Egg Diet Maggi from the famous Margaret Thatcher

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To the cubes of the cured broth, the egg diet of the magga is completely irrelevant, its name was given in honor of the creator - the famous Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of England. Ms. Thatcher always had a slim figure. The word Maggie is a little wrong translation of its abbreviated name - Maggie. Now a sheet with the printed text, found after her death in personal diaries, can be seen in the fund of Thatcher or in photographs on the Internet.

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How does the mage diet stand out from a number of other
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  • cooking details? Slimming menu from the "iron" lady
  • . Popular about the properties of the grapefruit

    The English newspapers then wrote: she fought not only for the welfare of Britain, but for her appearance. But only now has become known the secret of its miniature - 28 eggs every week.

    Than the diet of the muggy stands out from a number of other

    This is more a meal plan, not a diet. The food set includes meat, fish, of course, eggs, a

    nd a lot of nourishing vegetable fiber, so the plan is easy to adhere to and hungry faints are not threatened. But the weight is significantly reduced, of course, the speed depends on individual characteristics, but it will be guaranteed to go from one to several kg per week.

    The plan is designed for a month, in the ideal case you say goodbye to 7-10 kilograms. A special feature is the strict implementation of all the items of the plan, nothing can be changed in it. For those who are afraid to start a one-month course at once, there is an egg diet of the magga for 2 weeks as a kind of a sampler.

    The protein diet, so weight loss will go not only due to reduced caloric value, but also due to chemical reactions in the body. Their final products must necessarily be excreted in the urine, so drinking 2 liters of water per day will be necessary, you can even three if it's not hard.

    Text found among Margaret Thatcher papers. Judging by him, the diet regime of the prime minister was worked out specifically for her, taking into account the constitution and taste preferences.

    Preparation details for

    • Salt and condiments are allowed.
    • Eggs can be hard boiled and soft.
    • If something needs to be welded, it is done simply in water, without the addition of oil. In salads, you can add green peas.
    • If the menu is just a "salad", then it's lettuce, it can be replaced with cabbage.
    • Of fruits are prohibited especially high-calorie species - bananas, figs, as well as dates, grapes, and mangoes.
    • Fish can be alternated with steamed shrimps.
    • Meat with a piece can be alternated with minced meat.
    • Grepfruit alternates at will with orange.
    • If you get off course, then you have to start all over again, from the first day.

    Important !If you feel pain, especially carefully you need to "listen" to the kidneys, the diet will have to stop and try another, not related to the carbohydrate.

    Menu for losing weight from the "iron" lady

    Stock up with eggs and citrus, if you choose an egg mage diet - the menu prescribes for breakfast the first two weeks should always eat one or two eggs and half a grapefruit.

    First week:

    • Monday. At dinner - oranges, apples, kiwi, watermelon, apricots, melon, pears,( for choice, one of the list, but full).In the evening - boiled meat.
    • Tuesday. In the afternoon - boiled chicken without skin, you can fry. In the evening -2 boiled eggs, grapefruit, salad without dressing( tomato, cucumber, carrot, pepper) and toast.
    • Wednesday. In the afternoon - toast, tomatoes, cheese. In the evening - boiled meat.
    • Thursday. For lunch, it's like Monday. In the evening - salad as on Tuesday and boiled meat.
    • Friday. For lunch - 2 eggs, boiled vegetables. In the evening - grapefruit, boiled beef or fish, salad from any raw vegetables without dressing.
    • Saturday. At lunch - one kind of fruit from the list of Monday in any quantity. In the evening - vegetable salad, boiled meat.
    • Sunday. In the afternoon - chicken, ripe tomatoes, lightly welded vegetables, grapefruit. In the evening - boiled vegetables again.

    Second week:

    • Monday. At noon - a salad of vegetables and boiled beef. Dinner - grapefruit, two eggs, salad from fresh vegetables.
    • Tuesday. At noon, vegetable salad and meat. In the evening - a couple of eggs and as always - grapefruit.
    • Wednesday. At noon, fresh cucumbers, boiled / fried meat. Dinner - 2 eggs and grapefruit.
    • Thursday. In the afternoon - two eggs, low-fat cheese or fatty cottage cheese, boiled vegetables. Dinner - two eggs.
    • Friday. At noon, the boiled fish is full. Dinner - 2 eggs.
    • Saturday. At noon - boiled meat, large tomato, orange. Dinner - a salad of peaches, melons, tangerines, orange and apples.
    • Sunday. At lunch - tomato, chicken without skin, lightly welded vegetables, including asparagus beans, orange. In the evening, everything is the same as at lunch.

    Third week:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday - any fruit is full. Thursday - boiled fish, lettuce and boiled vegetables all day. Friday - meat( chicken) with boiled vegetables.
    • The notions of "breakfast, lunch, dinner" are abolished, you can eat when you want.
    • Monday. A quarter of boiled chicken, a tuna bank( butter drained), cucumbers-tomatoes, grapefruit, toast.
    • Tuesday.200g fried / boiled meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, toast and one choice - grapefruit, orange, apple, pear, slice of melon.
    • Wednesday. A spoonful of cottage cheese, 200g of cheese, slightly welded vegetables, toast, cucumbers, tomatoes, orange.
    • Thursday. Half of the chicken without skin, large cucumber and tomato, toast, grapefruit.
    • Friday.2 hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, salad from raw vegetables, orange
    • Saturday.2 boiled breasts, 100 g of cottage cheese or brynza, cucumbers-tomatoes, toast, a glass of curdled milk, grapefruit.
    • Sunday.2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, a can of canned tuna( butter to drain), cucumbers, tomatoes, toast, slightly welded vegetables, orange.

    Popular about the properties of the grapefruit

    In conclusion, it should be said that for those who absolutely do not like eggs or who have allergies, there is another effective version of this method of losing weight - the curd cheese diet.

    Lose weight by the Margaret Thatcher method and be healthy!

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