be in good spirits, experiencing not just slight discomfort, but very strong pain, a person simply is not capable. Any doctor will confirm that the psychological mood and good mood of the patient is an important factor for recovery.

The creation of favorable conditions will also speed up the medical treatment of the disease, as irritants will be eliminated. The drugs will act more efficiently because they do not have to heal daily damage. All the efforts made will be directed strictly to the hearth of the lesion of the intestinal walls.

Summing up, we can single out the following reasons why dietary nutrition is simply necessary: ​​

  1. minimizing the symptoms of the disease;
  2. improvement of the patient's well-being;
  3. acceleration of the healing process.

General recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle

The main task of the patient is to exclude irritant elements not only from his menu, but also the environment. The following should be excluded from the list of consumed products.

  • Carbonated drinks( the carbon dioxide contained in them increases the acidity of the environment, which adversely affects the condition of the ulcer).
  • Spicy and spicy food( including not only that where exotic seasonings are used, but also ordinary pepper, mustard, cumin and horseradish).
  • Salt in large quantities( allowed in minimum doses).
  • Conservation and seaming( often they use a large amount of vinegar).
  • Fatty dishes.
  • Fried food and baked( if baked with a lot of oil).
  • Bread, which was made from wholemeal flour, and rye( it is difficult to digest).
  • Meat, mushroom and fish broths( completely excluded from the rich, light ones are allowed).
  • Vegetables that contain a large amount of fiber( for example, asparagus and corn).
  • Berries, fruits and vegetables with a hard, digestible peel( can be thoroughly cleaned from the last before use).
  • Strong tea( of any kind) and coffee.

Recommendations for a way of life

Completely excluded the use of strong and low-alcohol beverages( cognac, wine, beer, cider and others).

Give up the bad habit of smoking. Tobacco smoke acts no less irritatingly on the mucosa of the duodenum than harmful food.

Avoid stressful situations. Nervous and severe psychological stress not only exhaust the body, but also force it to produce chemical compounds that destroy the walls of the digestive tract.

You need frequent walks in the fresh air( slow pace).Their duration should be at least one hour a day.

Healthy sleep - a pledge, no matter how trite it may sound, good health( not less than 8 hours).During sleep, the body rest and gain strength for full-fledged work.

Sample menu of the patient

Before giving an example of the patient's diet, one should point out very important rules concerning his meals.

  • In no case can you consume food only two or three times a day, making up for its overall lack of volumes. Eat every three( maximum four) hours, in small portions. Thus, you will not suffer from a feeling of hunger, which causes pain in the stomach, and do not overload the digestive system with excessive amounts of food.
  • It is forbidden to eat with large solid pieces. Almost all dishes should be served in a thoroughly frayed form( preferably ground in a blender).If there are products that you prefer in their entirety, they should be very carefully chewed.
  • The food you eat should always be the optimum temperature. It is forbidden to eat very hot or cold food. Differential temperatures have a negative effect on the digestibility of food, because at the beginning the stomach is forced to spend its energy on normalizing the temperature regime and only then starts splitting it.

Menu for one day:

  1. Six o'clock in the morning( first breakfast): milk - 200 ml, soft-boiled egg - 1 pc.
  2. Nine o'clock in the morning( lunch): milk - 200 ml, fruit jelly - 200 g, omelet for a couple of two eggs.
  3. Twelve o'clock in the afternoon( lunch): milk soup( preferably mucous with the addition of pearl barley, for example) - 200 ml, jelly from fruits - 150 g, soufflé from steamed meat - 150 g.
  4. Three o'clock in the afternoon( afternoon snack): broth from bran of wheat - 200 ml, curd souffle - 200 g.
  5. Six o'clock in the evening( supper): porridge of milk( rice, for example) - 200 g, omelet for steaming from one egg, broth of wild rose - 200 ml.

Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of milk or broth and eat one small unsweetened cracker( soaked before it).

Symptoms of duodenal ulcer

Following the diet and the above recommendations, you will relieve yourself of ill health, eliminate adverse symptoms of the course of the disease and accelerate the onset of its full recovery. Remember that you can cure completely of the ulcer only through medication, which can only be prescribed by your doctor. Regularly visit him and monitor your health.

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