How to gain weight to a woman: typical misconceptions and useful advice

June 10, 2018 20:15 | Diets

The relevance of the topic of weight reduction does not exclude the existence of opposing desires, especially in lean girls. Excessive harmony does not paint everyone - someone it creates considerable problems. The question of how to gain weight to a thin woman is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The more so that the tasks are put at the same time different: someone needs to strengthen the muscular base( improve the figure), someone - to "buy" a minimal fat pad( get a chance to get pregnant).

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  • Weight gain dieting errors
  • Fighting leanness: how to eat competently
  • We gain muscle mass
  • Increase fat layer and fatness
  • Tips from weight gain trainer

The common opinion about the benefits of switching to consumption of foods from the forbidden high-calorie group is erroneous. The banal increase in the portions eaten is also incorrect. Moreover, both mentioned variants of struggle for kgs can strongly do much harm to health. Let's see why.

Mistakes in weight gaining diets

You can not change the power system abruptly: switching to an over-calorie ration threatens to turn into a misfortune. Especially if you are talking about people who used to be fond of "backward" ideas and who were seeking for years with exquisite elegance. You can get not only major troubles with the gastrointestinal tract, but also get a dangerous makeweight - heart disease and blood vessels( a reaction to the growth of cholesterol).

An organism that is not accustomed to digest a large amount of food is often not just outraged, but rejects any attempts to load surpluses into it "through force."To begin suddenly to eat up for the night, to wash down breakfast-dinner-supper with lusciously sweet tea or the same coffee, to change a modest diet by habits of pischmaemna-incorrect understanding of the ultimate goal of bringing the weight back to normal. Fat plus disease - not the best result of such a "policy."

Council "love" animal fats( butter and bacon-margarine), flour and sweets( donuts-cake-candies), to finish any meal only having reached the feeling of gravity "under the ribs" is capable of giving the opposite effect. Especially if you listen to the recommendation to move less. There will be a set of cholesterol, a jump in the direction of diabetes and there will be a sustained metabolic disorder. Did you aspire to this?

Fighting leanness: how to eat competently

Many are puzzled not only by the goal of recovering by all means, but wish, among other things, "to grow fat as quickly as possible."For example, a week. In the worst case - for a couple of weeks. Dial at an accelerated pace kilograms this way with 5-10 - than not a successful solution of issues with rounded cheeks-shoulders-thighs? Just the girl "thundered with bones" - and now in the frame of the cutie with mouth-watering forms. ..

And now listen to the general settings of the "correct" dietology, which allows you to achieve beauty, and do not lose your health.

  • You can not dial weekly more than one kilo: this figure is the limit of reasonable rate in a properly organized diet.
  • It's dangerous to allow yourself "royal meals", "overheating": in the battle for "healthy" weight it is much more useful to increase the number of meals.
  • The caloric content-assimilability of the food assortment should increase gradually, not exceeding 5% per week from a typical diet.
  • The distribution of substances must be "adjusted" to the scheme: proteins - 30 percent, carbohydrates - 40 percent, fats - 30 percent too( where 10 percent are animals).
  • A very clever person who, trying to change the weight category in the direction of "plus", will not deprive himself of active movement and will remember about the sport.

The plan for those who build muscle or acquire a "fat layer" is not the same.

We gain muscle mass

Here the positive result is achieved not so much "through" the food as by certain training and a dynamic way of life. The dietary approach is to correctly calculate the addition of calories over "daily" energy expenditure( taking into account the training regulations).The measure of excess is approximately 20-30% compared to losses. Distributed protein-carbohydrates-fats are required in the "percentage" proportion: 40-50-10.Fat to exclude completely, use oil on a minimum.

Here is a typical diet menu:

  • Breakfast No. 1: buckwheat( grams 200) + chicken breast( grams 100).
  • Breakfast № 2( after training): geyner( carbohydrate food supplement) + banana + apple.
  • Lunch # 1: pasta with vegetable sauce + a piece of fatty fish( stew or grill) + fruit.
  • Lunch № 2: apple + banana + cottage cheese or yogurt.
  • Snack: protein-cocktail mixture or fruit and yoghurt smoothie.
  • Dinner: potatoes with stewed vegetables + steamed beef + tea.

On alcohol - a taboo. The carefully processed products are a limitation.

We increase the fat layer and the fatness of

A similar problem arises in front of those who have excessive "grace" of addition caused by a violation of the hormonal background( for example, in front of young ladies, with an increase of 170-172 weighing up to 45-47 kilos).Propensity to anorexia does not allow conceiving, enduring and giving birth to a baby. In such a situation, the gynecologist insists on applying the dietary regime that promotes the amendment. On this way you can not do without nuts, fatty fish and pork meat, high-fat cheese, honey and bakery products. Movement, sports exercises it is desirable not to limit.

Recommended diet menu:

  • Breakfast No. 1: a cup of cocoa with milk / cream + 4 oatmeal cookies or a large cheesecake.
  • Breakfast № 2: almond( 30 g) mixed with a dessert spoon of honey + apple + tea( with milk / cream).A small sandwich with sausage is "right for the seagull".
  • Lunch: soup on a rich broth + porridge with meat / fish + vegetable salad( with butter, you can add sour cream) + compote.
  • Snack: oats flakes + dried fruit + whole milk( pour it all).
  • Dinner: meat or fish + pasta / potatoes + salad + mint tea with a light dessert.

Shortly before sleep: sweet fruit + a glass of fatty yogurt( it is possible to replace with a burger).

Such a diet is easy to diversify. For example, for breakfast, any milk powder( with butter) is very good. Muesli with yoghurt, nutritious salads with eggs are also welcome. Another good rule is to drink about 30 minutes before eating half a cup of juice( to "light up" the appetite).The first and the second can sometimes be swapped. Savory snacks are possible;some nutritionists are very supportive. Well, about bad habits( smoking-alcohol) will have to be forgotten - and preferably forever. Otherwise, with the problem of "how to replenish" you will have to fight not once. Why not solve it once and for all?

Tips from the weight setter

And do not forget to go to bed on time. Without a proper rest your dreams can not come true. Good luck to you - and strong, enviable health.

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