Nine-day kefir diet: a popular and affordable way to control weight

June 09, 2018 19:15 | Diets

Kefir diets are one of the popular ways to control weight. Such attention to this sour-milk product is explained not only by its democratic price and familiar from childhood, and therefore not disgusting, taste, but also really noticeable at the waist and monitor of the scales result. Kefir diets set: a couple of kilos before the photo shoot burns the express diet for 3 days, and seriously prepares for the beach season diet for a month. Check your self-control and at the same time get a tangible effect and for a shorter period: 9 day kefir diet will help get rid of 10-12 kg, and it is quite realistic to endure it.

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  • Properties of kefir and its effectiveness for losing weight
  • Choosing a sour-milk drink for the diet
  • Nine-day diet on kefir "3 + 3 + 3"
  • Nine-day kefir diet for weight loss
  • Kefir prescription for

Kefir properties and its effectiveness for weight loss

Kefir - productaccessible, familiar and ubiquitous. Drink, quenching thirst, perfectly handles a

nd with a feeling of hunger. Casually throwing in the refrigerator just bought a pack, we can not even imagine what the history of this product. The value of kefir in many Caucasian peoples could not be compared even with the value of precious metals, as selling "magic fungi" was considered a terrible sin. Kefir starter was stolen, because of it families were destroyed and the clans were at enmity. Legendary health and longevity of the highlanders themselves are explained by the daily consumption of home-made kefir.

Physicians have long ago "dismantled" the composition of kefir for molecules, described, characterized and given a name to all the bacteria entering it, studied in detail their effect on the body. Academician Mechnikov spent many years dedicating an optimal strain of bacteria that can turn milk into a cure for many diseases. According to doctors of various specializations, kefir is able to: destroy

  • pathogenic and form a healthy intestinal microflora;
  • to normalize digestion and cleanse the intestines;
  • strengthen immunostimulating processes;
  • strengthen the organs of the cardiovascular system;
  • beneficial effect on the nervous system, restore healthy sleep;
  • slow down the aging process and even counteract the cancer.

All these qualities allow to consider kefir as the most suitable product for dietary nutrition, and that is why the sour milk drink is the basis of many diets of varying severity.

Choosing a sour-milk drink for the

diet Obsessive advertising, which has become a saying, says that not all yogurt lonely are useful. About kefir you can say the same thing. It's not just about checking the expiration date and the tightness of the package when buying, and not even about the terms of storage of an open package. In dietary nutrition, the fat content of the product is also important.

Traditionally, the most "light", 1% kefir is taken for a diet, but at high physical loads such fat content may not be enough. In this case, nutritionists are advised to replace kefir with a denser fermented mushroom, although inferior to kefir in the content of beneficial bacteria.

Nine-day diet on kefir "3 + 3 + 3"

The name of this diet, which is one of the most popular, received for alternating the menu every three days.

In the first three days kefir is used in unlimited quantities for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With dizziness and nausea, indulgence is allowed in the form of a teaspoon of honey. During this period, the intestine will survive a real general cleaning: get rid of the deposits of rotten food and slag in the fabric folds. The effect of cleansing is enhanced by the second course of this three-day period - boiled rice without salt. For a day, 100 g of the product is prepared.

The second three-day stage: the main dish is chicken breast 100 g, it is washed down with the same 1% kefir. Meat is also prepared without salt and spices for steaming or boiling. Those who can not hold out such a long time on fresh food will save soy sauce.

The last three days are completely unlimited in the volume of food, but the requirements for the composition are also strict. This is yogurt and apples.

The "3 + 3 + 3" diet is strict and quite exhausting, but the reward will be a feeling of lightness.

Nine-day kefir diet for weight loss

Unlike the previous one, this diet does not have a clear schedule. The main product is kefir, but it is practically not used in its pure form. For a day it will take 1.5-2 liters of product, which during the day is varied with all kinds of additives. Lunch can be boiled fish or a piece of chicken breast, washed with kefir, stewed vegetables or cereal bread. Delicious and healthy breakfast can be prepared from fresh berries or fruits all with the same yogurt.

Lunch can resemble kefir okroshka from herbs and vegetables with a drop of olive oil. Such nutritious supplements will help to avoid feelings of drowsiness, fatigue, exhaustion and lead a full life on the diet days. For dinner, you can pamper yourself with a cocktail of whipped kefir with dried fruits. In addition to diet, it is recommended to increase the intake of free liquid, i.e.water or green tea without sugar, as well as increase physical activity, which will significantly increase fat burning.

Prescription of kefir okroshki

For a week with a little on kefir diets you can lose up to ten kilograms. These are real figures, demonstrated by women who have already tried this method on themselves. The biggest difficulty, according to them, is the retention of the result. Kefir will help in this. Regular replacement of dinner with a glass of kefir or unloading days on a sour milk drink will not let you miss the hard-won goal.

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