Diet Beyonce: ways to lose weight for different occasions

June 10, 2018 11:30 | Diets

Beyonce, perhaps, is one of the few celebrities who are not at all embarrassed by the magnificent shapes. She not once frankly said in an interview that to go to the extreme measure for weight loss will be decided only for playing a role in the movie, if her character should be "transparent."And when she was given an interesting proposal, the Beyonce diet helped to lose weight beyond recognition. And only for a month.

  • Southern beach diet to maintain the shape of
  • Cereal diet for a small weight adjustment
  • Lemonade diet is a real extreme
  • The correct way out of the lemonade diet
  • Nutritionists about the South beach diet
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South beach diet to maintain the shape of

The star does not belong to adherentslosing weight, she likes high-calorie food and is skeptical about classical fitness. A few extra pounds do not spoil the singer at all. She is beautiful, sexy, charming. But if from time to time did not limit itself to food, it would hardly remain so att


To support the figure in the norm it helps the diet of the South Beach. In the menu of the star there are only fish, seafood, raw vegetables, from which you can prepare a salad with the addition of a small amount of olive oil. All other products automatically become banned. In one week of the month, whole grain bread and lean porridges are added to the diet.

Cereal diet for a small weight adjustment

Reset 3-4 kg before filming Beyonce helps a salt-free cereal diet. Daily in the menu there is a porridge from one groats. It should be cooked on water without salt and oil.

This is interesting !More useful substances are stored in cereals with minimal heat treatment. Therefore, the rump just need to pour boiling water overnight and wrap it up.

The cereal feeding system should not last longer than 5 days and requires compliance with certain rules.

  • Until 19 o'clock porridge can be eaten at any time with a feeling of hunger, but the volume of one portion should not exceed 200 g.
  • It is compulsory to drink water( 1,5-2 liters per day) on an empty stomach and between meals.
  • To prepare porridges alternately used oatmeal, buckwheat, rice( better dark), millet, lentils.

Lemonade diet - a real extreme

For maximum weight loss, the star adhered to a lemonade diet. The founder of the procedure is not - rumors of such a system appeared more than 30 years ago. Nutritionists do not support it and do not advise to scoff at themselves to anyone, including Beyoncé.But the actress had to practically deplete herself for filming in the lead role, and she got it in 30 days.

All the food the body receives from a self-made in a blender drink, consisting of simple ingredients:

  • 1.5 liters of clean water;
  • freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon;
  • 2 tablespoons of maple syrup;
  • 5 g of ground cayenne pepper.

The morning begins with a cup of laxative tea, then every 2 hours one glass of lemonade drink is taken. Before going to bed - again laxative tea.

The correct way out of the lemonade diet

During the procedure, slags and toxins are removed from the body, but with them a large volume of liquid. In addition, the drink consists of solid allergens and irritants, which negatively affect the internal walls of the digestive system.

No less dangerous and a sharp exit from the lemonade diet Beyonce. Therefore, the first two days you should drink only freshly squeezed citrus juice( orange, mandarin, grapefruit), then gradually add one new product a day: vegetables, fruits, cereals and dried bread, eggs, fish, meat.

Important! So long to adhere to the procedure doctors not just do not recommend, but forbid. During this time, the fat cells will disappear, but a whole "bouquet" of diseases may appear. On such a menu, only absolutely healthy people can spend their days off.

Diets for rapid weight loss quite a lot, but do not stick to them for longer than 5 days. And we should remember that the lost by such a rapid pace of weight will return again, as soon as the lean goes to normal diet.

Nutritionists on the South Beach diet

A rule of choice is always there. If a slender figure becomes higher than gastronomical predilections, it is clear that people who are inclined to fullness must adhere to a healthy diet all their lives, excluding flour dishes, sweets, semi-finished products, smoked products. Additional physical exercises will not be superfluous.

By the secret of

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