Diet for 3 weeks: the safest for health

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Ways to lose weight quickly and effectively there are many. Most people choose exactly such diets, collect their strength into the fist and get the desired result. But few people think about the consequences of strict abstinence, because well-seated shorts at this point is much more important than their own health. The most safe for the human body is the diet for 3 weeks.

  • Diet №1 - citrus
  • Diet №2 - English
  • Conditions for the diet of noble maidens
  • Diet №3 - Chinese
  • Benefits of sea cabbage

Wise people know that it is necessary to lose weight harmlessly, so choose balanced diets to properly get rid offrom excess weight. Usually the menu of such diets is calculated so that the human body gets everything it needs: useful microelements, vitamins, dietary fiber. At the same time fat melts slowly, but it is irretrievable. Strict methods also occur, for example, mono-diet. But in such cases, they are divided into days. Everyone should choose a diet bas

ed on their preferences and tastes.

Diet №1 - citrus

A strict orange diet can not only save ten kilograms of excess weight, but significantly rejuvenate the body. Useful substances contained in this citrus, help to smooth fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips. But the main condition of the diet is the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. You can lose weight without water, but because of a lack of moisture wrinkles on your face can become deeper.

The menu for the first week of the orange diet is pretty strict. Whether you survive it or not depends on the stimulus. In a day you can eat only two boiled eggs and more kilograms of oranges. Water without gases you need to drink about two liters. You can also drink a decoction of orange peel and green tea.

The second week is more sparing. In the diet included porridge, however, without salt and fat. Water, eggs and oranges are used in the same amount as in the first week. What kind of porridge you will eat - there is no difference, the main thing is to prepare them properly. You should try not to cook them for a long time. For example, buckwheat can be poured in the evening to eat in the morning, you do not need to cook it. It swells superbly and becomes soft. Oatmeal is also poured with boiling water fifteen minutes before eating. It is undesirable to abuse porridges, no more than three plates per day are allowed.

In the third week, porridge diets are replaced by vegetables and fruits. The amount of water you drink can be reduced by half. But you need to try to use the most juicy fruits, such as Bulgarian pepper, grapes, watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers. If you take aubergines and zucchini, they are very tasty, they are obtained in aerogrills or at the stake. Potatoes are better not to eat. Only in case of hunger attacks can you please yourself with a very small portion of the baked root. In general, it is better to replace it with celery( root).This product contains far fewer calories and nutrients, and to taste almost does not differ from potatoes.

It is necessary to leave the diet slowly and carefully. Eat light meals, cereals and yoghurts. It's not that you can gain weight again, but that your stomach has reduced its volume and can get stressed after overeating. A new slim figure needs to be maintained with the help of sports and fasting days.

Diet №2 - English

The famous English diet became popular as far back as the 19th century. Then it was considered aristocratic and only the "cream" of society was losing weight on it. There were special pensions for noble maidens, where the rich parents gave their daughters for education and adjusting the figure. Girls were forcibly put on a strict diet, which was beneficial to their dads, and the leadership of such institutions. The fact is that living in a boarding house was expensive, and at the feeding was a continuous saving.

Positive parents were told by the myths about the spiritual upbringing of their children and about the fact that church laws dictate the rules of eating cheap and simple food. Therefore, the diet consisted of the most affordable products that were always available in the bins of English villagers. These are vegetables and fruits, legumes, eggs, oatmeal, bread and dairy products. It is not very dense, but it is also difficult to name the ration poor. The diet is easy to transfer, the main thing is to adjust yourself correctly. Perhaps the main incentive may be the fact that this diet can lose 10-15 kilograms. Not bad results, right?

Conditions for the diet of noble maidens

The essence of the aristocratic diet is the alternation of protein days with carbohydrate and hungry. The first two days are hungry, they are needed to unload and reduce the stomach. Then follows two protein days, implying the use of protein foods. And two more carbohydrate days, when you need to eat vegetables. This diet is good because the feeling of hunger can not guide the mind due to frequent meals. This is the main advantage of this method of losing weight.

If we talk about the first two days, then they are not that hungry already. For a day you can drink one liter of skim milk( whey, milk or kefir), one tomato and a half a kilo of cottage cheese. If not season, the tomato is replaced with tomato juice.

Protein menu looks like this:

  • Breakfast - coffee with a drop of honey, a piece of black bread and butter. Coffee designed for coffee can be transferred to a sandwich.
  • Lunch - fish broth with parsley or dill( 200 g), 50 g of boiled meat or cheese, 40 g of corn or green peas.
  • Snack - a glass of milk or tea with honey.
  • Dinner - a one-piece slice of fish or two eggs poached.

Carbohydrate days:

  • Breakfast - 300 grams of fruit( any).
  • Lunch - 200 g ragout of vegetables, 250 g soup made from cauliflower and celery root.
  • Snack - vegetables or fruit without bread.
  • Dinner - vegetable salad and tea.

So alternate diet days need two more weeks, but only carbohydrate and protein, there will be no more hungry days. Unless on the 21st day. This will fix the result. Use the already known menu. For all three weeks you can drink any herbal tea without sugar.

Diet №3 - Chinese

Three-week diet in Chinese can become not a limitation, but a delight. If you belong to the admirers of Oriental cuisine, then you should choose this method of weight loss. Chinese diet is considered the most healthy and proper. True, its diet does not very much coincide with what the Chinese eat daily, but still. The menu includes meat, vegetables and fish. Sprouted grains are steamed or eaten raw. Sea kale is mandatory in dietary nutrition, but in case of its intolerance, you can use broccoli or savoy cabbage for cooking. The main spices are ginger, pepper and garlic.

The first seven days seem a little hungry, but it's not for nothing, the arrow of the scales will confirm everything. On days to paint the menu there is no sense, you just need to alternate the listed products and drink liquid.

  • Breakfast: green tea or ginger with a spoon of honey, 200 grams of sea kale with lemon juice and without oil.
  • Lunch: any seafood, vegetable salad with butter and bread or cracker.
  • Dinner: a glass of milk drink( whey, yogurt, kefir, milk) and any fruit.

In the second week in the already existing menu we enter the following products.

  • For breakfast - 150 g of boiled rice( unpolished).
  • For lunch - 150 grams of any porridge( except for pearl barley and manga).
  • For dinner - 200 grams of any meat, except fried.

The last seven days, meat and seafood are changed for vegetables.

  • Breakfast is returned from the first week.
  • For lunch - leave the fish broth, alternating it with vegetable soup and stewed vegetables.
  • For dinner - boiled beets or carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. You can fill salads with soy sauce and lemon juice.

Benefits of sea cabbage

By the end of the third week, your scales will show 10-15 kilograms less than before the beginning of the diet. Do not start to eat too much, so as not to hurt yourself.

Which of these diets to choose is your business. The main thing is always to adhere to the menu conditions and not to deviate from them. If the health problems, then postpone weight loss for a while. Men love not only slender women, but also healthy people. Take care, good luck to you.

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