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How does the Montignac diet differ from many others? People who adhered to it, did not faint and did not complain that they constantly eat the same thing. They were not even going to forget what taste their favorite chocolate has. This system of nutrition is considered one of the most successful diets of the last century. This article will tell you about its features, advantages and disadvantages.

  • The history of the appearance of the
  • diet The concept of this food
  • The "bad" and "good" for Montignac
  • The rules of nutrition during the first phase
  • The transition time and the second phase rules
  • The drawbacks of the separate supply
  • All about carbohydrates and the glycemic index

Historyappearance of the diet

We all love legends, especially if they are associated with some celebrity. About Michel Montignac is known that he worked in Paris as a representative of an American pharmacological firm. His responsibilities included participation in b

usiness dinners. He was to regularly accompany the right people who came to the French capital, and to visit with them the best restaurants in the city.

Such campaigns turned into excess weight for him, the fight against which continued for a long time and to no avail. He was not helped by any of the many diets. Then Montignac developed for himself a completely new food system, through which he not only lost weight, but he himself became a world celebrity.

The concept of this food

Michel Montignac's diet includes two phases. The purpose of the first is to cleanse the body and reduce weight. The second phase is aimed at maintaining the results obtained earlier. This diet can not even be called the usual word "diet".Rather, it is a system that must be understood by the mind and adhered to constantly throughout life. Recommendations that are given in this or that form are used in most existing diets.

During the first phase, you must abandon the products that are considered "bad" and introduce "good" foods into the diet. Another important condition is to correctly combine everything that you will eat throughout the day. Following these recommendations will help to cleanse the body of toxins and lose weight. But do not tune in to the fact that with this diet you will get instant results.

During the second phase, you can somewhat relax. The nutritional requirements become less rigid - sometimes you can make yourself "indulgence" and even allow some "liberties".What does this mean? Sometimes you are allowed to taste "bad" foods.

"Bad" and "Good" for Montignac

How do you determine which group a particular dish belongs to? When compiling a menu of the Montignac diet, this is especially true of carbohydrates. They are referred to as "bad" and "good", based on such an indicator as the extent to which they affect the increase in blood sugar levels.

Our body is designed so that it constantly produces insulin - a hormone that prevents the splitting of fats. The higher the glucose level in the blood stream, the more this hormone will be produced. And, as a consequence, fats will split at a lower rate.

In principle, the sugar index in the blood changes after each meal. The difference is only in how many units it will rise and after what time it will happen. But this will be determined by what and with what you ate.

Based on this, nutritionists take for themselves the starting point, which is called the glycemic index( GI).Its value gives an idea of ​​the increase in glucose level, which occurs after eating a specific food product. The higher it is, the more "bad" the product is. The diet table for Montignac contains the indices of this index. Let it not surprise you that different sources can differently lead GI for the same product. However, regardless of the accuracy of the figures, you can easily determine whether it is possible to use it in the first phase of the diet or not. The basis of the diet during this period is those that have a low glycemic index.

Nutrition rules during the first phase of the

So, what can and can not be eaten during the first phase of the diet.

  1. Do not include in your diet foods with GI more than 50 units.
  2. Those of them whose GI is within 20-50 are usable, but on one condition. They should not be combined with food containing a large amount of fat. Do the interval between meals of different food - 3 hours or more.
  3. Everything that has a GI of 15 units or less can be combined with any products and consumed, practically, without any restrictions.

Taking into account the following table, the menu of the Montignac diet is quite simple.

Having chosen this power system for yourself, you need to stick to it constantly. There is a minimum of 3 times a day and it is desirable to do this at the same time. It is necessary to have a good breakfast, eat moderately, and have supper as soon as possible and choose light food for yourself.

The sample menu of the Montignac diet during the first phase can be made up of such products:


  • of low-fat meat, fish, poultry( excluding liver);
  • cheese and eggs;
  • vegetable salad, consisting of tomatoes or green vegetables, dressed with sour cream or any vegetable oil;
  • vegetable oil;
  • unsweetened yogurt;
  • sauces, in the composition of which there is no flour.


  • vegetable soups( from vegetables with GI below 50);
  • low-fat yogurt;
  • vegetable salads( from the same vegetables as for soups).As a dressing, use vinegar or lemon juice;
  • pasta made from wholemeal flour;
  • cereals without adding milk - wheat, buckwheat, from brown rice.

Compatible, both with protein-lipid and protein-carbohydrate:

  • beans, beans, soybeans;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • of green vegetables, tomatoes;
  • mushrooms and lemons.

Transition time and second phase rules

You need to go to the second phase after you have reached the weight that you were dreaming about. To eat by its rules begin and after the decrease in weight has stopped. If you liked the Montignac diet menu, and you just want to cleanse the body without setting yourself a goal to lose weight, then in this case you need to focus on improving your health. As already mentioned, the diet, which is provided in the second phase, it is desirable to apply throughout life.

At this time, you can afford to use a small amount of products with GI more than 50. Doing such indulgences need not often and completely refrain from:

  • honey and all kinds of white bread;
  • potatoes and corn;
  • white rice;
  • of various pasta from refined flour.

But if it happens unbearable, very "bad" carbohydrates can be consumed with foods that have a high percentage of fiber. They reduce the negative consequences and when sometimes you allow yourself to eat carbohydrates along with fats.

Recipes of the Montignac diet sometimes contain even sugar. But it is used only on condition that on this day you give up all the other "bad" carbohydrates.

Disadvantages of a separate power supply

  • The diet of this method can not be called fully balanced, therefore some nutritionists recommend that during this unloading supplement the diet with Group B vitamins or beer yeast.
  • Since it has a great deal of attention, the GI should be used with caution by people with diabetes mellitus.
  • Some( especially men) may consider the lack of a ban on alcohol consumption.
  • You can repeat the diet no earlier than 2 months.

All about carbohydrates and the glycemic index of

In general, this food system is rational and tailored to individual needs of the individual. It makes it possible to take into account your attachments and not overload yourself with excessive restrictions. It fully meets the requirements of a healthy lifestyle. You can see for yourself!

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