Cheese Diet 5 cheerful melted cheese curds for weight loss

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Those who want to lose weight simply could not pass by this product and its useful properties. So there was a cheese diet and its variations. Cheese is an extremely valuable food, with this no one will argue. It contains a huge amount of protein - up to thirty percent. And these are easily digestible proteins, since they were split into amino acids already in the process of cheese ripening. It is also rich in mineral substances, especially calcium salts, whose content in 100 g is 700-1000 mg. The harmlessness of the product is indicated by the fact that doctors do not prohibit rough cheese types, even with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. In addition, it's also just very tasty.

Contents of
  • Advantages of cheese diet
  • Preparation of processed cheese at home
  • Three variants of cheese slimming diet
  • Option for 10( 8,7) days
  • Weekly option with three meals a day
  • Option with dry wine
  • Diet 5 cheerful fried cheeses
  • Restrictionsand disadvantages of cheese diets

Advantages of cheese diets

The product is very high-calorie and tasty, so you definitely will not die of hunger, you will not feel much discomfort either. But accustom yourself to eat fractional, 5-6 times a day and in small portions, which in any case will be useful. Perhaps you are laktovegetarian and do not eat meat, then the cheese is perfect for you, and if you like meat, you can be sure that cheese is its excellent replacement. The last plus - you do not have to stand by the stove, boiling for hours, steaming through a meat grinder, rubbing it through a strainer and rubbing it on a grater.

Preparation of processed cheese at home

Three variants of cheese slimming diet

Option for 10( 8,7) days

Food is taken every 2-3 hours, portions are minimally possible.

  • Breakfast - 20 grams of hard fat cheese, a glass of milk, coffee( tea).On some days, milk can be replaced with any raw vegetables, for example, cucumber.
  • The second breakfast is a vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice.
  • Lunch - a glass of milk, 20g of cheese.
  • Snack - boiled or stewed vegetables - broccoli, zucchini, carrots, eggplant, pumpkin, etc.
  • Dinner - 20 grams of cheese and 100 g of boiled lean meat. Meat can be replaced with any boiled legumes.

Option for a week with three meals a day

This option will be difficult for those who do not tolerate hunger at all. For the rest:

  • Breakfast - 100 grams of any cheese or a two-hundred-pound packet of unsweetened cottage cheese and coffee( tea) without sugar.
  • Lunch - vegetable salad with soft cheese( for example "Fetax"), cartonless soup with egg and greens, any unsweetened drink.
  • Dinner - any sour-milk drink and 70-100 g of cheese.

Variant with dry wine

Express version for real gourmets, lasts 2 days, for which 1-1.5 kg is lost.

Five times a day you need to eat up to one hundred grams of cheese at a time, washing it with 50 ml.white dry wine. In between, you need to drink 2-3 cups of liquid( water or green tea, decoction of rose hips).

Diet 5 cheerful processed cheese curds

This invention of an unknown author has such an unusual name because, judging by the reviews, you feel "good and fun" on such nutrition. Perhaps this is mainly due to the large amount of white dry wine entering the menu. However, the wine can be replaced with kefir.

In addition to wine in the menu includes:

  • naturally, five processed cheese;
  • five boiled eggs;
  • kilogram of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • for five - tomatoes, apples, cucumbers and sweet peppers, vegetables should be taken large and colorful( for "fun");
  • any greens without restriction.

Please note that this list is for all five days! So, every day you need to eat: melted cheese, apple, cucumber, pepper and 200 grams of cottage cheese. Products can be eaten at any time and in any combination, making five meals a day. And at eight o'clock in the evening you need to drink a glass of white dry. As always, the more you drink water, the better for your health.

Limitations and drawbacks of cheese diets

As a form of the Kremlin diet, cheese nutrition has the same contraindications. These are chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and( especially!) Kidneys, as well as severe diseases of the cardiovascular system. Strictly speaking, this way to lose weight is more suitable for people without special health problems, and even occasionally. Adding vitamins and fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables to the diet, a lot of water to take out excess protein( 2 or more liters per day) and probiotics for the prevention of dysbiosis( kefir or pharmaceutical products), will last much longer, do not risk my health.

Judging by the reviews, the cheese diet for weight loss allows you to lose up to ten kilograms of weight in a few days. But in ten days it will be necessary to expand the diet, first of all at the expense of vegetables and fruits, so that food restrictions do not harm your health.

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