Diet 3 days 3 kg or a 5 kg dump - the choice is yours!

June 12, 2018 04:45 | Diets

As a rule, a person gaining weight for a fairly long period. With the onset of the moment, when you need to quickly put yourself in order, the question arises whether it is possible to dump excess in the shortest possible time. It turns out that it is quite feasible to lose weight, and the proof is that the diet is 3 days 3 kg. However, the kilograms will go away through the purification and removal of fluid from the body. And only in the last turn will "melt" fats. This method is not very useful, and the effect is not long-term. But if "the game is worth the candle," then you can try.

  • What is an express diet for?
  • General recommendations
  • Possible variants of diets
  • Method №1 - express weight loss
  • Method №2 - banana joy
  • Method №3 - apple unloading
  • Method №4 - fasting
  • Method №5 - blueberry diet
  • Method №6 - diet 3 days 5kg
  • Method number 7 - very urgent weight loss
  • Method number 8 - tomato diet
  • Method number 9 - the potato menu
  • Cautions

What is an express diet for?

General recommendations

The following products should be excluded from the menu: sugar, salt and alcohol. As for any additional physical exertion, then, according to experts, they do not make sense for three days. Fitness or aerobics like time, then the result is more noticeable and stable.

During the indicated period it is desirable to focus on non-fat fish, boiled chicken breast, Bulgarian peppers and broccoli, porridges, sour-milk products.

Do not use diuretics or laxatives, even if it is a different herb.

It is desirable to drink water according to a special scheme. On the first day you need to drink 3 liters, in the second - 2.5 liters, and in the third - 1 liter. In the water can add a small amount of juice of lime or lemon. Soaking up the liquid, as it were, "drives" the body, sets it up for intensive work. If you drink water correctly, you can definitely increase your calorie consumption by 30%.

Any diet can be taken as a basis, the daily calorie content of which varies from 800 - to 1000 kcal.

Under the ban remain sweet, smoked, salted, fatty and fried foods.

Low-calorie diet will help reduce weight by 3-4 kilograms. However, it should be clearly understood that only 300-400 grams of adipose tissue will burn in three days. In the rest it will be muscle tissue and intestinal contents.

Return to the usual daily diet should be gradual.

Possible options for diets

Method number 1 - express weight loss

Day one: for breakfast - 4 tablespoons of boiled buckwheat( no salt added);30 minutes after consumption of food - half of the fruit of the grapefruit;for lunch - boiled chicken breast( 150 grams), boiled or raw vegetables flavored with lemon juice( up to 200 grams);for mid-morning snack - low-fat yogurt( 50-100 grams);for dinner - low-fat fish( 150 grams), steamed broccoli( 100 grams);before going to bed - kefir with zero fat content.

Day two: for breakfast - the previous volume of boiled buckwheat;in half an hour - one green apple;for lunch - vegetable salad and boiled chicken( 150 grams);for a snack - again yogurt;for dinner - baked Bulgarian pepper( 100 grams), lean fish cooked for a couple( 150 grams);before going to bed - kefir.

Day three: for breakfast - 3 tablespoons of boiled buckwheat;after 30 minutes - 1 kiwi;for lunch - Bulgarian pepper( up to 150 grams), low-fat boiled fish( 150 grams);afternoon snack - water with lemon juice + one teaspoon of honey;for dinner - boiled chicken( 150 grams), broccoli( 150 grams);and before falling asleep, - a glass of low-fat kefir.

Method number 2 - banana joy

The basic principle of the diet is that you need to eat a banana and drink it with milk.

So, the calculation for a day is as follows: three large banana + three glasses of milk with a low percentage of fat. If milk is an unloved product, it can be replaced with kefir. The entire volume of food is divided equally and taken at regular intervals.

Method number 3 - apple unloading

Day one: breakfast includes two eggs( hard-boiled), vegetable salad and boiled meat;lunch - vegetable salad and boiled meat.

Every two hours you need to eat one apple and drink as much water as possible. Unsweetened tea is also allowed.

Day Two:

  • There is no breakfast and dinner.
  • For lunch - vegetable salad and fruit.
  • The consumption of apples remains unchanged throughout the day. Day 3: for breakfast - fruit and vegetable salad;for lunch - vegetable salad + boiled meat. No dinner.

During the day, you must eat apples( the scheme is the same).

