Milk diet: menu options and feedback on the way to lose weight

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If the genie offered a woman to fulfill her three wishes, then one of them would surely be losing weight. But since the genies in our time - a deficit, wishing to lose weight will have to do on their own. There is a magical way to get rid of an ugly belly - a milk diet.

The beautiful half of humanity makes a lot of efforts to get rid of excess weight. In the struggle for a thin waist, all means are good. These are special exercises, dances, sports, various pills, green tea and, of course, diets.

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  • The healing properties of the dairy diet
  • Hard strengthened milk diet
  • The easy way to lose weight on milk
  • Fruit and berry-milk diet
  • Curd and milk slimming
  • Kefir starvation
  • Fasting precautions
  • Special recommendations
  • Contraindications tomilk diet

Video about the valuable qualities of dairy products

The healing properties of the milk diet

This method of losing weight is not withTress

for the body, since milk contains a lot of nutrients. These are fats and proteins, calcium, potassium, a little magnesium, phosphorus and the necessary vitamins of different groups.

Milk, according to nutritionists, is on the list of the most useful products. English doctor Harry Benjamin, as well as the Russian doctor and writer A.P.Chekhov believed that such a diet is very useful for obesity.

When treated in this way, dairy products help to get rid of seven annoying kilograms of excess weight in a single week.

The method helps cure diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension. The diet has long been used by doctors to get relief from urolithiasis, gout, various liver diseases and bile duct obstruction.

The content of phosphates, citrates and chlorides in milk explains the beneficial properties of milk. Avicenna also said that the goat's milk preserves the health of the body and the clarity of the mind.

Especially valuable is considered a pair of cow, goat, camel milk.

Hard reinforced dairy diet

A diet based on cow or goat milk, involves the use of exclusively paired, preserving all the useful properties of milk.

Product warm up and drink through the straw with small sips. In the first day, drink a glass of milk every 2 hours from 8 am to 8 pm. On the second day - every half hour. On the third - every hour. And the remaining time - every half hour. If you want to pomichat, drink fresh fruit juice.

Do not snatch at the food immediately after the end of the hunger strike. Drink another half a day of milk and then eat, for example, a light salad. For the next day, also eat lean foods. Gradually return to the usual food.

Easy way to lose weight on milk

If the milk is not tolerated well, then other foods can be included in the diet.

Eat for breakfast a glass of yogurt, after 2 hours - a bowl of cottage cheese. For lunch, allow yourself a curd-fruit casserole. For dinner, drink kefir. Add milk to tea or coffee without sugar.

Fruit-berry-milk diet

This method is characterized by strict rationality and easy tolerability. For a week you can get rid of five kilos of excess weight.

For breakfast it is recommended to drink tea or coffee, diluted with milk. After two hours - low-fat cottage cheese with fruit, after a while - a plate of any ripe fruit and berries. Then you can drink a glass of curdled milk or yogurt. And for dinner - again fruit.

During the day before each next reception of dietary food it is necessary to drink mineral water.

Curd and milk slimming

Four times a day you need to eat a hundred grams of homemade cottage cheese with a spoon filled with boiling water and pressed wheat bran.

If this food seems very nasty, you can add honey, fruit, berries or vegetables to the curd. In the morning and in the evening it is also recommended to drink a glass of kefir or broth of rose hips. Sour-milk products perfectly tighten the stomach and remove venous blue swelling.

Kefir starvation

People who do not tolerate milk can be replaced with kefir. It is recommended to drink a sour milk product only with an intolerable feeling of severe hunger, small sips, holding it in your mouth longer.

For breakfast, you can eat one creamy yoghurt of 3% fat content, a baked apple or banana, melon, apricot, non-acid pear. To drink tea with honey.

For lunch, it is preferable to cook semolina porridge, eat low-fat cottage cheese, drink kefir. In this meal you can even afford ice cream. For dinner, boil the egg, make a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, press the curd-kefir fritters, drink the fermented woman. The weight of each type of food should not exceed one hundred grams. Before going to bed, it is recommended to chew the fruit. It can be apples, apricots, pears, but not grapes. It is considered very caloric, especially for raisins. In general, fruit is better to consume fresh, since they retain more vitamins, and calories less than in dried fruits.

Fasting precautions

When taking a diet, it is necessary to remember several rules.

Fasting should not last more than two weeks. Switch to normal food should be gradually. During fasting, it is recommended to drink more plain or mineral water. After seven o'clock in the evening, food is taboo. The scales must be worn once a day, preferably at the same time. You need to take a bath more often, because the water ishes away the slags that the body releases during the cleansing. You can make an enema so that there are no problems with the stool. In the early days, you need to organize your own schedule so that you can have a good rest. After a diet, a break is made for two months.

Every woman in her life sits on a diet at least once. Choose a Japanese, buckwheat, Kremlin or milk - it's everyone who decides. Mono diets allow you to lose a few pounds a week, without bringing the body to exhaustion or vitamin deficiency. The only condition of effectiveness is willpower and a firm decision to withstand a certain time.

Special recommendations

Instead of sugar and sweet on the table should be a bottle of still mineral water, as soon as you want something to eat - drink a sip. Also before meals do not forget to drink a glass of mineral water.

Many cite as an example the feeding of infants exclusively with milk and believe that it is better to maintain such a diet for a month, or even two. This opinion is erroneous, since the body can not receive all the elements necessary for life. Milk of man and cow is different in composition and percentage content of the necessary substances.

Breast milk contains casein in relation to whey protein: 40 to 60. And natural cow milk contains half more protein, and the ratio of casein to protein is 80 to 20. The organism is harder to absorb cow's milk, the load on the kidneys is increasing.

Of course, milk contains both proteins, and trace elements, and vitamins, and carbohydrates, and linoleic acid, useful for the body. But in a few weeks it will be not enough. Therefore, a special recommendation is the short duration of such fasting - a maximum of a week.

Contraindications to the milk diet

Useful qualities of dairy products are undeniable. Even in the myths of different peoples of the world, the feeding of famous gods and heroes with fresh milk of wild animals is mentioned: Zeus fed the goat Amalfea, the founders of Rome, the twins Romulus and Remus - the wolf, etc. In the absence of antibiotics, Hippocrates cured many people from consumption of goat's milk.

But there are always contraindications. Milk diet is not suitable for people with an anatomic gastritis, enterocolitis of different origin, food allergy. It is best to visit your doctor before starting a fast and get advice individually. Watch for the general condition of the body and for the figure.

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