Effective diet for 2 weeks: three simple diet and non-strict options

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Many nutritionists agree that the most optimal time for urgent weight loss is two weeks. During this time the body has time to recover from the first stress caused by restriction in the usual doses of nutrition, adapting to the new menu and stop torturing the hostess with starvation in the stomach and general weakness. That's why not one effective diet was created for 2 weeks, but a whole collection, from which you can choose the most suitable option.

  • "Milk marathon"
  • Two-week protein diet: effective but unsafe
  • "Five-Glassed Diet"
  • Safe servings of

products We will consider the top three "shock" two-week diets that give a high weight loss for almost everyone who has themcan withstand.

"Milk marathon"

The basis of the "Milk marathon", of course, are dairy products. Sour-milk dieticians approve more, as they normalize the microflora in the intestines. But if someone does not like kefir, then you can use low-fat milk.

The essence of nutrition is that the week

is divided into different caloric days, starting from a hard latent starvation and gradually moving to normal portions.

So, for 1-2 days the whole diet is a liter of kefir( or milk) with 4 slices of black bread or loaves( 50 grams each).The meal is recommended to be divided into 4 receptions. From the experience of losing weight, it is known that these days are the most critical for the body. If they are kept, then the rest of the food will seem paradise.

In order not to jump off during kefir days, try to leave 1 slice of bread at night, because it's very bad sleeping on an empty stomach, and in the morning - the mood is terrible.

For 3-7 days the ration is the following.


  • breakfast consists of a cup of coffee with milk( can be a teaspoon of sugar) + 50 gr.dried black bread;
  • lunch - unlimited amount of broth, in which low-fat meat was cooked + 100 gr.the same meat;
  • dinner - a glass of milk, kefir or ryazhenka.


  • breakfast and dinner repeat the diet of the medium;
  • dinner consists of two boiled eggs, 100 gr.baked meat, 100 gr.cheese, 50 gr.dried bread + a glass of kefir( milk).

As you can see, lunch in these two days is just royal. You should not eat all the foods in one sitting, because after fasting the body becomes fed up faster, and you simply can not get all these dishes. Stretch the lunch in time, eating the first portion somewhere at 12.00, and the second - at 16.00.


  • start the morning with orange, in an hour - an apple;
  • lunch - vegetable soup in unlimited portions + the same bread norm;
  • dinner - again an orange + an apple.


  • in the morning - 2 apples;
  • all day long salads from vegetables( how many will fit, but without refueling with oil or mayonnaise);
  • dinner - a cup of green tea or ground coffee.

The second week - the seven-day cycle is repeated. The weight is instantly reset for 1-3 days, especially in the waist, then there comes a respite, and in the second week the hips and the fullness of the hands "come off".

The "Milk Marathon" has one nuance: the chest also decreases, so that anyone who wishes to save a magnificent bust, this food is not recommended.

For 14 days, an average of 6 to 12 kg is lost, and with a significant excess of body weight - and more.

Protein diet for two weeks: effective, but unsafe

The second most effective diet among two-week diets is protein. Its diet is very simple: you only need to leave the menu with protein products: lean meats, fish, eggs( only proteins), and add fresh vegetables and greens as a garnish. All the rest is forbidden, including fruits, where there are a lot of sugars.

There are no restrictions on the weight of dishes. It is believed that on this diet the body will still spend its fat reserves, since it stops the supply of carbohydrates. From carbohydrate food, our cells take energy, and if these substances are excluded from the diet, the body will have to release energy from the fats. But they too do not arrive during a diet, so, internal reserves from the hips, buttocks and waist are used.

And yet, do not overdo it with excess portions, because excess meat can lead to kidney disorders, because at this time, cholesterol can jump up, blood clots and clots can form. To prevent such symptoms, it is necessary to introduce a large amount of clean water into the diet( up to 2 liters per day).The liquid liquefies the blood and promotes its normal circulation.

You can not sit on a protein diet with people with heart or vascular disease, because eating can provoke an exacerbation.

"Diet of five glasses"

The most light and varied diet among two-week diets is the "Diet of Five Glasses".This food, which offers Elena Malysheva - a famous doctor who helps people recover lost forms.

Five glasses are five servings of food per day. With the exception of fatty, baked goods and sweets, which are not recommended for any proper nutrition, you can eat everything. But - in the volume of a 250-gram glass. Those.cook food, put it in a glass to determine the portioning rate and eat with pleasure. The advantage of this menu is that you make yourself a menu of dishes that you like to eat: soups, cereals, salads, etc.

To get fat faster, Malysheva recommends adding a ready-made dish, or better - do without salt at all.

A prerequisite for this diet is a plentiful drink. Teas, coffee - do not count. You must absorb 1.5 or more liters of pure unboiled water per day.

To cleanse the intestines from toxins and speed up the metabolism, the doctor recommends starting a diet from a rice-unloading day. Those. The first day you need to eat only boiled unsalted rice. Soak in the evening a 250-gram glass of rice in the water to wash the harmful substances that remain on its surface as a result of industrial cleaning. In the morning cook on the water.

Prepare the finished dish for 5-6 servings and take it during the day, alternating the meal with drinking a glass of water. For example: at 9.00.- rice, at 10.00.- water, at 11.00 - rice, at 12.00 - water, etc. Rice fiber will clean the internal walls of the gastrointestinal tract and prepare it for active absorption of healthy food.

Safe portions of products

After each of these diets, a gradual exit is necessary. Walls of the stomach for 2 weeks already shrink, and you should not return to the previous volume of servings. Try not to go beyond 1800-2000 calories, so that the body maintains a stable weight.

By the secret of

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