Method # 4 - Fasting

  • The 1st day is the preparatory one.
  • Day 2 is the day of complete starvation. The third day is the output.

The first day of the diet should start with fruit juice and herbal tea. At lunch hours, you should eat vegetables and fruits or a vegetable salad dressed with vegetable oil. In the evening, you need to drink juice and herbal tea again. The last meal should be no later than 19:00.After this time, the stomach should not have any loads.

On the second day you can drink only one water.

The third day should start with herbal tea. For lunch - a salad of cabbage and carrots( butter is not refueled salad).For dinner - again herbal tea and no more food.

Method number 5 - blueberry diet

As scientists have discovered the most valuable property of blueberries to burn fats, nutritionists have developed a new principle of diet.

  • For breakfast - low-fat cottage cheese, mixed with sour cream( up to 200 grams), 0.5 glasses of blueberries, yogurt.
  • The second breakfast is kefir and blueberries.
  • For lunch - the same menu as for the first breakfast.
  • For dinner - a glass of yogurt and blueberries.

The diet is repeated for three days of the diet.

Method №6 - diet 3 days 5 kg

  1. In the morning hours - cooked soft-boiled single egg.
  2. Exactly after three hours - 150 grams of low-fat fresh cottage cheese, which is washed down with tea.
  3. After the same period of time - again cottage cheese and tea.
  4. Until the next morning only mineral water is drunk.

You can not add salt and sugar to your food and drinks.

Such a diet can be repeated only after a month.

Method number 7 - very urgent weight loss

  • The first day of
  1. For breakfast - half a liter of clean cold water, which is drunk immediately after awakening. Some nutritionists recommend not even getting out of bed to better cleanse the intestines. If half a liter of a drink is difficult, you can limit only one glass.
  2. After 15 minutes - a glass of milk with one teaspoon of cocoa and a teaspoon of honey.
  3. 15 minutes before the scheduled lunch, you need to eat a ripe medium grapefruit.
  4. For lunch - boiled fish or chicken( up to 200 g), fresh vegetables, seasoned with olive oil( up to 300 g).
  5. Two hours after a meal, 300 ml of yogurt with zero fat content.
  6. For dinner - broth( one and a half liters of water boils 1 kg of onions, 0.5 kg of carrots and the same tomato, a little grains of cumin - after the vegetables are cooked, the broth is filtered and drunk).
  7. Before going to bed - kefir.
  • The second day
  1. In the morning hours - juice squeezed out of two grapefruits or a drink made of milk, cocoa and honey.
  2. For lunch - vegetable broth( 1 glass), low-fat yogurt( 150 grams).
  3. Dinner - salad from vegetables, steamed or in the oven meat of fish or chicken( you can use a turkey).
  • Third Day
  1. Instead of breakfast - non-carbonated water( liter).
  2. Lunch is skipped.
  3. Snack - a glass of yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of a small amount of honey, a glass of yogurt.
  4. Dinner - or 300 grams of salad( fresh vegetables), or 200 grams of boiled chicken fillet.

Method №8 - tomato diet

  1. The first breakfast - a protein from two hard-boiled eggs, one tomato.
  2. The second breakfast - two small pieces of low-fat hard cheese + one tomato.
  3. Lunch - boiled breast, salad of two medium tomatoes, seasoned with yogurt or ryazhenka.
  4. Snack - two slices of cheese + one tomato.
  5. Dinner - salad from tomato, greens, pepper and two spoons of low-fat cottage cheese.

The menu remains unchanged all three days.

Method number 9 - potato menu

  1. In the morning hours( immediately after awakening) - one glass of clean water, one potato boiled in uniforms( without seasonings, salt and butter) and another glass of water.
  2. Before dinner - a glass of water, after 10 minutes - one glass of low-fat kefir and after another 10 minutes - a glass of water. This combination can be repeated twice a day.
  3. For dinner - again a glass of water, one hot potato( in uniforms), a glass of water.

If the feeling of hunger is too strong - before going to bed, you can afford one glass of kefir.

The menu is repeated on the second and third days of the diet.


If on any day of the diet( especially the first) the state of health has sharply worsened, there were pains of a spasmodic nature, incessant headaches, experiments on your own figure should be stopped immediately.

Ignoring the advice of specialists( dieticians) can lead to health problems. That is, there should be no unsystematic, rash and maximalism, since this is fraught with a malfunction of the gastrointestinal, nervous, circulatory systems.

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