Is it possible to lose weight with activated charcoal?

June 12, 2018 12:15 | Diets

New ways and methods of getting rid of hated extra pounds appear as mushrooms after the rain, promising super-fast results. The next know-how was weight loss with the help of activated charcoal, attracting many women of fair sex, dreaming with an elegant slender figure, their simplicity and cheapness. You simply marvel at what only people do not decide for the sake of an ideal figure and external attractiveness: they exhaust themselves with physical training, spend months on diets, starve, swallow miracle pills, take diuretics and laxatives, and now absorb packs of activated charcoal far fromfor medical purposes. It would seem that it could be easier: I went to the nearest pharmacy, bought pills and lose weight to myself, but is it really rainbow and innocuous in fact, and most importantly, is a regular activated charcoal helping to lose weight or is this another misconception? Let's try to understand, because in the quest for the ideal, one should not forget about health.

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  • What is activated carbon?
  • Is it possible to lose weight with activated charcoal
  • Activated carbon regimens for weight loss:
  • Side effects of prolonged intake of activated carbon:

What is activated charcoal?

Activated carbon is a drug widely used in medical practice as a universal antidote and sorbent. It is obtained by carbonization and oxidation of natural raw materials by various reagents at very high temperatures. The obtained substance consists of carbon and has a developed porous structure, which has excellent catalytic and adsorption properties.

Activated carbon is the most popular sorbent to date, which is used mainly for absorption of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. Detoxification of the body and binding of intestinal poisons is carried out due to a special surface structure of tablets or activated carbon powder, consisting of minute alternating pores, which allows to significantly increase the area of ​​contact with toxins. The porous structure enables it to absorb and remove from the body not only poisonous substances and food toxins, but also an excess of drugs, microbial products, certain pathogens, separate chemical compounds, and unabsorbed salts of heavy metals.

Excellent adsorption properties of activated carbon help in solving a number of health problems. In particular, its ability to absorb water is used in the treatment of diarrheal diseases. Also, the reception of activated charcoal is shown to people suffering from flatulence, dyspepsia, diseases accompanied by fermentation and rotting processes in the intestine, patients with atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma. In addition, activated carbon is used to remove intoxication during poisoning with drugs, alkaloids, toxic substances, domestic, food and industrial poisons. In this case, the dosage and duration of reception is determined by the doctor. The intake of activated charcoal is contraindicated in persons suffering from gastric bleeding and ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. There was very interesting use of chemist's coals and "at home": 6-8 tablets before the festive meal will help neutralize most of the alcoholic beverages and will help to avoid a heavy hangover.

Is it possible to lose weight with activated charcoal

About the possibility of reducing weight with activated charcoal in official instructions, nothing is said, and there is no reliable scientific data on the effectiveness of "coal" weight loss for a week for 10 kg. Nevertheless, the technique of "coal" weight loss really exists, and its adherents claim that it really works. It is recommended to take the drug according to one of two schemes.

Diets of activated carbon for weight loss:

  • Activated charcoal is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. The dosage of the coal preparation begins with 3-4 tablets and gradually increases until the single concentration reaches one tablet for every ten kilograms of weight. Switch to a higher dose should be gradual, carefully following the state of health.
  • According to the second scheme during the day, use strictly a certain number of tablets, ten pieces, but not immediately, and breaking the dose into three doses. You need to drink at least an hour before eating. The duration of the course is ten days, after which it is necessary to take a ten-day break, and then follow the same scheme to conduct a second course.

The effectiveness of absorption by handfuls of black tablets in the hope of getting rid of extra pounds is very questionable, because activated carbon can affect the body mass only indirectly, by cleaning the intestines, removing toxins, toxins and excess water. Therefore, to wait for a radical weight loss after a course of coal cleaning is not worth it, it's better to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight without dieting.

Most experts agree that it is advisable to use carbon preparations not as the main means for losing weight, but as an addition to diets, which can neutralize the excess of decomposition products.

Periodic cleaning of the body does not hurt and does not hurt, but it is not worth using activated charcoal. Even though he is considered one of the safest, natural and environmentally friendly medicines, like any medicine, he has contraindications and side effects, which it would be extremely imprudent to turn a blind eye to.

Side Effects of Long-Term Activated Carbon Reception:

  • Because activated carbon has the ability to bind water, the most common side effect with its long-term use is strong constipation.
  • The diameter of the pores of medical activated carbon allows you to bind not only harmful substances, but also absorb useful organic substances such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Activated carbon "intercepts" and neutralizes such low-molecular organic substances as vitamins and trace elements rather quickly, because of what the food is practically "idle".The body does not receive the energy necessary to ensure the normal vital activity of all systems and organs, which can lead to disruption of metabolic processes and even to diseases. It is possible that the effect of losing weight when taking activated carbon is due to the inadequacy of essential nutrients.
  • Simultaneous reception of activated carbon together with drugs significantly reduces or completely eliminates their effect due to the binding and removal of most of the medicament from the body.

Based on all of the above, the conclusion suggests that it is possible to lose weight with activated charcoal only through the cleansing of the body, but this is not the most effective means, with long-term administration adversely affecting the state of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole organism. So it may be more reasonable to use proven methods of weight loss, for example, special sets of physical exercises for the stomach and a balanced diet?

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