Diet Kim Protasov: an approximate menu and inspirational results

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Do you want to lose weight, but badly endure a "hunger strike"?Then you need a diet of Kim Protasov! She has great reviews and a lot of fans. And all thanks to the fact that its developer took into account the psychological factors associated with the process of losing weight. It's no secret that the very thought of limiting food and counting calories to many of us is disheartening. But in this case, you will not scold yourself for eating too much and at the wrong time. You do not have to learn what a feeling of exhaustion and psychological hunger, because you will eat as much as you want. Of course, she also has her own rules and restrictions, but sticking to them is not difficult.

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  • The main provisions of the diet
  • Description of the diet Kima Protasova
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  • What is allowed to eat
  • What to avoid
  • Dishes for the first two weeks
  • Recipes for the last three weeks
  • Feeding rules when leaving
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The main provisions of the diet

AuthorshipThis easily tolerable method of losing weight belongs to the Israeli doctor. The recipes for the diet menu of Kim Protasov are made on the basis of the scheme of rational nutrition developed by him. It was calculated for people who wanted to lose a few pounds without causing even the slightest harm to their health. It reflects the developments that have been done for many years and are now actively practiced in modern dietetics.

The cycle time is 5 weeks. During this time in your figure there will be noticeable changes, but the most active weight will decrease in the last two weeks. If you can stay on the diet until the very end, then your self-esteem will greatly increase.

But, having parted with the extra pounds that you so wanted to throw off, it's important to make sure that they do not come back. To do this, it is necessary to leave it correctly. The results of the diet of Kim Protasov speak about the following:

  • the functions of your body will be restored, as you will lose those kilograms that prevented it from working correctly;
  • the shapes of your body will approach the ideal look, that is, the waist will become thinner, and the hips and other parts of the body will decrease in volume;
  • you will feel amazing ease, the existence of which was not even suspected;
  • cleansing the body will not happen spontaneously, but according to the rules of healthy nutrition. And, you will stop pulling on sweets and other sweets, which most all contribute to the formation of fat folds.

Description of the diet Kima Protasova

The essence of this method of nutrition is reduced to a significant reduction in consumed fats. Energy will come with proteins and carbohydrates. An important role is assigned to water, which participates in purification processes and promotes weight loss. It should be drunk in large quantities.

Let's dwell on each component of dietary nutrition separately:

  • Let's start with proteins, because with their participation there is a "building" of every cell of our body. If there is a deficit in your body, he will begin to take revenge and extract them from all organs and muscles, not excluding the brain. In order not to feel depleted, irritated and worsening of memory, Dr. Protasov recommends eating 80 to 100 g of protein food every day.
  • Do not underestimate the role of complex carbohydrates. Thanks to them, the digestive system works at full capacity. This improves metabolism and overall health. Before, your body did not work very hard, but just got a "buzz" from a bun or a regular portion of chocolate. The so-called "protaction" - the diet of Kim Protasov now will not allow him to relax, but will make efforts and work, splitting complex carbohydrates and preventing the body from making a reserve of fat.
  • There are many books written about drinking lots of water. They say how important it is for metabolism and that its consumption should be 30 ml per kilogram of weight. True, not everyone is in a hurry to adhere to this rule, but in vain. Feeling a positive result, you will make it a rule to drink at least 2 liters of this vital fluid a day.

Video: basic principles of

What is allowed to eat

The diet includes two stages - these are the first two weeks and then from the third week to the last day of the fifth. The way out of it is not included here.

During the first stage, the following foods should be included in the diet:

  • A variety of vegetables, but only in raw form. It is advisable to take one third of the white cabbage.
  • Sour-milk products. Kim Protasov, whose diet is so effective, recommends that they have a fat content of not more than 5%.We are talking about yogurt, unsweetened yogurt, low-fat cheese and granular cottage cheese.
  • One hard-boiled egg and three medium-sized apples that are green.
  • Large amount of water. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon tea and coffee. They can be drunk, but only without sugar, its substitutes, and also milk.

Everything that was listed above, you can eat regardless of the time of day, not excluding the late evening. The main thing is that you do not feel hungry and then do not break, eating at a time 2-3 servings instead of one. In this case, your body will be overloaded with complex carbohydrates, with which it will be difficult to cope with.

Vegetables can be poured, chopped, combined with each other and filled with yoghurt. In the diet menu of Kim Protasov includes a large amount of greenery - dill, lettuce, parsley, etc. It improves the taste and is the source of essential vitamins. In the salad you can add a boiled crushed egg and a spoonful of cottage cheese.

