Diet for a month - systematic weight loss without hunger strikes and stresses

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Most women remember the figure at the time of finding out that only a few days remain until a significant date, a major holiday or an event requiring a solemn dress code. Pharmacies and merchants for slimming organizations for the holiday season expand the range and increase the supply of products, knowing about the unavoidable surge in demand. This trend is alarmed only by doctors and nutritionists, who know exactly that fast diets rarely give prolonged results, often causing significant harm to the health of losing weight. Experts insist that a diet for a month is an effective and safe weight loss program, which has a lot of advantages in comparison with emergency weight loss.

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  • The advantages of a thirty-day weight loss program
  • The objectives and milestones of the monthly diet
  • General recommendations for long-term diets
  • Integrated monthly diet for weight loss
  • Effective exercises for bust

Advantages of a thirty-day weight loss program

  1. There are no express diets that belong to a dieticianor a doctor. As a rule, such programs appeared on the light by experience, without analysis of the consequences and the forecasting of the result. A monthly diet is a diet that is used in sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers, based on the recommendations of doctors who have the opportunity to observe the patient and his dynamics of losing weight.
  2. Long-term diet allows you to get used to a healthy schedule and form of nutrition, not only physically, but also psychologically. During this period, the organism becomes accustomed to moderation and regularity of food intake, ceasing to require evening snacks, and many dishes, which initially seemed disgusting, become even beloved, especially if the scales demonstrate a decent result.
  3. The monthly complex diet allows to carry out preliminary general cleaning of an organism, having strengthened effect of restrictions in a food repeatedly.
  4. Diet for weight loss for a month does not mean a sharp refusal of food, hunger strikes and mono menus, respectively, is easily tolerated by the body, does not cause the desire to eat after its termination.
  5. The effect of a prolonged diet is easier to maintain.

Objectives and milestones of the monthly diet

For 30-40 days of the diet, the body goes through several phases, each of which has its significance in the process of losing weight. For a full cycle of the digestive system is released from the slag, the stomach is reduced in volume, the stores of fatty tissues are markedly reduced, and with increasing physical exertion in this period, muscle mass is build up. Sports activities also help and reduce the sagging of the skin, inevitable with significant weight loss.

In general, a diet for 1 month contributes to health and immunity, which is a good bonus to the main goal - reducing weight by 10-15 kg. The key to the effectiveness of the thirty-day diet is adherence to the rules of entry into it, strict adherence to recommendations at the main stage and moderation when leaving the course of losing weight.

General recommendations for long-term diets

Diets, calculated for a monthly course, a lot. Some differences, for example in the names and duration of individual stages, can be considered symbolic, but some differences are significant. Sets of recommended products may differ, especially if it is people who are overweight associated with a particular malfunction in the body. At the same time, part of the recommendations of dietitians are common for any lengthy program of dietary nutrition. These simple rules cover the answer to the question of how quickly to lose weight in a month and keep the shape for a long time.

The main recommendation is to exclude from the diet a number of products:

  • sugar and sweets;
  • baking and "white" baking;
  • fried, smoked and grilled products;
  • pickles and pickled preserves;
  • alcohol.

To the general requirements can be attributed and the optimal ways of cooking. In the priority of cooking, stewing, steaming and baking in the oven without adding fats.

The worst enemy of losing weight is a feeling of hunger, requiring, whenever possible, to eat "for future use".That is why all nutritionists insist that the number of meals should not be reduced, but increased, minimizing the size of the portion. The combination of diet with exercise is also a prerequisite. Without physical exertion, the split fats are more slowly withdrawn from the body, deposited elsewhere at the first opportunity. Moreover, without a complex of exercises, the effect of the diet will be "smeared" with a sagging skin. The breast, on which volume the diet affects first of all, requires special attention. In order not to spoil the shape of the bust cardinally, it is necessary to perform a set of exercises for his braces.

The elementary implementation of these recommendations will in itself give an excellent result, even if no significant restrictions are introduced in the menu.

Integrated monthly diet for weight loss

Diet for weight loss for a month, promising, under all requirements, weight reduction of 15-20 kg is conditionally divided into 6 stages. Their duration is different: three stages of 5 days, then two three-day and two-week final stage.

  • The first step to harmony allows the use of cereals, nuts and even potatoes. In the menu, porridges and casseroles flavored with vegetable oil. From drinks tomato juice and water are recommended.
  • The second stage of vegetable, the basis of nutrition are salads made from fresh roots and herbs, a stew of melons and gourds. As a dressing, vegetable oil is allowed.
  • The third stage should be a fruit five-day event. Any fresh fruit except bananas is allowed.
  • The fourth stage - the use of any dried fruits.
  • The fifth stage is the heaviest, but the body is already ready for such a test. In fact - it's starvation on the water with honey. With a sharp sense of hunger, fruit and juices with pulp are allowed.
  • At the final stage for a systematic return to a softer diet, the menu is made up of the recommendations of stages 1,2,3 and 4 in reverse order. The way out of the diet begins with the fourth stage, each cycle is three days.

Effective exercises for bust

A monthly diet often scares its duration, but folk wisdom, saying that only cats are born quickly, in this issue completely coincides with the opinion of physicians. Long-term result - a consequence of long-term work on themselves, a reward for patience and a fundamental approach to the process of losing weight will become a treasured figure on the scale scale and a centimeter tape.

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