Pearl diet: a budget way to quickly lose weight

June 11, 2018 07:30 | Diets

Name absolutely any food product known to you and with absolute certainty you can say that there is a diet based on it. But out of a million different options, those who want to lose weight, through numerous trials, are given certain favorites. It is in the top leaders and falls pearl diet. It is not an ideal tool for instant fat burning. Due to her excess weight goes evenly and in non-transcendental, but within reasonable limits. Its most important advantage is hidden in the budget value. After all, whatever one may say, everyone can afford to lose weight with the help of a pearl barley, which can not be said about overseas delicacies.

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What is included in the diet of a person who is dieting this diet
  • A five-day diet
  • A diet for ten days
  • A diet for a month
  • Than this scheme of losing weight is better than other
  • Some nuances
  • The opinion of doctors about the useful properties of a sausage
  • What is included in the diet of a dieterhuman

    There are three different variations of the diet, which is based on pearl barley. They differ from each other by the rigidity of the diet and its duration: very strict and short( five days), less strict and longer( ten days), gentle and prolonged( up to one month).

    Five-Day Diet

    Very scanty menu looks like a pearl diet designed for five days. Throughout this period, the slimming person eats only porridge and drink. Regarding food, the following rules are outlined:

    • is prepared only on ordinary drinking water( no milk);
    • neither in the preparation process nor in the prepared dish should spices be added( this applies not only to various spices, but also to ordinary salt);
    • it is forbidden to butter the food with butter( both creamy, sunflower and even olive).

    Concerning drinking, only one single rule can be distinguished - only simple water is allowed. It is desirable to cleaned and, of course, in no case not carbonated.

    A ten-day diet

    The menu of the ten-day variant scares less because it is more diverse. In the diet are introduced such additions:

    • breakfast always consists of only one porridge;
    • dinner can be supplemented with 100 g of some non-high-calorie fruit( for example, apples);
    • for dinner, you can eat either 250 g of vegetables, or 200 g of chicken meat( a vegetable salad dressed with olive oil is allowed, and the meat must necessarily be cooked).

    Not such strict requirements are also imposed on drinking. In this case, you can use green tea, and juices, and yogurt. The main thing is the lack of sugar and a low percentage of fat.

    Diet for the month

    But the menu of the latter option pleases its abundance. It is allowed to eat almost all products, except for obvious harmfulness( flour, confectionery, fried and the like).A rule that will help reduce weight is to reduce the size of portions to the minimum possible.

    You should try to consume no more than 250 grams of ready meals at a time. For the day should be exactly four meals. In total for a day should not be eaten more than 1 kg of products( not only the porridge itself, but all the rest).

    Than this scheme of weight loss is better than other

    When choosing one or another type of nutrition system for weight loss, you should focus not only on the results that they promise us, but also on how they are balanced. The example we are considering belongs to the mono-diet group, and they sin very poorly with the necessary vitamins and microelements. Therefore, this group includes literally several types of long-term diets. But in our case the amount of useful substances is very large.

    • The product includes an amino acid called lysine. It promotes a more active development of such a useful component as collagen. Most women know that it is thanks to him that we can avoid wrinkles as long as possible.
    • Also in the product contains a very large amount of potassium and calcium. They in turn favorably affect the state of the cardiovascular and bone system.
    • In addition, the composition is in a different number of a number of different microelements. Most of all, there are iodine, cobalt, iron, selenium and zinc.
    • Vitamin B is among the vitamins present in the composition of vitamins. It affects the speed and quality of the course of the formation of blood cells.
    • Fiber plays an irreplaceable role in improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. In the product under consideration, it is contained in excess. Its number is an order of magnitude greater than that of other existing cereals.

    Some nuances of

    In the first few days, the results will be very promising. But do not tune in to an easy disposal of a half dozen kilograms. At first your body will lose by and large only water. This is due to the fact that salt is excluded from the diet, which would delay it. Next day will go no more than 1 kg( with a strict diet).

    The antibacterial agents available in the product are able to strengthen human immunity. The risk of flu or colds in the next few months after such a diet is reduced by several times.

    During the slimming period with the help of a pearl barley, a person will not experience a loss of strength and constant fatigue. The composition of the product includes a large number of carbohydrates, from which the body receives the energy necessary for life.

    Very many people who have experienced this method of losing weight, notice significant improvements in the condition of their hair and nails. This fact is explained by the presence of a large amount of the aforementioned potassium, calcium and collagen.

    The opinion of doctors on the useful properties of the pearl barley

    Regardless of how well you feel, and how harmless you think the diet plan for losing weight, before you test it is necessary to consult your doctor. Although the pearl diet for weight loss and does not have strict contraindications, during its use it is impossible to behave frivolously and arbitrarily change the terms of passage. This can have an extremely negative impact on your health.

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    Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

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