Efficient diet for 10 days: 6 best options

June 14, 2018 11:45 | Diets

Are the complete people beloved? Do you doubt it? Not the weight of the matter, however, if you look deeper, you can change the question: are the complete people healthy and beautiful? But this is already - unlikely. As psychologists say, our happiness consists of a million little things. .. Our appearance is one of them, for someone - one of the most important, for others - a thousandth by the account in the internal "hit parade" of values. But health is important for everyone alike, alas, many understand this, having lost it. Be vigilant, do not let fat spoil your life. Have you got an extra 5 kg? Do not wait for a miracle, declare unnecessary stocks of "war".And let the most effective diet for 10 days help you in this.

  • Potato diet for vegetarians
  • Slimming method for meat fans
  • Cabbage diet - crunchy
  • Minus salt - fat off
  • Watermelon diet - sweet tooth is dedicated to
  • 10-day diet of Toddler

Potato diet - system for vegetarians

There are many effective s

ystemsnutrition for the correction of the figure, but only a few of them are for vegetarians. But such people also want to stay slim, beautiful and lose weight, eating delicious, and not "grass", which is offered by most vegetarian diets. Whether the case is a potato ten-day diet is full, appetizing and at the same time effective, because after it you can miss the scales of as much as 8 kg.

Vegetarians come in 4 types. The first version of the potato diet is for lovers of lacto-ovo-vegetarianism - people who decide not to consume only meat and fish or those who decide to become vegans and are on the first step of their plan. The second version is for true, strict vegetarians, called vegans.

So, an example of the daily menu for those who do not eat meat / fish:

  • morning is a cup of milk;
  • lunch - mashed potatoes( about 300 g);
  • evening - salad( several potatoes, hard boiled eggs, olive oil, seasonings, vinegar, sea salt).

A sample daily diet for vegan is simple: 700 grams of potatoes weld( ideally - in a uniform) and, dividing into 5 parts, eat at regular intervals throughout the day, adding greens( parsley, coriander, dill, onions).If it will be difficult to eat monotonous food for 10 days, it is permissible to include several vegetables in the diet( tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers), as well as black bread and a little vegetable oil. However, all these products are prohibited from frying.

Drinking during the potato diet should be abundant - from 2 liters every 24 hours. Drinks should not contain sugar, focus on water, grass infusions, green tea.

To repeat the course, nutritionists are recommended no more often than once every two months.

Weight loss method for meat fans

And how to keep yourself in the shape of lovers of meat cuisine? Nutritionists also took care of their tastes, inventing a 10-day meat diet, which allows its followers to get rid of at least 5 kg, and even all 10 - if your weight exceeds a centner.

The basis of the meat diet is proteins that help the body not only burn fat, but also update cells, but be prepared for some side effects, such as mild dizziness, dry mouth, weakness, and perhaps not very pleasant smell from themouth. Also, you can start to pursue problems with a chair, so that it does not happen, drink at least 2 liters of water or a healthy drink, eat a spoonful of bran and do not forget about a couple of allowed vegetables, because it is fiber, which helps the digestive system.

Meet the basic principles of the meat diet:

  1. Eat at least 5 times a day.
  2. Dinner should be held 3 hours before the night rest.
  3. After a meal for half an hour, do not drink anything.
  4. It is desirable not to fry products.
  5. Meat for cooking choose lean.
  6. In salads do not include potatoes, beets, corn and carrots.
  7. Do not take alcohol.
  8. Stick to the menu, do not swap meals.

Example of the meat diet menu for the day:

  • morning - 100 g of meat and vegetables( without salt);
  • snack - hard-boiled egg, a pair of salad leaves;
  • lunch - 200 grams of vegetables, low-fat meat;
  • snack - salad;
  • evening - 100 grams of lean boiled meat and vegetables( you can stew or make a meat stew).

Worth paying attention! If the portion size of the meat diet is not specified, then you can eat as much as you want. So, a salad for a snack can be at least triple - eat until you are saturated, but do not add mayonnaise and other fatty dressings to the dish.

