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June 12, 2018 09:45 | Diets

Kovalov's diet has become popular not for nothing. Her author thought it through to the smallest detail and opened the world a new food system, thanks to which people not only lose weight, but also organize all the metabolic processes of their body. The basic rules of losing weight know everything: eat less, drink more, you can not sit still. But the diet of Alexei Kovalkov makes you look at food with different eyes.




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    Who is Kovalkov

    Alexey Kovalkov is a Russian nutritionist. According to journalists, he is the most popular nutritionist in Moscow. His advice can often be seen in a talk show dedicated to healthy eating and weight loss.

    To develop the whole system

    of food of the doctor was forced by own problem of superfluous kgs. About ten years ago, a graduate doctor, a graduate of the Medical University. Pirogov, suffered from obesity, and this gave him no peace. As a physician, Alexei sought to create a complete nutrition system that would be safe for health. As a result, the author became a test of his diet, he managed to lose weight by 50 kg within six months.

    Since that time more than five thousand people have turned to Alexey for help and to this day they are grateful to him. The doctor, in addition to consultations in the clinic, outlined the essence of his technique in the books "We're losing weight with the mind!" And "Victory over weight."So everyone can take advantage of recommendations on diet compliance.

    What is the essence of the method

    The essence of the diet of Alexei Kovalkov is a healthy diet. The technique is based on the principles of using products that have a low glycemic index. The doctor believes that excess weight provokes the use of "wrong" or "bad" carbohydrates with a high index."Good" or "right" carbohydrates can be consumed in any quantity, they, on the contrary, contribute to a smooth weight loss and do not postpone any stocks.

    In his books the author writes that the main thing is a spirit for beauty. The next thing that the Kovalkov diet offers is a menu that is competently arranged and combined with active physical loads. Alex does not call everyone to run to gyms and carry iron, but you need to move more. For example, walking on foot is already a movement. If you make 8-9 thousand steps per day( in general), then excess weight will not accumulate exactly. Go to the gym - it's good, only after training you can not eat for two hours. The ban does not apply to bran and water.

    According to Dr. Kovalkov, the diet and menu( even lean) can not cope with the problem of obesity, if not to reveal the reasons for the deposition of excess kilograms. It's like a headache: it hurts - drank a pill - does not hurt, tomorrow it hurts again - again we anesthetize, and so on until we find out the reason and cure it. And the reason for obesity can be very many factors: from the family's drinking traditions to hormonal disorders.

    The diet is divided conditionally into several stages, each of which has its own important functional load. Preparation, start, habituation and fixing - through this it is necessary to pass everyone who wants to lose weight with the help of a well-known nutritionist system.

    Diet Kovalkova - the first stage

    In the diet Kovalkova preparatory stage is very important and not the easiest. It lasts two to three weeks and relieves you of six extra pounds. During this period, losing weight often experience psychological discomfort due to changes in the diet. But when the body "resigns" and ceases to "resist", the discomfort will pass by itself. Here, the mood and stimulus of the person who sheds weight is very important.

    To accustom the body to eat properly, you need to give up four foods: flour, sweet, ground rice and potatoes. And in order not to leave the body without carbohydrates, the diet of Doctor Kovalkov menu offers a variety of dishes from beans. They are a source of fiber, so they will be very useful for digestion.

    You can not also abuse semi-finished products, smoked foods and food additives. Salts can be consumed no more than six grams per day. The diet should be rich in sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits. Many nutritionists are advised to drink fluids in large quantities, but Kovalkov is confident that this does not accelerate weight loss. Water is needed sooner in order to kill the appetite. Drink as much as you want, but do not force yourself.

    Alcohol is prohibited, it has a bad effect on the pancreas. As an exception, you can drink a little wine of table varieties. In the number of meals there are no restrictions, and after six, you can also eat.

    You can create your own diet. And this will be the right thing. First, you use only your favorite products, and secondly - avoid psychological stress. This is the goal of the Kovalkov diet - the preparatory stage of the menu assumes only the above products.

