Express diet for 3 days - how to lose weight by 1 kg per day and look like a star screen

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"Is not I fat?" - this question is asked daily by millions of women around the planet. How can you understand that the weight is normal? Some people check their body weight by formulas, others say that the main thing is that the weight does not interfere with living comfortably, and even if there is a tummy, but with it they feel in harmony, then it's ok. Meanwhile, most modern ladies are guided by fashionable "patterns".Who can be numbered among them? Stars of the screen, queens of the podium, celebrities and society lionesses - everyone who looks irreproachable in every way. Therefore, express diet for 3 days from the mouth of each of these beauties for many simple ladies - a guide to action.

  • Filmstrip - choose the role of
  • Diet for dancers - dance
  • Diet of models - learn to defile
  • Jockey diet - for all active beauties
  • Useful tips from a fan of dietary nutrition: how less is

Movie screen - choose the role of

Who among us did not dream of beingsimilar to so

meone from the stars of the screen? Our cinema idols are often impeccable, beautiful, in great shape, fit, healthy and cheerful. And how is it given to them? Have you ever thought about this issue? Alas, not all kinogeroev have time to sweat in the gym every day, visit beauty centers or lie on a massage table. Most of them and their families rarely see, and the time between sleep and work spends on the way to a new location.

How do they manage to stay in such a wonderful form? What is the secret of their immaculate beauty? First and foremost, of course, in devotion to the profession and unrestrained craving to create. Then a person "eats" something more sublime than ordinary products, and therefore does not overeat. However, to eat modest portions - a little, you still need to base the menu on the most useful and not very high-calorie dishes. So that both the forces were, and the digestive system worked well, and the fat did not settle on its sides.

In addition, it is important that the diet included meals are available anywhere - airplane, forest, village, on each set. Therefore, as you understand, a complex menu automatically disappears. Sometimes an artist can take with him only a thermos and properly packed portions of food for a day, and it is desirable not to bother with jars, spoons and other difficultly transported devices. The film screen is the most convenient, useful, effective and simple weight correction system for creative people in motion. If you like it, join us!

Sample movie daily menu:

  • morning - a big mug of your favorite drink, for a couple of eggs, large tomatoes and loaves( black or whole grains);
  • dinner - a useful salad( without potatoes or mayonnaise), a piece( 250 g) of meat cooked in your favorite way, but without fat, an apple;
  • evening - on the breakfast menu, however, with coffee for those who do not plan to work at night, you need to be careful.

You need to drink on the movie theater abundantly, as water is an excellent means for burning fat and rejuvenating the body. For 3 days you can become lighter by 3 kg, and without prejudice to your studies and hobbies. Meanwhile, nutritionists are not advised to eat on this system for more than 2 weeks, it is necessary to take a break, so that the body does not start "naughty."

It's important to know! If you suffer from any kind of ailment, especially chronic, before beginning the change of the nutrition system it is recommended to pay a visit to your doctor and consult what method is safe for you.

Diet for dancers - we will dance

For dancers every extra gram on the body is a verdict. Therefore, people of this wonderful profession are simply obliged to always keep themselves in shape, whatever it costs. But even such "air" pros have weekends, holidays, breaks in activity, when a few kilograms of unnecessary ballast appears on the body. What do they do to urgently remove fat? They sit down on a special diet - a kind of combination of the "mono" system and the protein-carbohydrate alternation.

Interesting? Meet the diet:

  1. The first day is dedicated to rice and tomatoes. Three or four times you can eat a plate of rice porridge and drink a meal with tomato juice( preferably without salt).
  2. The second day - dairy. A low-fat cottage cheese is allowed, which is allowed to be poured or washed down with kefir. Portions - at your discretion.
  3. The final day is dedicated to proteins. You can eat chicken( only without peel) and drink green tea. Do not like chicken meat? Choose another, but certainly a lean. Cook immediately about a kilogram of meat, divide it into 4 portions and eat at regular intervals.

During a diet for dancers it is important to breathe air for at least half an hour a day, walking or playing in the bosom of nature, for example, in badminton, tennis. In winter, you can ride a sled, skate. It is equally important to drink at least one and a half liters of a useful liquid( water, broths of herbs, tea, drinks from chicory).Daily you can not count on the scales of a kilo of fat. A diet for dancers is simple and effective, but you can not resort to it more often than once a month.

Diet models - learn to defile

Models are the hardest, because now in favor of excessive fragility, and the outfits have to demonstrate literally microscopic dimensions. Fashion - nowhere to get away from it! How can these beauties manage to keep themselves in this form, to resemble angels who seem to be feeding on air? The way to the podium is complex and thorny, only the most courageous people are solved, ready to limit themselves even in such small everyday pleasures as food. Are you ready and take a chance in this difficult trial? Well, study the example of the diet, and forward - from the sofa to the podium.

So, the menu of the diet on the models for each of 3 days:

  • morning is an egg;
  • snack - a pack of low-fat cottage cheese, favorite tea( naturally, without sugar);
  • lunch - on the menu of the previous meal;
  • dinner is water.

As you can see, the technique for weight loss models is very strict, but the most effective, because the food system is based on proteins, and the most useful, in a limited amount. In addition, in the diet of mannequins there is no dinner, which allows for a day to part with 1-2 kilos of hated fat. Drink should be abundant, preferring beverages without sugar. It's important to get out of the diet competently and slowly, enriching the menu with a couple of foods that the body has unaccustomed to, a day. More often than once a month, this course should not be repeated, yet such a meager diet is a stress for the body.

Jockey diet - for all active beauties

Jockey diet is universal. This technique is taken for "arming", as the stars of show business, cinema, podium, stage, and secular lionesses, who can afford not to work at all. The name of this food system is interesting - "jockey diet".Did not hear? Hasten to get acquainted with the miracle-technique, which stands guard over the beauty of the body.

First about the basic rules of the jockey express diet for 3 days:

  1. Do not drink during the meal.
  2. Increase motor activity.
  3. Do not deviate from the menu.
  4. Visit the massage room.
  5. To visit the sauna( without beer).
  6. Observe the drinking regime, adhering to the daily norm - 2 liters of water.
  7. Do not forget about the included in the menu products of vegetable origin, which are responsible for the regularity of the stool, which for slimming beauties, believe me, it is very important.
  8. Limit the intake of salt - the culprit in the appearance of edema, and, consequently, the increase in weight / volume.
  9. Completely refuse these 3 days from alcoholic beverages.
  10. From a diet to leave slowly and cautiously, including in the menu only useful dishes and it is desirable - not coming back to a harmful meal.

And now about the ration, which is rather meager, but you will have to limit yourself only 3 days, and as a reward you will get a slim figure, a thin waist, amazing mood and a lot of amazing compliments.

Jockey diet menu:

  1. The first day is a real feast for fans of meat dishes. You can boil a whole chicken, peel off and divide into several portions that you are free to eat when you are hungry. Meat should be eaten with salad leaves, which for a day you have to eat a plate.
  2. The next day is also meat, meanwhile its menu is modest. Three times you are allowed to sit at the table and eat 100 grams of meat, cooked on a grill with a garnish in the form of salad leaves.
  3. The final day is the heaviest, but the loss of fat during the third day will be the most significant. You are allowed to consume only a traditional plate of lettuce leaves and drink a few cups of natural coffee, and without sugar.

Useful advice from a fan of dietary nutrition: how much less is

Which of the star express diets for 3 days did you like?

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