Striped diet - alternation of diet regimens for a harmonious figure

June 13, 2018 15:45 | Diets

Do you know what a striped diet is? Do you think watermelon? And here not! The essence of it in the alternation of the day of normal nutrition with an unloading day, most often kefir.

Striped diet is very popular these days. For many women, she helped to become slimmer and more attractive.

If you want to lose weight in the shortest possible time and do not harm your health, then a striped diet is what you need.

An important advantage of such nutrition is considered the possibility of a prolonged diet. You can sit on it for several months.

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  • Video story about the alternation of unloading and simple days
  • General principles of the striped diet
  • Pros of the sparing diet regime
  • "Normal" days of the striped diet
  • Striped diet plus healthy food
  • Example of a typical day of the striped diet
  • Striped diet - stress for the body
  • Proteinand carbohydrate days for the striped diet

Video story about the alternation of unloading and simple days

General principles of the striped diet

On the first day of the diet, you can eat any foodsThat you like( within reasonable limits).The next day, you need to arrange the body discharge, using only low-fat kefir. You can drink about one and a half liters of fermented milk product, breaking this number into several receptions. Supplement the unloading kefir day with a couple of small unsweetened apples. In addition to kefir, you can use mineral water without gas.

During the striped diet, you should not abuse sweets, flour dishes, fried foods. From the diet should be completely eliminated smoked products, mayonnaise-ketchup and alcohol.

Pros of the sparing diet regime

The positive aspect of the diet is the balance. Kefir contains vitamins, microelements and nutrients. But on a fasting day the organism still loses the natural substances that are required. This shortcoming can easily be compensated for the next day.

Striped diet not only promotes weight loss, but also helps the body to naturally get rid of toxins and toxins, cleanse. Women who have already tried this diet say that after only a few cycles of alternation of "normal" and unloading days, lightness in the body appears.

The diet is considered affordable and easily portable. To comply with it, no expensive products are required.

"Normal" days of the striped diet

So, you already know the basic principles of the striped diet. And you are attracted to the fact that you can not give up your eating habits and at the same time lose weight. Well, you should arrange a fasting day on one-percent or low-fat kefir, supplementing it with tea without sugar and clean water in any quantity. But the next day you can eat as usual.

This scheme seems ideal only at first glance. If in your "normal", non-unloading days, you will eat as usual, and at the same time with your usual diet is not all right, perhaps you will not lose weight by a kilogram. If you eat a lot of flour and sweet, regularly exceed the daily rate of calories, then you will recover, because your smart body will quickly learn to store energy in the form of glycogen, and subsequently in the form of fats. Kefir same day will help to extract lipids from fat cells. The diet as a result will be similar to a pendulum. And it's not a fact that his fluctuations will eventually lead to weight loss. What to do?

Striped diet plus a healthy diet

This is a more "advanced" version of the striped diet. After kefir day you are waited not by your habitual food, and a healthy food."Normal" day can be healed to the maximum, eliminating the use of harmful products. And if you also consider calories and do not exceed the norm of 1500 kcal, weight loss, we can say, is guaranteed. What can you eat? Example of an ordinary day of the striped diet

Have breakfast of any porridge( 200 grams), drink a glass of low-fat kefir( you can replace it with cottage cheese in the amount of 100 grams, after all, after a day of rest, you probably do not want to look at kefir).

At the second breakfast, eat an apple and eat a dozen almonds. This will help to lock the hunger on the castle before dinner, so you can easily give up dessert.

For lunch prepare a vegetable or chicken soup without frying and pasta. Eat about 200 ml of this soup. On the second, a portion of low-fat goulash or a piece of boiled meat( you can fish) with stewed cabbage or a vegetable salad is perfect.

For a snack, take 100 grams of curd and any sweet fruit( banana, for example).You can drink cocoa, which is cooked on the water. If you really want a sweet, add some fructose.

For dinner, it is good to eat low-fat fish( about 200 g) and any vegetables( non-starchy).

Striped diet - stress for the body

As, however, and any other diet. If you are sitting on it for the first time, do not delay the process for more than two weeks. At the end of this period, go to a healthy diet and do not forget to arrange a kefir unloading day once a week.

If you want to sit on a striped diet before the New Year, so that the evening dress is perfect for you, it is better to immediately abandon this venture. This diet, like all strict diets, has a side effect: if the way out of it is wrong, and you immediately start to overeat, the weight will not just return, but will go into a plus. Do not practice fast diets before a plentiful meal.

Remember that in a day free from kefir you are strictly prohibited from heavy heavy meals and alcohol. If these days you will limit yourself to calories, the glycogen stores will be empty, and the body will only remain, that burn the "old" fat in kefir days.

Protein and carbohydrate days for the striped diet

There is a striped diet "express", which is designed for 10 days.

It has nothing to do with kefir and non-kefir days, but consists in the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days. Five protein, five carbohydrate.

It is very important for 10 days to completely abandon salt and spices. Salt retains fluid in the body, and sharp spices arouse appetite, which now generally does not need anything.

  • Protein day

Immediately after waking up, drink a glass of warm water. For breakfast, eat a boiled egg and a salad of green vegetables. During the day, you should eat a boiled chicken without skin. During the day, you can consume 700-800 grams of meat. But do not eat everything at once, distribute the chicken for several receptions. Cooking meat should be as follows. Fill the chicken with cold water, you need to bring it to a boil, boil for a few minutes, pour out the water, pour in a new one, and cook the meat until ready.

  • Carbohydrate day

This day, you can eat 1-1.5 kg of vegetables( except potatoes), which can be eaten both raw and boiled. Distribute vegetables for 6-8 receptions. On such days you can make a salad-brush. Beets, carrots and a few white cabbage leaves are rubbed on the grater or finely cut, a quarter of the apple is added, everything mixes well. You can add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of water to the salad.

Both in the protein and carbohydrate day, you need to drink about 2 liters of water, and all meals should be evenly distributed until 7 pm.

This diet is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and any other diseases when the doctor prescribes any therapeutic diet. It is not recommended to sit on such striped diet for more than 10 days, it can be dangerous to health.

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