Diet 14 days - slimming in Japanese and in French

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Two weeks is an ample time to bring the body in good shape. Practice shows that it is not necessary to starve yourself all this time. There are quite a few schemes that allow you to lose up to 10-14 kilograms in two weeks. Such 14-day diets can use a variety of approaches and products.

Contents of the

Contents of the

Rules for a 14-day diet
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  • diet Rules for a 14-day diet

    The basic principle of most such diets is calorie restriction due tocarbohydrates. Therefore, they imply either a struggle with a sense of hunger, or the consumption of predominantly protein foods. If the desired result is not a couple of kilograms, but closer to 10, it is better to have a preliminary examination and consult a doctor. This rate of weight loss can adversely affect health in many diseases. In addition, since most diets at 14 days are classified as seve

    re, they should not be used too often, once every few months.

    French weight loss

    This diet for 14 days allows you to lose 5-10 kilograms. The main principle is to use only low-calorie foods. They are completely excluded:

    • sugar,
    • salt,
    • juices and carbonated drinks,
    • alcohol.


    • fish,

      • lean meat,
      • eggs,
      • rye dried bread,
      • vegetables,
      • fruit,
      • greens,
      • green tea,
      • coffee,
      • kefir,
      • water.

      Instead of salt, you should use spices and lemon juice. Passionate admirers of sugar can sometimes use a sweetener, but in a half dose. Breakfast in this diet is of a symbolic character and represents coffee with toast. For lunch and dinner, 100 grams of fish, meat or sausages are allowed, which can be supplemented with a salad of fresh vegetables and boiled eggs. Diversify the menu will help kefir and fruit.

      Japanese menu

      This version of the diet does not mean using exotic products. Therefore, you can afford it even with a very modest budget. Its name is connected, most likely, not with the country, but with a specific medical center in Tokyo. The Japanese diet refers to low-carbohydrate protein, and to follow it will require considerable willpower. Medical indications, as well as to any other protein: heart disease, kidney, digestive tract and liver. Since the diet is strict, it is better to consult a doctor before using it.

      The basic principle of the Japanese diet is calorie restriction. A diet table of 14 days includes meat, poultry, fish, chicken eggs and dairy products. As sources of carbohydrates are used some vegetables( cabbage, carrots, aubergines, zucchini), fruits( except grapes and bananas) and croutons. Fats are allowed in the form of olive oil. From drinks it is necessary to choose tea and coffee of the highest quality and not containing additives. Variety of diet will help tomato juice and yogurt.

      In addition, every day to consume a large amount of clean drinking water, it will help the body cope with the stress of protein nutrition. It is desirable to exclude the salt completely. The number of meals - no more than three, and the last should be no later than two hours before bedtime. For breakfast, you should drink a cup of coffee or tea, lunch is combined from protein and carbohydrate food, and dinner should be exclusively protein or consist only of fruits.

      As a result of using this diet, you can lose 5-8 kg in 2 weeks, but you can do it no more than once every six months. You should also pay special attention to getting out of the diet, then the effect will be preserved for a long time.

      Protein diet

      For a protein diet that is very popular, there is an option designed for 2 weeks. It will suit those who, in principle, are unable to starve, since it involves as many as 6 meals a day. Restrictions this diet introduces on fats and excludes foods high in carbohydrates. The main diet consists of proteins, a number of vegetables and fruits.

      The protein diet completely prohibits alcohol, prevents eating in the last 3 hours before going to bed and includes at least 2 liters of clean water daily. The combination of products is selected so that the energy value of the daily ration does not exceed 700 kcal. It should be borne in mind that weight loss on protein has many medical contraindications. It is prohibited for violations of the heart, digestive organs, liver, kidneys and joint diseases, not recommended for the elderly. The best result is a protein diet for 14 days in combination with physical exertion.

      Medical diet 14 days

      Strangely enough, the hardest version of the diet for 14 days is attributed to doctors who allegedly recommend it before surgery. Perhaps obese patients may need weight loss, but too much stress associated with a sharp weight loss is more likely to weaken the defenses of the body than to promote a speedy recovery. Therefore, the so-called diet of physicians can try unless absolutely healthy people who need to lose weight urgently, and provided that all these two weeks they will closely monitor their condition.

      The diet scheme is as follows:

      • days 1, 3, 8, 10,14 - a liter of mineral water without gas, there is nothing you can not;
      • days 2, 5, 9, 12 - a liter of skim milk, one apple is eaten at bedtime;
      • days 4, 11 - in three receptions a liter of salad from fresh greens, cabbage and carrots, dressed with a tablespoon of vegetable oil, is eaten;
      • day 6 - in the morning, a hard-boiled egg is supposed, for lunch 100 g of boiled meat, 100 g of green canned peas and a glass of vegetable broth, for a snack and dinner - one apple;
      • day 7 - 100 grams of cottage cheese, 1 liter of milk and 0.5 liters of kefir;
      • day 13 - boiled egg for breakfast and 100 g low-fat cottage cheese for lunch.

      Using this method you can lose weight for the maximum number of kilograms, but the body's capacity during this period will be limited. In no case should fatigue be tolerated and it is better to minimize physical activity altogether. For those who are not ready for such a severe test, there is a shortened version, days 1 through 7. It is necessary to get out of the diet as from fasting, gradually, and it can be used no more often than once in 2 months. But you can lose weight on such a diet for 14 days at 14 kg.

      Diet 14 for Pevzner

      This name is worn by the diet used for urolithiasis with phosphaturia, developed by I.M.Pevzner. The disease is very rare, it can be treated well, but only under the condition of proper nutrition. The diet is specific: it excludes almost all vegetables and fruits, except for pumpkin, legumes and sour berries, as well as all dairy products. The basis of nutrition is protein products( meat, fish, eggs), cereals, pasta and pastries.

      You can not lose weight sharply with this diet, because it assumes a normal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and meals at least 5 times a day. However, gradual weight correction is not only possible, but desirable. To do this, limit butter, sweets, fatty meats.

      The choice of low-calorie products for the

      diet The variety of 14-day diets provides ample choice and, almost everyone can find the right option for themselves. It is important to keep in mind that in any case it is necessary to consume large amounts of water in order to remove toxins from the body in a timely manner. Protein diets are desirable to supplement with physical loads, but when using a severe, close to starvation medical diet, it is best to limit them as much as possible.

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