Diet 7 days - 7 kg minus: we record on a world tour for losing weight

June 12, 2018 13:30 | Diets

"To lose weight so hard" is a complaint that we often hear from victims of excess weight, and sometimes we ourselves are the author of this phrase. Of course, it is difficult, because you have to deny yourself in your favorite dishes - the most accessible of pleasures. They ate a candy or drank beer - and the mood rose. Once they realized that their favorite jeans no longer buttoned, and from the disorder they ate another box of chocolates. And so - in a circle leading to obesity, disease and ugliness of the figure. If it's hard for you to muffle your appetite, then you need to cheat. How? And at least to embark on a round-the-world gastronomic journey under the motto: the tourist diet of 7 days - 7 kg minus.

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  • Lose weight in English
  • Swedish table - to eat served
  • Chinese diet - budget menu for losing weight
  • Video acquaintance with Japanese diet

Lose weight in English

Great Britain is a country of unshakable traditions and impeccable manners. It would seem that

everything is strictly and royally prim. This is true, but there are also pleasant exceptions, pleasing, you will be surprised, the victims of excess weight, being "owls", or simply working until late. The "chip" of the English diet is that it allows you to eat tightly and late for supper, which, you will agree, is a great plus for some people.

Do you treat these too? Then get acquainted with the food system in English and lose weight, not denying yourself a little joy. For a week, fans of this technique have the opportunity to lose up to 7 kg of body fat. The end result, as you understand, depends, first, on the amount of excess stocks, and secondly, your diligence and conscientiousness.

So, the English diet is a low-calorie food system, equal to only 1000 calories per day, however, the allowed dishes are artfully distributed. In the daytime, when you are busy with work and troubles, it will be easier for you to endure hardship, but in the evening, when you return to the bosom of the family and get to the kitchen, you have the right to sit down at the table and together with the households enjoy an excellent and satisfying dinner.

The allowed thousand calories are distributed according to this scheme:

  • morning is 200;
  • lunch - 300;
  • dinner is 500.

It's time to go over to an example of the menu for the day for the slimming system in English:

  • breakfast - oatmeal, milk mug, apple;
  • lunch - broth / soup with a bun( from bran or whole grains), orange;
  • evening - baked potatoes( 100 g), a serving of vegetable salad, beans( 60 g), a mug of yogurt and several apricots.

Drink English experts in the field of weight loss recommend abundantly. The daily norm is 8 glasses of water or drinks, in which it is contained, naturally without sugar and alcohol.

If you liked the English diet, 7 kg per week minus - this is not the limit. In a month, if you want, you have the right to repeat the course.

Buffet - to eat served

What is your reaction to the phrase "buffet"?All is true - salivation, because many of us, having visited overseas resorts, are accustomed to eating "from the belly", associating the Swedish food system with gluttony. But in reality everything is different. The abundance of delicious dishes on the tables is not for you to eat everything, but for the opportunity to choose - so that those present can find the dishes that suit them. Therefore, do not blame the Swedes for the problem that has already engulfed the entire planet - obesity. On the contrary, such a nutrition system is aimed at making you learn to control yourself, having a choice and not suffering from including in the menu food that is hateful for you.

What is the Swedish diet? This is a fairly balanced and satisfying weight correction technique, the menu of which contains all the substances important for the active life of a person. Perhaps, therefore, it is difficult to call it the most effective, but it is one of the safest weight loss systems. Whichever result you get the Swedish diet - 3 kg for a week or all 7 kg, all the same - it's a laudable achievement.

By the way, the technology of burning fat in Swedish is another significant plus - unlimited in terms. The minimum duration of the system - a week, and the maximum - until you reach the coveted mark on the scales.