Starting from 3 weeks, you will feel the result. You will improve your mood, because you feel like you go extra pounds, and it becomes possible to "enter" in your favorite dress.

During this period, the diet includes poultry meat and non-fat fish - 300 grams. They need to cook or fry without adding oil. The volume of sour-milk products is slightly reduced, but otherwise the food ration remains the same.

This is an approximate menu of Kim Protasov's diet needs to be maintained for the next three weeks. You can not doubt that a miracle awaits you. You literally begin to melt in your eyes. Such changes can not but inspire. This means that you will not want to retreat, and winning over an extra kilogram will, in the long run, be a long-awaited reality.

The most pleasant thing is that after a rapid weight loss you will not greedily absorb dishes that you liked before. You will not be drawn to sausage, dumplings, bread and even sugar. Is not it nice to have such indifference?

What to avoid

First of all, avoid dishes and products with a questionable composition, and also follow the following tips:

  • completely exclude sugar, sausages and flour products;
  • do not use any semi-finished products and products containing soy and gelatin;
  • do not use vinegar for dressing salads;
  • can not cook vegetables even for a couple, and use them only in raw form;
  • avoid sour-milk products with additives;
  • drink only freshly prepared juices and fresh.

If you think that these disadvantages of Kim Protasov's diet will deprive you of pleasure, remember your goal and desire to eat a chocolate bar or a piece of sausage will pass by itself.

For those who decided that the proposed diet is boring and monotonous, you can offer some interesting recipes. They will undoubtedly dispel such a delusion.

Dishes for the first two weeks

  • Salad with egg pancake

We prepare an omelette from one egg on a teflon griddle. As a fat, one drop of vegetable oil can be used. Cooled pancake cut into pieces. Separately we prepare salad from 2 small tomatoes, 1 Bulgarian pepper and garlic. To it we add the cut pancake and we fill with 2 spoons of yogurt or cottage cheese. Top with greens and a small amount of light cheese.

  • Gaspacho

Kim Protasov's diet recipes are not just for salads. For example, you can cook Italian soup. To do this, 3 medium tomatoes are boiled and peeled.2 cucumbers, along with red and yellow bell peppers chopped. Half of the vegetables are thrown into the blender, where you have already placed all the tomatoes and garlic. The resulting vegetable mixture is diluted with water. To it salt, a spoon of a lemon juice and greens is added. Soup is served to the table along with the rest of the vegetables and, if desired, put ice in it.

  • Light dessert

If you really wanted something sweet, you can grate the green apple and pour it on yoghurt. To improve the taste, add cinnamon and a spoonful of baby puree.

Recipes for the last three weeks

  • Dressing for salads

An excellent dressing for any salad will be yogurt "Activia", to which garlic with herbs and mustard is added( if desired).

  • Meat in marinade from kefir

The diet of Kim Protasov describes in detail the preparation of this dish. Take a half kilogram of chicken or turkey meat, cut it into cubes and fill it with a glass of kefir. Then all this salt, pepper, mix well and put in the refrigerator for one hour. The frying pan needs to be preheated and roasted on it with a cut onion and grated garlic. As soon as they are browned, we add meat extracted from the marinade to them. When it absorbs the aroma of onions with garlic, pour out the remaining marinade and continue to stew the foods until ready.

After the end of 5 weeks, you need to make a gradual exit from the diet. In terms of duration, it will be equal to the diet itself.

Nutrition regulations for

During the following 5 weeks, you should follow these recommendations:

  • sour-milk products should be less fatty or completely fat-free;
  • salads can be filled with vegetable oil( 3 teaspoons);
  • instead of oil you can use nuts or olives, but within 30-35 grams of fat per day;
  • apples, which, most likely, you are already bored, can be replaced with other fruits( except for sweet bananas, dates and mangoes);
  • as a breakfast is best to eat buckwheat or oatmeal porridge - 250 ml in the prepared form. It can be combined with cottage cheese or salad;
  • partially substitute sour-milk products with meat, as the protein should become more lean.

Replacement of products should be gradual. For example: on the 6th week, porridges are introduced, on the 7th they replace the apples with other fruits, on the 8th they add dried fruits, on the 9th week they eat boiled vegetables with meat, on the 10th they reduce the dietary dishes, add broths and returnto regular food. It is desirable, at least, a month to do without rice, macaroni and bread.

The doctors' comments on the diet of Kim Protasov confirm her eccentricity and safety. In any case, before it starts, you need to consult with specialists. If they give good, then we wish you to successfully reach the finish line!

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