Diet 1000 calories: menu for the fans of mathematics

June 09, 2018 20:30 | Diets

The diet, which is based on calorie counting, is perfect for those who have to lead a sedentary or low-activity lifestyle. It allows you to deal with excess weight, without wasting precious time for grueling training in the gym. But, before making a decision "for" and go deeper into the diet menu of 1000 calories, it is worth considering its advantages and disadvantages, as well as with the mechanics and the principle of action. It should be noted that doctors dislike low-calorie diets. However, they have one solid advantage, namely, simplicity and efficiency. We can say that a diet of 1000 calories is a kind of a compromise between nutritionists and those who want to lose weight.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the diet 1000 calories
  • Correct transition to the new food system
  • Diet 1000 calories - menu in three versions
  • Video tip for caloric content of products

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet 1000 calories

The main advantage is a varied

menu andfreedom in the choice of products. You can eat anything at any time, observing the only rule - the daily intake of calories should not exceed 1000. An ideally composed diet should include all healthy and healthy foods: fruits and vegetables, proteins and slow-digestible carbohydrates( porridges) - in which case you can not onlyquickly and effectively lose weight, but even to improve the body - the skin will become cleaner, the nails will get stronger, the hair will get a healthy shine. Do not be afraid to drink water! Simple non-carbonated water contains zero calories, while it helps to fight the evening feeling of hunger and removes all toxins from the body. Do not forget that the drinking regime should be at the maximum possible!

The disadvantage of the diet is two. The first is that you will have to meticulously count everything that is eaten. It is necessary to carefully monitor the calorie content of food, count the mass and energy value of all products. To do this, you will need to stock up calorie tables and good kitchen scales. The second drawback - possible dizziness, weakness and, in neglected cases, hunger fainting. Fortunately, there are some problems with these problems. Calories count was not so difficult, because the caloric content of all products is now written on the packaging. The second problem is solved by a correct and gradual transition to a low-calorie diet.

Preparing the body for a low-calorie balanced diet "From tomorrow I get on a diet" - in our case, such a statement will play a bad service. The organism is an extremely stable, balanced system with millions of reactions taking place every second. You can not just take and invade this sensitive mechanism, any sharp intervention in these processes the body always opposes an anti-reaction. In the case of a low-calorie diet, this will be a short-term loss of consciousness, in other words, a syncope. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to make the correct entrance to the diet. If you are a happy owner of good health and absolutely confident in your abilities, then you will have 3 days, but ideally you need 5-7 days.

Correct transition to the new power system

What is the essence of the input? The fact that an adult with a moderate rhythm of life consumes an average of 2500-3000 calories, and your task is to gradually reduce this figure to 1000 calories. You can spend more time adapting, as there are no unambiguous recommendations.

Bounce off your health. If you feel that 1500 calories are not enough for you, there is dizziness and weakness, stop on this figure for several days, until the body is rebuilt for a more economical mode of energy consumption. It is always better to spend more time than to hurt your health.

This is important! In low-calorie diet, the entrance and exit to the diet play a huge role! Correctly having made it, you can completely reconstruct an organism on high-grade balanced low-calorie food. The volume of the stomach will decrease, metabolism will accelerate, weight will stabilize.

Remember that a mark of 1000 calories is considered stressful for the body, normal normal work requires at least 2000 calories. In other words, a diet of 1000 calories a day is designed for 2-3 weeks, do not stretch the diet for a longer period!

Diet 1000 calories - menu in three versions

For those who do not want to read it themselves, ready-made menu options are developed for each day.

  • The first version of

Breakfast - 3 tbsp.spoons of fat-free cottage cheese + vegetables + 1-2 slices of rye bread with a thin layer of butter + 2 tomatoes + tea. The second breakfast is a glass of kefir, half of a banana. Lunch - 2 tbsp.spoons of buckwheat porridge on the water, 50 g of boiled chicken breast, green salad dressed with olive oil, a glass of tomato juice. Dinner - 2 slices of bread with bran, 2 leaves of lettuce, tomato, half of grapefruit, a slice of chicken ham, tea.

  • The second version of

Breakfast - boiled egg, a piece of black bread with low-fat butter, coffee with milk, half a grapefruit. The second breakfast is any fruit. Lunch - vegetable soup with green salad, boiled meat. Lunch - low-fat kefir + a slice of black bread with peanut butter. Supper - stewed vegetables, boiled meat( not lamb), green salad without dressing, milk, tea.

  • The third version of

Breakfast - low-fat cottage cheese 50 g or kefir 100 ml + black bread. The second breakfast - any fruit( apple, pear, orange, peach).Lunch - vegetable soup, boiled chicken, fresh vegetables. Lunch - fruit or 2 walnuts. Dinner - boiled egg, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge - 150 g, green salad without dressing - 100 g.

Video-tip for caloric content of

products. Ready-made menu options in the diet are 1000 calories a lot. You can easily make up your own, based on your taste preferences, or you can contact a dietician for this. If you divide the daily nutrition into 5-6 meals, then this will accelerate your metabolism, which means that you will lose weight more effectively. A little patience, and the plumb bobs will not take long to wait.

By the secret of

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