Meet the weekly diet, where the ordinal number denotes the day of the Swedish diet according to the account:

  1. The morning of the first day begins with a mug of milk and a bowl of buckwheat. In the afternoon, the fans of the technique are allowed to pamper themselves with a portion of vegetable salad and a bar( 100 g) of low-fat cheese, after drinking a cup of milk. In the evening, carbohydrates are allowed, so you will not be threatened with bouts of hunger. You are free to eat a few potatoes( but do not fry them), beetroot salad and bran bun.
  2. Breakfast of the second day duplicates the previous menu. For lunch, a piece( 250 g) of boiled fish fillet, a bowl of salad and a pair of potatoes are supposed to be. But the dinner will be light, consisting of a cabbage salad and a couple of hard-boiled eggs. Before going to bed, you can drink a mug of milk.
  3. After awakening, drink a cup of milk, and then eat a healthy sandwich( black bread, cheese).In the afternoon, cook the chicken fillet( 250 grams) in the way you like, complement it with a garnish of cabbage( 100 g) and savor the dish with apple fresh juice. Evening meal consists of mashed potatoes( 150 g), mugs of milk and the same healthy sandwich that you ate in the morning.
  4. The morning begins with apple fresh and a couple of whole-grain toasts. At dinner on your table will be a bowl of buckwheat with a piece( 100 grams) of meat and a large apple. In the evening, Swedish nutritionists are allowed to eat 100 grams of rice, a serving of salad( without potatoes) and drink a dinner with a cup of milk.
  5. The fifth morning is sweet, because you can eat yogurt and orange. In the afternoon, please yourself with a hearty dish - mashed potatoes( 100 g) and a meat loaf of lean meat. Evening is no less sweet than the morning, you can even arrange a romantic date with such a menu, because you have the right to eat a couple of fruits, a glass of strawberries and drink yummy apple juice.
  6. Breakfast on the ration of the first day. For lunch, a couple of potatoes in boiled form, a piece( 150 g) of fish / meat and an orange are supposed to be. In the evening, you are free to eat rice( 150 g) with cabbage salad( 200 g).
  7. The final day is pretty satisfying. The breakfast menu includes rice porridge on milk( a deep plate).During the day you can enjoy yourself with fried fish( 200 g), mashed potatoes( 100 g) and a mug of orange fresh. Dinner is no less satisfying, consisting of a chop, salad, black loaf and a glass of juice( to choose from, but fresh).

Chinese diet - the budget slimming menu

The Chinese are great philosophers and a very friendly nation, caring about the future of the country. Of course, you are aware that the density of the population of this state is huge, therefore all available resources, including food, the inhabitants of China use thriftily, thoughtfully and as efficiently as possible. Perhaps that's why they are sick a little, live long, always slim, smart and active? !Perhaps, in something, we simply have to take an example from them.

We take a food culture that is perfectly thought out, both in terms of nutrition and availability of vitamins, and on the economic side. The Chinese do not make from the food of the cult, but they do not forget that food is a kind of "fuel" for the organism.

If you will withstand a weekly Chinese diet, minus 7 kg you are accurately secured, and you will save some money that you can spend to buy a new outfit or makeup. Agree, a good bonus? !

How to lose weight in Chinese? It's simple: follow the rules of the menu and start each morning with a couple of cups of water. By the way, after the end of the diet, Chinese doctors advise after waking up to drink at least a glass of water( warm or cold - it's up to you).

Sample menu slimming system in Chinese for the day:

  • morning - a healthy loaf( black, whole grains, bran) and cabbage salad, mineral water;
  • lunch - rice( 100 g), carrot salad or sea kale( 150 g), fresh apple juice;
  • evening - a pair of lettuce leaves, a piece( 150 g) of boiled fish fillet, a slice of black bread, half grapefruit.

Fish you are free to replace with meat, and instead of fresh you can eat just a couple of your favorite fruits, while avoiding the calories of bananas and grapes. Drink should be abundant - about 10 glasses per day, because water is an excellent "accelerator" of metabolism, hence, and the process of weight loss - too.

Video acquaintance with the Japanese diet

How to you such round-the-world gastronomic trip on traces of diets for 7 days? !"Pack" their refrigerators with a set of products, and flew - to meet the dream!

By the secret of

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