Tomato diet in different versions: its effectiveness and contraindications

June 11, 2018 17:30 | Diets

In summer, when these bright and tasty vegetables mature, many people are ripe with the idea that a tomato diet will help them lose weight. Did you hear about her, too? Probably, yes, because there are many varieties of diets based on tomatoes. This healthy vegetable contains few calories, but it has many useful elements. Sucrose, fructose, malic acid, oxalic and citric acids, phosphorus, iron, vitamins of group B, K, R, PP, C - here is not a complete list of all the benefits that are contained in tomatoes. At the same time, all substances are balanced in tomatoes in the amount that is best absorbed by our body. Tomato is a very useful vegetable, and it must necessarily enter the daily diet of a person who monitors his health. But there is another unique property for tomatoes.

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  • The most effective tomato diet
  • Daily diet with a tomato diet
  • Nutrition options during a tomato diet
  • How long can you sit on a tomato diet?
  • Express diet on tomatoes
  • To whom is a tomato diet suitable?
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Video acquaintance with tomatoes

Italians - big admirers of tomatoes - less than other Europeans, are ill with cancer. It is not known for certain that it is tomatoes that insure them against cancer, but it is known that in tomatoes contains a natural antioxidant - lycopene. This organic matter is a fierce enemy of free radicals. And scientists have proved that they are often one of the causes of the disease. So, using tomatoes, we insure our body against cancer cells.

The most effective tomato diet

It was developed by Italian doctors. The basis of the diet is a salad of tomatoes. By the way, in order to get into the body more lycopene, it is recommended to eat yellow tomato varieties. It is also desirable that the vegetables are grown in the open ground.

Daily ration with tomato diet

For breakfast it is recommended to eat a small portion of boiled rice( 75 grams), drinking it with tea without sugar( preferably, green or herbal) and a salad of tomatoes. Immediately after breakfast or an hour and a half later, you can eat a green apple or an orange.

For lunch - lettuce from tomatoes with the same portion of rice, as for breakfast. By the way, rice is better to take unrefined - it has more useful substances. But if it does not, the usual white rice will do. To the rice and salad, boil 100 grams of meat, complete your dinner with a fruit salad, seasoned with low-fat yogurt, drink vegetable juice.

For a snack, except for a tomato salad, you can eat 100 grams of boiled meat, an apple or a peach.

For dinner, eat a salad of tomatoes, fruit juice or tea. Two hours before bedtime, you can drink a glass of kefir.

How to make a tomato salad for a diet? Vegetables cut slices or slices( as you wish), add onions, garlic, parsley or basil. Dressing salad with unrefined olive or sunflower oil. But keep in mind: the daily oil norm should not exceed the volume of one tablespoon.

Food options during the tomato diet

During the diet, meat can be replaced with boiled fish. The best option - the alternation of fish days with meat. Fish can be slightly salted during cooking, but it is better to add a little soy sauce to the prepared dish. The main rule of any tomato diet: the basis of the diet are tomatoes. They can be supplemented, except meat and fish, cottage cheese, greens, cheese, boiled eggs.

Fruits can be consumed about 300-400 grams per day. They can be eaten separately or in the form of salads, they can be a part of breakfast, lunch or dinner, or one of the snacks.

The tomato diet implies a standard drinking regime. It is necessary to drink at least two liters of liquid a day. Suitable green or herbal tea, mineral water without gas, vegetable juices, low-fat kefir or natural yogurt. By the way, for losing weight, vegetable juices are better than fruit juices.

How long can you sit on a tomato diet?

The diet is a balanced diet, so you can sit on it for a fairly long time - up to 3 months. With all the recommendations per day, the body receives slightly more than 1500 kcal. And this is below any norm. Therefore, a person begins to lose weight. A tomato diet can not be classified as an express diet. For the effect to become noticeable, it is necessary to sit on it for at least two months. On average, for 30 days a person loses 3-4 kg.

The tomato diet developed by Italian doctors is the right diet, which improves metabolism and prevents health problems. The necessary amount of protein a person receives from fish, meat, kefir. Carbohydrates - from tomatoes, fruits, rice. Fats - from the oil, which are seasoned with salads. Between meals, you must observe a three-hour interval.

Express diet on tomatoes

Thanks to this diet, you will be able to lose from 1 to 3 pounds of excess weight in three days. Every time you eat, you need to eat 2-3 ripe tomatoes. In addition to tomatoes, only one product is included in the diet. It can be 200 grams of boiled meat, rice or fish. But there are several more options for a tomato express diet. Many nutritionists say that tomatoes can burn fat. And indeed it is. Observing all the rules of a tomato diet, you can easily say goodbye with being overweight.

  • Variant 1

For a day you can use from 5 to 10 tomatoes of any sort, 50 g of hard cheese, 2 cucumbers, 50 g of black bread. You can eat everything individually or mix in a salad - it's up to you. Drink allowed water, unsweetened tea.

  • Option 2

In addition to 5-10 tomatoes, eat 200 grams of boiled white chicken meat without skin, 50 grams of white cabbage per day.

  • Option 3

For a day eat 5-10 tomatoes, 200 grams of any lean fish( baked or boiled), two chicken eggs, hard-boiled.

To whom is a tomato diet suitable?

With all the positive aspects for weight loss and improving metabolism, the tomato diet is suitable only for adults who do not have health problems. It is contraindicated for those who suffer from any diseases of the digestive system, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Diet on tomatoes perfectly combined with physical activity. If you daily take about 30 minutes for exercise, the effect of the diet will increase significantly. Have you started a diet and your health has worsened? Immediately go to normal diet and consult a doctor. Perhaps you have digestive system diseases that you do not know about. But it is even better to consult a qualified nutritionist before starting the diet.

Relaxing tomato days

Tomatoes are an excellent tool for cleaning the intestines. Thanks to unloading days on tomatoes, you can lose up to 2-3 kg of excess weight. On the day that you determined to be unloading, you can eat a half kilogram tomato in 4-5 receptions.

You can diversify the diet with tomato soup. It is prepared very simply. You need to take a little garlic, chopped greens( parsley, celery, dill) and sliced ​​tomatoes. There is no need to observe any proportions - everything is put to taste. The mixture is poured with water so that it slightly covers the tomatoes from above. You need to boil for 5 minutes. This soup perfectly cleanses the intestines, normalizes digestion, gives tone to the whole body. By the way, cooked tomatoes are not dangerous for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But still, if you are at risk and decide to enter unloading days on tomatoes, talk to your doctor. He will recommend you the best products on which you can unload your body.

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