Diet number 1: nutrition with ulcers and gastritis + surgical table

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The rapid growth in the number of patients seeking help from specialists due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract prompted the Soviet nutritionist, Mikhail Pevsner, to develop a unique system of its own. The so-called diet number 1 was aimed at solving such problems as a stomach ulcer, duodenal diseases, chronic gastritis, recovery in the postoperative period.

  • Indications for medical table 1
  • General characteristics
  • diet Acceptable products
  • Herbal infusions for gastritis
  • table 1 menu on Pevzneru
  • Simple recipes diet meals 1
  • pureed potato soup
  • Cream of cauliflower
  • carrot sauce

Indications for the prescription of the treatment table 1

The most optimal time for observing the prescriptions of the Soviet physician is the initial stage of exacerbation of any gastrointestinal tract,od recovery. So, diet 1 reduces inflammatory processes in the stomach, stimulates its motor and secretory functions, promotes the healing of ulcers.

General characteristics of the diet

Despite the fact that this nutrition method has its limitations and some features in the preparation of dishes, it is still considered complete and balanced.

It is advisable to significantly limit the salt in the diet. Also, the therapeutic diet 1 does not welcome consumption of too hot or cold dishes. And in the evening, before going to bed, recommends one glass of milk or a spoonful of fresh cream( preferably home-made).

Acceptable products

The Pevzner 1 diet focuses on the following products:

  • First courses: vegetable soups from potatoes and carrots( vegetables are boiled on the broth and thoroughly wiped);Soups on milk with buckwheat, mango or oat flakes.
  • Flour products: stale bread or crackers, dry biscuit or dry biscuits, cheesecakes with cottage cheese or jam. It's nice that the diet for Pevzner table 1 allows several times a week baked patties( with fish, eggs, low-fat meat, apples).
  • Meat and fish: chicken, turkey( without skin and tendons), steamed pork, veal, boiled liver. Steamed steaks, zrazes, soufflé, meatballs, beef stroganoff from fish and boiled meat are far from being the whole list of dishes that allow you to consume diet 1, recipes are all fairly simple and easily accessible - with preparation there will be no difficulties and problems.
  • Dairy products: not too sour kefir, milk, sour cream and cream, cottage cheese and even some sorts of cheese( only without spices).

You can cook a scrambled omelet.

Another diet 1 with gastritis will allow you to eat rice, mango, oatmeal and buckwheat. These can be cereals, cooked on water or milk, sweet puddings, cutlets.

Cooked steamed cauliflower, carrots, boiled potatoes, much less often green peas, zucchini or pumpkin - these are the foods that diet 1 recommends for gastric ulcer.

The diet can be low-fat ham, caviar, liver pate, salads from vegetables, low-fat meat and fish and even dietary sausages.

Sweet dishes are very limited. It can be baked fruit, as well as berries, jelly, mousses and jellies, honey, not too sour jam and marshmallows.

Diet 1 drinks menu offers the following: rose hips, cocoa, coffee with milk( it is possible and with cream), weak black tea, juice from berries.

Even the strict diet table 1 does not prohibit the use of a small amount of refined vegetable oil, as well as cow's oil. But the poultry and pork fat, margarine - products unacceptable. Do not allow the diet 1 table with gastritis concentrated broths of mushrooms and bright vegetables, okroshka, fat broths of meat, salt and fried fish, canned food, hot cheese, pickled vegetables.

Under the ban diet 1 surgical puts on legumes, cucumbers, corn grits, cabbage, radish and spinach, onion and sorrel, pickles and marinades, berries, unripe fruit, chocolate and ice cream, kvass, soda, mustard, hot pepper, horseradish, sauces.

Herbal infusions with gastritis

Menu table 1 according to Pevzner

  • 1st breakfast: tea with milk, one mashed egg, milk rice porridge( croup must be wiped off).
  • 2nd breakfast: baked apple with sugar.
  • For lunch: soup on milk with mashed oatmeal, carrot puree, steam cutlets, fruit mousse.
  • On the afternoon snack diet table number 1 offers to eat a small amount of biscuits and drink an infusion of rose hips.
  • For dinner: mashed potatoes, boiled fish, tea with milk.

Before going to bed - one glass of milk.

Another option is the unread diet menu table 1:

  • For the first breakfast - crumbly buckwheat porridge, egg( soft-boiled), not strong tea( you can add a small amount of cream).
  • For the second breakfast - non-acidic fresh cottage cheese, broth of wild rose.
  • For lunch we offer vegetarian soup, boiled meat with carrots, compote of dried fruits.
  • In the midday time - a decoction of wheat bran( with the addition of sugar), crackers.
  • For dinner - baked fish, carrot-apple roll, tea with milk.

Before going to sleep, it is recommended to drink a glass of warm milk. This is an inalienable rule on which diet 1 insists, a menu for a week can be made based on the above options and acceptable products. It should also be remembered that you can always seek help from experienced professionals.

Diet 1 surgical table is appointed on the 4th-5th day after surgery on the stomach and intestines, on the 2nd day after appendectomy. Allow steaming dishes from wiped boiled meat or chicken;eggs boiled soft-boiled, and steam omelet;low-fat, not strong meat or chicken broth, mucous soup of oat-flakes on broth;porridge liquid 10% of semolina or rice and buckwheat flour baby food, during cooking can add a small amount of milk or cream;jelly, fruit and berry jelly;juices of fresh fruits and berries, diluted with sweet water, broth of dogrose, tea with lemon;white bread crumbs;butter, yogurt.

Simple recipes of diet dishes 1

Following them, everyone can cook for themselves lunch or dinner, without causing any harm to their health.

Mashed potato soup

In water, boil 150 g of peeled potatoes, wipe. In the resulting puree add 200 grams of milk with a small amount of broth. Add a little salt, boil. Before you eat, add the egg yolk mashed butter( 10 g of butter for 1 egg).

Cauliflower soup

Peeled and well washed cabbage to boil to the full readiness and wipe through a sieve. From 10 grams of eggs and 150 grams of milk, prepare an egg-milk mixture, in which you need to add 5 g of wheat flour. The resulting white sauce is added to the vegetable broth, there also enter the rubbed cabbage and salt. After the soup boils, you can add 5 g of butter to it. The dish is ready.

Carrots in sauce

150 g carrots are cleaned and cut into cubes. Everything is put in a pot and poured with a small amount of water. Add 10 g of plums.oil, a pinch of salt, 10 g of sugar. Within 30 minutes everything is stewed under a tightly closed lid. Ready carrots are poured hot sauce, prepared from 100 g milk and 5 grams of wheat flour.

All dishes are very tasty, healthy and nutritious. These are the options offered by the diet table 1, the recipes of which are understandable, and the ingredients are available.

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