Diets for teens: safe options for menus and how to lose weight without dieting

June 13, 2018 00:45 | Diets

The problem of excess weight is relevant not only for adults. The emergence of computers, a large selection of semi-finished products, ready-to-eat breakfasts and lunches, sweet soda water, the opening of fast food outlets had a negative impact on the health and appearance of children. When growing up, weight can normalize, but, unfortunately, not at all. Therefore, it is necessary to declare the fight excess weight at the first signs of its appearance, selecting diets for adolescents who will provide them with a balanced and healthy diet.

Contents of
  • Possible negative consequences of excess weight and ways to prevent them
  • Basic rules for adolescent diet
  • Menu for teens aged 12 to 16
  • Diet for adolescents over 16 years old
  • Weight loss without strict system
  • Tips for proper nutrition of schoolchildren

Possible negativethe consequences of excess weight and ways to prevent them

Adolescents are very demanding about their appearance. And when in school, in the yard, to

them a nickname clearly emphasizing excessive completeness, the child closes in himself, tries less often to appear in the society of peers. There are often stresses, the consequences of which can be the most deplorable.

You can lose weight in a couple of days, but only what price will be for such an express method? Not all diets recommended for adults are suitable for teenagers. The body grows, it spends a lot of energy on it, and unbalanced nutrition can result in further negative consequences.

Here the problem is twofold. On the one hand, overweight can cause diseases that will accompany it throughout life: diabetes, disruption of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract. On the other - fasting and sharp weight loss are no less terrible. Parents should help the child to cope with the problem. After all, these are the closest people.

If a teenager is satisfied with appearance, and he does not perceive a change in lifestyle, diet, you need to find a motivation for losing weight, so he himself wants it. In some cases, specialist help may be required. You can not refuse this option, because the later the problem is solved, the more difficult it is to get a positive result.

The basic rules of the teenage diet

When a child is fully adjusted for weight loss and is ready to follow all the tips, a good teenage diet is needed. Mono- and short-term power systems are completely excluded. With the right approach, the teenager must lose up to 5 kg per month, getting all the necessary substances. But there are general rules, compliance with which will significantly improve the effectiveness of the procedure.

  • Minimize salt content in dishes, but it's not worth to give it up altogether.
  • Drink water half an hour before meals and one hour after a meal. Daily rate - 6-8 glasses. It improves metabolic processes, removes toxins from the body and prevents dehydration.
  • Dinner to plan for 19 hours. If you later overpower the feeling of hunger, you can eat an apple, orange, grapefruit, drink a glass of yogurt or low-fat yogurt. In the evening, metabolic processes are slowed down, therefore, when the food enters, fat cells will form and grow.
  • The total volume of food for 1 reception should not exceed 250 g. The greater amount, getting into the stomach, stretches its walls. Then for saturation you will have to increase portions.
  • Ensure physical activity. For this, the classes in the sports section are quite suitable.

The diet for weight loss for teenagers basically should consist of protein food. This is the building material of the body. Without carbohydrates and fats, you can not do too, but their share is significantly reduced.

Important !When choosing a food system, take into account the age of the child.

Menu for teens aged 12 to 16 years

First day of the

  • Breakfast. Milk porridge( oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, millet), tea, toast.
  • Second breakfast. Low-fat yogurt, orange.
  • Lunch. Vegetable soup or borscht on chicken breast broth, 150 grams of meat, dried bread slice.
  • Snack. A glass of milk.
  • Dinner. Stewed vegetables, tea.
  • The second dinner. A glass of yogurt. Day Two

    • Breakfast. Two boiled eggs( can be boiled), dried bread and butter, a glass of fruit juice.
    • Second breakfast. Grapefruit.
    • Lunch. Boiled veal, vegetable salad, dressed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, compote of fresh or dried fruit.
    • Snack. Banana.
    • Dinner. Low-fat cottage cheese, a spoonful of honey.
    • The second dinner. A glass of milk. Day Three

      • Breakfast. Boiled pasta from wheat of solid sorts, salad from a tomato and a cucumber, seasoned with 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
      • Second breakfast. A sandwich made of dried bread and a slice of cheese, tea with milk.
      • Lunch. Boiled meat, vinaigrette, a glass of tomato juice.
      • Snack. Any nuts( 40 g in purified form).
      • Dinner. Fish baked with vegetables, jelly.
      • The second dinner. Fruit salad of apple and orange, seasoned with low-fat yogurt. Day 4

        • Breakfast. Boiled chicken, steamed vegetables.
        • Second breakfast. Toast, fruit juice.
        • Lunch. Rice soup with meatballs and greens, a slice of black bread.
        • Snack. Cottage cheese with grated apple.
        • Dinner. Baked potatoes, a glass of milk.
        • The second dinner. Orange or grapefruit.

        Menu can be alternated in any order or on this basis make up your own version, given the preferences of losing weight.

        Diet for teens over 16 years old

        First day of

        • Breakfast. Two toasts with butter and cheese, salad from boiled egg and tomato.
        • Second breakfast. Fruit salad dressed with low-fat yogurt.
        • Lunch. Macaroni from hard wheat varieties, sprinkled with herbs, vegetable salad.
        • Snack. Boiled carrots, a glass of yogurt.
        • Dinner.2 toasts with liver pate and slices of tomato, tea.
        • The second dinner. Kefir.

        The second day of

        • Breakfast. Boiled meat with buckwheat garnish, tea with milk.
        • Second breakfast. Yogurt with chopped walnuts.
        • Lunch. Rice stewed with mushrooms, toast with butter, juice.
        • Snack. Baked pumpkin with honey, milk.
        • Dinner. Cottage cheese with dried apricots and sour cream.
        • The second dinner. Grapefruit. Day 3

          • Breakfast. Cottage cheese casserole, coffee.
          • Second breakfast. Toast with a thin layer of butter and a slice of cheese, tea.
          • Lunch.2 cutlets, steamed or baked in the oven, stewed vegetables, a glass of juice.
          • Snack.3 tangerines and 1 apple.
          • Dinner. Portion of baked fish, tomato, broth of wild rose.

          Weight loss without strict system

          In some cases, weight can be normalized with intensive growth, but you can not wait for a miracle to happen. However, special techniques can not be used. Do not think long, how to lose weight without dieting a teenager, just need to make adjustments to the diet of his diet lifestyle.

          Important !This rule should apply to the whole family. Perhaps, everyone should sacrifice something, so that the slimming person does not feel hurt.

          • There should be a healthy sleep. Many teenagers can play computer games all day long, watch youth series on the day, practically without getting up from the couch. Because of lack of sleep, metabolism is disrupted, and then fat cells accumulate uncontrollably.
          • It is necessary to teach the child to eat in the designated place( kitchen, dining room).
          • Full nutrition should be at least 3 times a day and the same snacks.
          • The diet should exclude fast food, sweet soda water, flour and confectionery, spicy and smoked food.
          • Dishes should be nutritious and healthy, with a limited amount of servings.
          • Daily walks in the fresh air and playing sports are compulsory. First, do not give a big load - just send a teenager into the pool. And when he sees the first results after changing the way of life, then one can advise him and difficult exercises( dances, for example).

          Tips for proper nutrition of schoolchildren

          In extreme cases, medical treatment may be required if all efforts after a while have not yielded results.

          Proper and balanced nutrition should be a good habit, not a temporary measure when dieting. Then the departed kilograms will not return again, the teenager will feel beautiful, there will be new hobbies and a completely different interesting life.

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