Apple diet - minus 10 kg in just a week

June 10, 2018 16:30 | Diets

Apple diet is a wonderful way to quickly and effectively lose weight. Apples are the source of pectin fibers, which magically help within 7 days to lose 10 kg. Apple diet for weight loss is known in several ways. The difference is in the duration, the number of fruits consumed and the additional products of your diet.

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  • The benefits of pectin
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Benefits of apple diet Diet on the apples

is safe and harmless. Perfectly cleans, relieves excess fluid and makes your figure slimmer. At the same time your body becomes healthy and hardy.

Apples contain vitamins and trace elements. And about the content in them of such a useful element as iron is known, even to schoolchildren.

In this fruit a lot of fiber, so the feeling of satiety while losing weight you are provided. Also, glucose

and fructose will save you from feeling hungry.

In parallel with losing weight apples can help in the fight against other ailments. For example, normalize blood pressure or lower cholesterol, solve a delicate problem with constipation or give elasticity to your blood vessels.

This is interesting !It is good to eat apples every day. If you do this an hour before eating, your appetite will necessarily increase and the digestion process will be adjusted.

About the benefits of pectin

Apple diet is referred to the so-called pectin diets. The use of pectin contributes to a sharp decrease in calories. It helps to properly digest food and cleanses the body of toxic substances and unnecessary fat, even the most chronic.

Pectin is also useful in that it repairs the intestinal microflora, removes heavy metals and pesticides. But to get the most benefit from pectin, you should eat fresh fruit in which it is contained.

Apples as the main source of pectin help fight the consequences of excess carbohydrate intake. And they are the very "enemies" of our body, because of which we get better.

Two options for losing weight in 7 days

Option number 1

Apple mono-diet involves the use of only apples. This is a rigid food system for people with a healthy stomach.

The menu of such a diet is very simple. Every day you need to eat a certain amount of these fruits:

  • on the first and last day - 1 kg;
  • on the second, fifth and sixth day - 1.5 kg;
  • in the third and fourth - 2 kg.

It is allowed to drink plenty of liquid - water, green tea or decoctions on herbs. You can also eat two small rye crumbs a day.

Option number 2

Apple diet minus 10 kg allows you to use a number of additional products. Among them, within a week, carrots and beets with a high content of pectin will prevail.

The apple diet for the week suggests the following menu.

Monday: apple day:

  • Breakfast: apple puree of 3 fruits with lemon juice and walnuts.
  • Lunch: salad of apples, boiled eggs, parsley and green onions.
  • Dinner: 3-4 medium sized apples.

Tuesday: apple-rice day:

  • Breakfast: 3 apples and rice without salt( 100 g).
  • Lunch: a serving of rice( 200 g) with boiled apple pulp and the addition of lemon juice.
  • Dinner: rice without salt( 100 g).

Wednesday: apple-curd day:

  • Breakfast: 2 apples and low-fat cottage cheese( 100 g).
  • Lunch: cottage cheese with boiled apple straw, lemon juice, honey and walnuts.
  • Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese( 150 g).

Thursday: carrot-apple day

  • Breakfast: puree of fresh carrots( 3 pcs.) And apples( 1 pc.).
  • Lunch: a repetition of breakfast with the addition of honey.
  • Dinner: 3 baked apples with a spoon of honey.

Friday: Carrot Beetroot Day:

  • Breakfast: boiled beetroot( 1 pc.) And carrots( 2 pcs.).
  • Lunch: boiled eggs( 2 pcs.) And beets( 1 pc.), A portion of oatmeal. Dinner: carrot puree with honey.

Saturday: repeat apple day

Sunday: repeat apple-rice day

Apple diet 10 kg will clean without any problems if you strictly adhere to this diet and do not be lazy for 15-20 minutes a day to exercise.


If you want to try to lose weight in this way, be sure to consult your doctor. He will certainly tell you the option of a diet that is best for your body. After all, each of us has some health problems, you should not neglect it.

In chronic stomach diseases it is not recommended to eat raw apples. You can bake and eat them in small quantities.

It is important to know that sweet apples are suitable for people with peptic ulcer disease. And those who have gastritis and low acidity, it is better to choose acid varieties of this fruit.

Also worth paying attention to the content in these fruits of fruit acids, which can damage the tooth enamel. In order to avoid this, you need to rinse your mouth after eating apples, and your enamel will not suffer.

Doctor about the role of apples in weight reduction

Completion of dietary week

When the week of diet comes to an end you do not need to attack food that you did not eat during this period. It is better to start your morning with apples, eat some vegetables in any form during the day, and limit yourself to serving a porridge and a cup of kefir for dinner. Food containing protein is recommended to leave the next day, but the use of fatty and fried is better to postpone for at least a week or give up altogether.

In an effort to lose weight, do not forget about your physiological characteristics and taste preferences. Do not commit violence against yourself! Do not fit a product of the diet, it is better to replace it with one that you enjoy - so you will significantly increase the chances of success.

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