Diet 1 kg per day: three ways to quickly lose weight

June 09, 2018 06:45 | Diets

All girls tend to be skinny, but not everyone knows how to protect themselves from food in time. If you belong to those who are willing to strain their will power and sacrifice extra pounds for the benefit of the wasp waist, then welcome to the world of harmony and beauty. A diet of 1 kg per day is rather a figurative name, which implies different low-calorie menus that require seriousness, pedantry and rigor.

  • Color diet
  • Onion diet
  • Endocrinologist on mono diets
  • Mono diets

The loss of one kilogram in 24 hours is the maximum figure for healthy weight loss. You can achieve it in completely different ways. Everyone can choose for himself an individual menu. After all, everyone needs their own needs: someone can drink one kefir all day or there are some apples, and someone can not survive without a bowl of soup. Therefore, the choice must necessarily be yours. You can understand and determine with the help of the following examples of diets.

Color Diet

Fruits and vegetables are the main products for the menu. In their eating, and consists of the essence of a colored diet. Every day you need to eat fruits of a certain color. It should be noted that such a rainbow menu will eclipse hunger. Especially if you approach the matter with imagination and put in the basket of ikebana from future breakfasts and lunches.

Some sources recommend including high-calorie foods such as eggs, milk and meat in the menu. This, of course, is possible, but only in the case when you are not affected by rainbow euphoria. Do not forget that you are going to lose one kilogram, not a week, but a day. Therefore, try to minimize the use of these products.

The color diet menu looks something like this: