Rice diet for 3-7 days for weight loss and body cleansing

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The popular rice diet for weight loss is based on the unique properties of brown rice, which undergoes minimal treatment. Delicate grinding of grains allows you to preserve the grain germ and bran shell in rice, and together with them all vitamins, minerals and nutrients generously donated by nature. Due to the extreme usefulness and content necessary for natural body cleaning and maintenance of fiber immunity, brown rice is highly valued by healthy food supporters and nutritionists.

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  • The opinion of the nutritionist about rice and its varieties
  • Rigid and light options for rice-based diets
  • Rice seven-day diet
  • Rice five-day diet "Two dishes"
  • Rigid rice diet for 3 days
  • Cleansing the body with rice

Opinion of a nutritionist about rice andits varieties

It is especially recommended to brown rice to people with metabolic disorders: obesity, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, diabetes mellitus. In addition, brown unpolished rice is perfectly combined with o

ther products: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, sauces. Fighters for a slender figure who wants to get rid of extra pounds will help the ability of rice to adsorb and efficiently remove salt, slag and other harmful substances from the body. This will not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body of accumulated "garbage".

Rigid and light options for rice-based diets

Rice seven-day diet

This is a non-strict, sparing diet that does not involve too much food restriction. Nutritionists usually recommend that you follow this diet for a week, but depending on the goals, the duration may vary from three to fourteen days. For unloading it will be quite enough three days, thus you can lose from one to two kgs. For a week 3-4 kg will leave, and for fourteen days you will safely leave about 7 kg. Not a bad prospect. However, do not forget that it is necessary to use unrefined rice, and it should be prepared without salt and spices, so as not to "brake" the purification processes.

  • The first day of

Breakfast: is one medium-sized green apple, 50-70 grammes of brown rice, lemon zest and lemon juice, unsweetened green or herbal tea.

Lunch: vegetable broth, 200 gsalat of fresh vegetables, a serving of boiled rice with greens, dressed with olive oil and a teaspoon of any fruit vinegar.

Dinner: steamed rice with carrots and squash.

  • The second day of

Breakfast: one orange( can be replaced with one pear or one fruit of kiwi), a serving of boiled rice with orange peel and a teaspoon of sour cream or yogurt without additives.

Lunch: vegetable soup, rice with boiled vegetables.

Dinner: is the same as dinner. You can add a little low-fat sour cream to the rice.

  • Third day

Breakfast: one apple, pear or 2-3 plums, rice with cinnamon, raisins or dried apricots.

Lunch: light fish or vegetable broth, rice with fried in olive oil, cucumber salad dressed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Dinner: rice with boiled or steamed broccoli cabbage.


Breakfast: a portion of boiled rice with milk, cream or yogurt, fruit salad with a couple of teaspoons of rice flakes.

Lunch: light fish or vegetable soup, steamed rice with carrots, fresh radish, rucola.

Dinner: serving of rice with herbs and 2 tsp.sunflower seeds. Fifth day of the

Breakfast: a portion of boiled rice with raisins, grapes or dried apricots and two teaspoons of chopped almonds or cashew nuts.

Lunch: vegetable or light fish broth, steamed rice with vegetables and herbs, dressed with olive oil.

Dinner: boiled rice with a couple of tablespoons finely chopped onions, 1 tbsp.chopped walnuts, 2 tablespoonsgrated celery root and parsley greens, steamed spinach.

  • Sixth day of

Breakfast: one pear, a portion of boiled rice with a couple of dates, several fig berry and a tablespoon of chopped walnuts.

Lunch: mushroom soup, rice with fresh vegetables( sweet pepper, cucumber, tomatoes) and mint, dressed with olive oil.

Dinner: rice with fresh apple slices, seasoned with 2 tsp.honey, milk, sour cream, cream or yoghurt.

  • Seventh day

Breakfast: low-fat yogurt, boiled rice with slices of apple and pear, seasoned with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice.

Lunch: vegetable or light fish broth, steamed rice with green beans or lentils and tomatoes, fresh green lettuce leaves.

Dinner: steamed rice with pumpkin, olives and basil, dressed with olive oil.

Between meals you need to drink a lot of liquid: mineral water without gas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, green tea. But it's better to refrain from coffee and black tea. Also during the diet should increase the intake of potassium. For proper exit from the diet during the next week, it is desirable to limit yourself to fatty dairy and meat products, and for lunch and dinner, use products from wholemeal and unrefined cereals: brown rice, bran bread, pasta from durum wheat.

Rice five-day diet "Two dishes"

One of the easiest and sparing ways to lose weight with rice. Within five days, you will have to eat only two dishes: the first - boiled or steamed rice, the second - fish or seafood. The chip lies in the fact that you can not mix rice with fish and seafood. During the day, you can eat no more than two portions of rice and one serving of fish or seafood. To both products you can add fresh and boiled vegetables, greens, dressed with olive oil salads. Between meals you should drink as much liquid as possible - still water, green or red tea without sugar.

Rigid rice diet for 3 days

If you get rid of "ballast" in the shortest possible time, you can take a tough three-day rice diet. However, this option is clearly not for the faint-hearted, because the menu for the day consists of only 200 grams of rice.

Cook a glass of rice without salt, spices, butter and milk, divide it into several portions, which we eat during the day, washing down with a glass of apple juice. If it is not at all a mogot, it is allowed to supplement a meager diet with a pair of apples. This option is ideal for a fasting day, but to sit on this diet for more than three days is by no means impossible. You can arrange a rice unloading day at least every week. To resort to emergency care, a three-day diet is allowed no more than once every two months.

Cleansing the body with rice

To effectively cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, it is not necessary to resort to diets. It is enough to arrange special rice breakfasts for two weeks.

  1. Take four glasses or 200-gram jars. We fall asleep in each container of 2 tablespoons.washed rice and pour the grains of cold boiled water. To rice is not sour, send our blanks to a cool place. Every day, without fail, we change the water!
  2. On the fourth day we take rice from the first glass, washed and boiled on water without adding salt and spices. After cooking again rinse and breakfast is ready! In the liberated glass we fall asleep a new portion of rice and fill it with water.
  3. The next day for the preparation of breakfast we use rice from a second glass, etc.

The duration of the treatment course is 14 days. Cooked rice should be eaten daily in the morning on an empty stomach. After eating for two hours, you can not eat anything to give the rice to do its job. The rest of the day you can eat in the usual way, especially without limiting yourself. Exclude from the diet is desirable only too fatty and spicy food, so as not to interfere with the cleansing processes started in the body.

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