Buckwheat diet is a recipe for rapid weight loss

June 10, 2018 01:30 | Diets

The desire to be slim and beautiful makes people sacrifice something. Someone has to spend hours of precious time in the gym, others prefer to deprive themselves of the pleasure of absorbing their favorite food, choosing the most severe diets. Sharp restriction of the diet is fraught with deterioration of health in the form of dizziness, weakness, abdominal cramps, nausea and excessive nervousness. Such "pobochki" arise because of a lack of calories and vital nutrients. But you can lose weight without starving. You did not know? !Then get acquainted: buckwheat diet is a recipe for ideal forms.

  • Why buckwheat
  • Secrets of proper cooking
  • The basic rules of weight loss on buckwheat
  • The classic option - minus 1 kg per day
  • Kefir-buckwheat diet
  • Gentle diet on miracle porridge
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You probably already realized that buckwheat porridge - a frequent "guest" of hospital and school menus, as well as

therapeutic diets. And this is not an accidental coincidence. After all, buckwheat is called a queen of croups because of the usefulness of the composition. This miracle porridge contains a lot of useful substances such as

  • iron,
  • potassium,
  • copper,
  • magnesium,
  • fluoride,
  • manganese,
  • iodine,
  • sodium,
  • zinc,
  • molybdenum,
  • vitamin E,
  • Vitamin PP,
  • vitamins of group B.

Truly, this groats are a "sorceress", since it allows the victims of excess weight to lose weight without depriving the body of useful substances that provide good health and a superb mood. Moreover, the porridge "treats" a lot of ailments, starting from stagnant phenomena in the intestine and ending with malfunctions in the work of the heart. In addition, buckwheat - one of the most low-calorie cereals, of course, if you do not spice it with butter or fatty gravy. Miracle porridge retains a long feeling of fullness, while its effect on the digestive tract is like a "broomstick", which removes from the walls of the intestine any "garbage" accumulated there over many years.

Secrets of the correct cooking of the dish

Regardless of which menu option you choose, first of all you need to learn how to cook the porridge."How, is it really a problem to boil the rump?" You will exclaim. The thing is: slimming on buckwheat means a special way of cooking porridge, in order, first, to preserve all the useful trace elements, and secondly, not to turn the dish into high-calorie food.

So, buckwheat diet for weight loss is a recipe for cooking the "right" cereal. Nutritionists advise the food to cook in the evening. Groats, as usual, sorted and washed. Then, move the product into a container that can be closed and keep high temperatures and fill it with boiling water. Next, you need to close the container and cover with a cloth that holds heat, for example, a rug or a large terry towel. In the morning, when you wake up, the porridge will be ready for consumption, and perhaps even warm.

You probably noticed that you can not add anything to the dish. Starting from the usual salt and ending with a delicious oil or honey. The first couple of days it will be difficult for you to eat such fresh food, however, starting from the third day, you will be surprised that the food without salt, it turns out, has a special taste and sates much faster than salty dishes.

The basic rules of weight loss on buckwheat

Good news: you can eat porridge, how much you want and when you want. The only restriction: close your mouth "to the lock" for a couple of hours before going to bed, because taking any food at such a time is fraught with fat deposition.

During the period of weight loss, it is extremely important not to skip breakfast, since this meal "awakens" the body, "triggers" the metabolic system and protects against overeating throughout the day.

Some victims of excess weight try to eat, as little as possible. Such "tricks" are fraught with a slowing of the metabolism, resulting in the body will get used to being satisfied with small, and then you have to cut down your diet more and more to lose weight. In time, you will notice that you are recovering even from the "salad leaf".

Experienced skin thinners advise 20 minutes before the start of the meal to drink a couple of glasses of clean water without gas, then your appetite will be moderate.

As you understand, except for buckwheat and water or tea, nothing more can not be consumed. The only exception can be kefir, as you will learn about in the material below.

Classic version - minus 1 kg per day

The hardest, but the most effective way to lose weight on buckwheat is a classic diet on this wonder crop. Cook the mush in the manner indicated above and eat throughout the day as many times as you want. The first couple of days you will eat quite a lot, but starting from the third day, the appetite will subside. Why? First, your stomach will become smaller, then you will be saturated with modest portions. Secondly, it's still a mono-diet, and the secret of such power supply systems lies in the fact that you will not be able to eat a lot of the same type of food, because the monotonous menu will simply bother you.

So, eat buckwheat, wash it with water( without gas) or with useful tea( herbal or green).The minimum number of meals per day is 3. You already know that it's as bad to starve as to overeat. The maximum period of weight loss on such nutrition is a week. In a day you will become lighter on average 1 kg.

If you like the diet and want to continue to lose weight, then you can simply enrich the menu with several other useful products and continue to adjust your forms. However, sitting on the "empty" buckwheat for more than a week is not worth it, because it is important for you not only to find the ideal figure, but also not to lose health, is not it? !

It is worth paying attention to !The food described above is suitable both for a diet and for unloading days, which people who follow their appearance arrange themselves weekly.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

More gentle option of losing weight on buckwheat - combining it with kefir. After all yogurt is the leader among dairy products, full of protein and useful substances. In addition, fresh yogurt helps to normalize the stool, and, as you know, it is this problem that haunts many fans of diets. Yes, and two products in the menu - this is already a variety. If you fill the porridge with kefir, you will get a new dish. Another wonderful plus for lovers of eating for the night: a cup of yogurt is allowed to consume before going to bed, so you can forget about the plaintive rumbling of the stomach during sleep.

You will lose a little less on such nutrition than with just one porridge, but you can sit on a kefir-buckwheat diet for two weeks, which means that you can get rid of ten kilos of fat. Of course, weight loss largely depends on the starting indicators on the scale. So, if your body weight exceeds a centner, then you can lose more.

How to consume foods? Buckwheat cook, as described above, and eat as much as you want. Kefir can only be a liter per day, and the fermented milk product should be bought low-fat and first fresh, because stale kefir provokes constipation, and you do not need to attack such a thing.

It's important to know !Regardless of which version of the diet on buckwheat you choose, remember: for a day you should drink at least 2 liters of water, and unsweetened and still.

Gentle diet on the miracle porridge

Not everyone can withstand the monotonous menu. Someone does not need to lose a kilo a day. Others are forced to eat on the road or have dinner in a restaurant. What such people advise dieticians? It's simple: choose a sparing diet on buckwheat and grow thin gradually, without compromising your tastes and daily routine.

So, an approximate version of the menu for those who want to lose weight on useful grains without strict restrictions:

  • morning( half an hour after awakening) - a bowl of cereal with several spoons of low-fat yogurt, green tea;
  • snack - a cup of yogurt( fresh, low-fat);
  • lunch - salad or slicing of fresh vegetables, serving porridge;
  • snack - favorite fruit( except for a calorie banana and grapes);
  • evening - a plate of buckwheat;
  • before going to bed - a cup of yogurt.

As you can see, you will not need to carry with you the sundecks with porridge. You will be able to have breakfast at home, to have a snack at the nearest kefir and fruit store. If you are accustomed to going to lunch with colleagues or business partners in a restaurant, you can easily find a useful salad and garnish in the form of buckwheat.

You can eat on this system for 2-3 weeks, you will lose about half a kilo per day.

Video: slimming with buckwheat porridge

Humming on buckwheat, you will not starve, and also torture your body with a shortage of vital substances. A reward for your work will be a slender figure and an excellent mood.

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