    Menu for the first stage. Your menu should look something like this:

    • Breakfast: stewed zucchini with beans and greens( other vegetables except beets and carrots), green tea
    • Lunch: 300 g of vegetable juice
    • Lunch: buckwheat porridge with onion and cream soup with 200 beans
    • Snack: green apples - 2-3 pcs.
    • Dinner: vegetable salad with olive oil - 300-400 g.

    Stage two

    The initial stage is a shake-up and a "reboot" for the body. Its essence is to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and develop a habit of eating small portions. This stage lasts about fourteen days. It is better to exclude the power load - physical exercises can knock you out of the rut for a while, so it's better to limit yourself to walking.

    The diet at this stage will consist of the following products: apples, grapefruits, sour-milk products, bran and rye bread, diet breads. The main meals should not be more than five, but you can have a snack with apples and green tea. Meat and fish for this period from the diet are also excluded.

    The second stage menu:

    • The Alexey Kovalkov's diet of the second stage menu provides approximately the following:
    • Breakfast: skim yoghurt( 200 g), nuts, bran.
    • Lunch: an apple of medium size. Dinner: a portion of Greek salad.
    • Snack: half of any fruit( out of the allowed).
    • Dinner: boiled egg whites( 2 pcs.)

    The third stage of the

    The addictive phase is longer than the two previous ones. He can stretch from a month to six months. This is a period of stable weight loss, getting rid of fat, restoring the microflora and cleaning the intestines. You will lose 250 grams a day, no more. But it is precisely in stability that the goal of the third stage lies. By the fourth stage, you can go only after you reach the desired weight.

    The diet of this period is more diverse. It includes turkey meat and chicken, seafood, milk, cottage cheese, fish. Everything is prepared exclusively for a couple. If you have a steamer, or even better a multivarker - consider that you are lucky. Power in the third stage is also five times. If the lack of carbohydrates bothers you, then add the dried fruit to the menu. Especially it concerns those who have to show mental abilities at work.

    The number of allowed products at this stage allows you to make a varied diet. You can use the example below for one day, which is taken from the Kovalkov diet - it is better not to plan a month's menu in advance, maximum for a week. And it is desirable to do it yourself.

    Menu of the third stage:

    • Breakfast: yogurt, nuts, bran.
    • Lunch: a glass of milk or kefir.
    • Lunch: vegetables and chicken, fish or cottage cheese( to choose from).
    • Snack: vegetable salad. Dinner: egg whites cooked.
    • Tea and fruit snacks are allowed.

    Fourth stage - fastening

    The stage of consolidation with its conventional name indicates the set goal. It comes when you already feel slim and lasts as long as you can stand it. In an ideal variant, as Alexey Kovalkov asserts, the diet and the menu with the limited quantity of carbohydrates of the fourth stage should last all life. For example, the doctor recommends forever giving up white bread and sweets.

    In the diet of the fourth stage, cereals, potatoes, black bread and even chocolate are added. On holidays, you can slightly adjust the menu, adding to it a favorite shish kebab, grilled meat or a piece of cake. You do not need to overeat, follow the measure in the amount of the portion, otherwise you'll get better again.

    Also, the doctor strongly recommends switching to a separate diet( not eat together carbohydrates and fats).The number of meals can be increased to six. You can eat fatty foods, but not much.

    Diet Kovalkova - reviews and results

    About the results of this power system you can hear only good words. People really lose weight. Tatyana from Omsk says that without any effort, she dropped 10 kilograms, reaching only the third stage. And Natalia from Peter lost 5 kilograms, and that was enough for her, so she did not even reach the second stage. The only thing that was difficult for Natalia was to give up the sweet.

    Many people are interested in the attitude of doctors to the Kovalkov diet - the doctors' comments about the methodology of their colleagues are also positive. None of the interviewed doctors saw in their practice patients who would complain about the negative consequences of a diet. But many say that no weightloss could not extend this system of nutrition for life.

    Video recommendations on nutrition from Dr. Kovalkov

    Therefore, if you can not keep your whole diet Kovalkov, do not worry: you are not the first and not the last. The main thing is that you lose weight, establish metabolic processes in the body and look the way you wanted.

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