Ducant Diet - recipes for Attack: how to lose weight deliciously

June 13, 2018 03:15 | Diets

The diet can be nourishing and tasty. Do not believe me? So, you are not yet familiar with the technique of Dyukan, who made a breakthrough in the world of weight loss, having developed an avant-garde system of weight correction and maintenance. Its first phase is the Attack, which can make you 10 kilos easier. These days are the heaviest, because the first and purely protein. Do you know how to prepare proteins in a special way and where are they kept? Meet the Ducane diet - recipes for the attack and a list of allowed products.

  • food baskets
  • First course - how to cook soups
  • Kaleidoscope second
  • dishes a little about salads
  • Oda dessert Dyukanu
  • Pierre Ducane - its methodology
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food baskets

As you know, the diet Attacks menu Ducane basedon proteins. On the one hand it is easy, because the range of products is clearly delineated, on the other hand it is difficult, because we do not always know where the proteins "hide" and how to make the prote

in menu diverse. Well, it's time to learn!

So, what foods should be purchased to prepare meals for the Ducane Diet Attack?

  1. Meat - rabbit, beef, horse meat, veal, all kinds of poultry, with the exception of geese / ducks. By-products - veal tongue, liver( beef, poultry, veal), kidneys.
  2. Ham not exceeding 4% by fat content.
  3. Eggs( but not more than 2 yolks per day).
  4. Dairy products with zero fat content. Molluscs and crustaceans.
  5. Fish, including canned.
  6. Crab sticks( no more than 8 daily).
  7. Seasonings( natural herbs).Vinegar, balsamic sauce.
  8. Green.
  9. Mustard.
  10. Lemon juice.
  11. Gelatin.
  12. Substitutes for sugar.

Worth paying attention! As you can see, recipes for dishes Duckanese diet Attacks should not contain a gram of fat. However, Pierre allows you to consume 1 tablespoon per day.special oil - paraffin. But be careful: you can add it only to the ready meal.

You can salt food, but moderately, because excessive consumption of this product provokes fluid retention in the tissues, which means that the indicator on the scales will decrease slightly, which can upset everyone losing weight, is not it? !

First courses - how to prepare soups

Protein diet - does not mean to eat dry-sour. In fact, you can cook what "soul desires" soups, but only on the basis of a permitted list of products, so no potatoes, no vegetables, no fat, as you know, in the first dishes should not be.

"And then how to cook soup?" - you will inquire. Perhaps, you will be surprised, but the products of the Duck's diet Attack menu are a good basis for first courses. Now you will understand.

So, make soup. You should take a chicken breast, rinse and boil the broth. It can be slightly salted, as well as pepper. Separately, you need to prepare meatballs from minced meat( you can take a turkey, chicken, rabbit).In the ground it is allowed to add an egg. From the broth meat to take out( it can be used for other dishes), lay out with a spoon on the surface of water meatballs, cook meat until ready. Then beat the egg with herbs and soy sauce, also add to the dish. The soup is ready!

As you can see, the recipes for Attacking the Ducane protein diet allow you to experiment. Adhering to the described technique, you can cook even the ear.

This is important to know! Pierre advises daily to eat a half spoons of bran and drink at least one and a half liters of water. This is important for rapid weight loss and well-being.

Kaleidoscope of second courses

In terms of the second course menu dishes, the Dukan diet Attacks are extremely rich, because of the meat, fish, eggs and dairy products you can prepare a lot of tasty and nutritious dishes.

Of course, you can bake pieces of meat or fish entirely in your own juice, cook, grill, stew, and also cook in the fashionable "devaysah" - a multivark or a double boiler. And if you get bored, then invent something of your own or use the culinary encyclopedia of Uncle Pierre. What of it can be taken to your "piggy bank"?

For example, steam fish cutlets on skewers, melting in the mouth. The recipe is simple: take minced fish( 0.3 kg), smoked mackerel( 0.2 kg).Add the egg, a spoonful of bran and parsley, mix the minced meat thoroughly. Form the cutlets, string the meat balls on the skewers, pre-roll them in the bran, and cook for a couple of about 20 minutes.

What other special recipes of the phase of the Duck's diet Attacks are popular among fans of losing weight in French? An invariable favorite of the menu of many slimming is the chicken roll, which is perfect for any meal and looks festive. How to cook it? Chicken fillet should be crushed. The pieces are at your discretion, the main thing is that their thickness does not exceed 1 cm.

Then the meat needs to be spread out on the food film and press it down with a rocking chair. With the filling can vary, including in the composition of boiled eggs, cheese, minced meat, greens. The selected mixture should be laid out on the fillet and rolled meat in the form of a roll. Next, move the dish in foil and bake for about an hour, adhering to a temperature of 180 degrees. You can eat rolls both hot and chilled.

A little bit about salads

For those who possess a culinary gift and rich imagination, to make an approximate menu of Duck's diet Attacks - not a problem. But after all, not only chefs and housewives lose weight, but also business people, bachelors, students. For such uncle Pierre came up with a lot of light salad recipes, which are prepared in a few minutes, excellent taste and excellent saturation.

The simplest of them is: you buy tuna in your own juice, open it. Then several proteins and 1 yolk rub or cut. Mix everything, adding greens. Quick salad is ready!

Another recipe: crab sticks( no more than 8), mix with boiled squid and eggs. Drip a little soy sauce and natural yogurt. Mix and enjoy.

Ode to Ducant desserts

It would seem, what desserts from such a list of products abounding with meat? And Pierre - a famous inventor, so he worried about the sweet tooth. During the Attack, you can enjoy delicious cupcakes.

Meet the recipe and enjoy the presence in the menu of sweets.

For cakes you need:

  • kefir( 100 ml);
  • egg;
  • bran( 60 g);
  • baking powder( 3 g);
  • cinnamon and sugar substitute( to taste).

These products are thoroughly mixed. Dough lay out the forms and cook in the oven for about a quarter of an hour.

Pierre Duacan - about his technique

Now you know the recipes for Duck's diet Attack, which means that you will lose weight not only swiftly, but also deliciously.

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