Cabbage Diet - crunch

How to lose weight to those who like huge portions and all the time something to chew? The recipe is simple: sit down on the glorified cabbage diet, which is not limited in the amount of cabbage consumed - eat even on the basin of salad during each of the meals, and you will still get easier. What is the secret of such a power system? It's all about the low calorie menu, because cabbage is one of the lowest calorie foods that you have on your table.

In addition, the salad from this vegetable is bulky, so it seems to you that after eating a plate of salad, you are satisfied when, in fact, calories were eaten only by the volume equal to one candy. It's just that not all people know what, how many calories and what are the same by weight products differ in nutritional content dozens of times. So cabbage diet is an excellent technique for those who like to eat a lot and often. On health - crunch cabbage and lose weight! For 10 days those who survive, have a chance to become lighter by as much as 10 kg.

As you understand, cabbage can be eaten in any quantity, occasionally including in the menu and sauerkraut, but do not overdo it, as excess salt leads to swelling, which means that you can damage your health and not reach the coveted mark on the scales because of the massexcess fluid in the tissues.

So, an example of a daily diet for a cabbage diet:

  • morning - traditional coffee, but not containing high-calorie additives( sugar, cream);
  • lunch - allowed salad is allowed to add a piece( 200 g) of lean( not fried) meat / fish;
  • evening - except for salad, half a hard-boiled egg, and also your favorite fruit to choose from, but avoid high-calorie bananas and glucose-rich grapes.

It is worth paying attention! During the cabbage diet, do not subject your body to heavy loads. Sports, garden work or repairs will wait. The ideal time to lose weight on cabbage - leave.

You need to drink as much as possible - from 8 glasses a day, water can be alternated with green tea, rosehip broth and infusions of useful herbs. If the cabbage diet conquers you and wants to continue, you can do it in a couple of months.

Less salt - fat off

Do not want to crunch like a hare cabbage, but like to eat abundantly and tasty? Then you need to do a "knight's move", using an unusual technique - salt-free diet. By refusing only one product and eating only healthy food, you can part with 5 hated pounds of fat within 10 days. Is it tempting? Still would!

It's important to know! A salt-free diet is not only a nutrition system for correction of a figure, but also a medical technique recommended by doctors to victims of hypertension and people suffering from a loose metabolism. Use, recover, become slim.

Meet the list of meals allowed for a 1 day salt-free diet:

  • morning - a loaf( rye or whole grains), salad( carrots, cabbage), fruit fresh juice;
  • lunch - borsch, salad( tomatoes, cucumbers, butter, onions), vegetable juice;
  • snack - a favorite fruit( however, preferably an apple or orange);
  • evening - a piece of fish( cooked as you prefer), cabbage salad.

Fish can be replaced with meat, seafood, cheese( up to 40% fat content), eggs, and borsch - soup or soup. The norm of bread per day is 200 g, but it can also be replaced by potatoes if desired.

Worth paying attention! Some users of the technique complain that without salt the food seems tasteless and declare that it is easier not to eat anything than to try to force yourself to eat unsalted dishes. Yes, the first couple of days, however, will be difficult, but only if you do not know some "tricks".Can I make unsalted food tasty? Still as, just buy and add to the dishes dried seaweed, garlic, pepper or greens. You will see what gastronomic "shades" the familiar dishes will play.

It should be noted that during the salt-free diet, the daily fluid norm is limited to 1 liter, this is enough for the well-coordinated work of the body's metabolism, in which salt does not flow. You will be surprised, but the digestive tract will work "like an hour," swelling will disappear, the skin will become healthier and a blush will appear. And all this is due only to the exclusion from the diet of ordinary salt.

Watermelon diet - sweet tooth is dedicated to

It turns out that all tastes are taken into account, except for sweeties fans? Not at all, nutritionists thought about gourmand, having developed a delicious, juicy and useful weight loss system on watermelons. If you do everything right, then in ten days you will lose as much as 8 kilos of fatty ballast.

As you know, it's better to use this technique in the summer, when berries are available for sale at affordable prices and grown not in artificial conditions, then the watermelon system not only makes you slimmer, but also relieves some of the ailments, cleanses the intestines, increases immunity and chargesinternal energy "batteries" of the body.

The undoubted advantage of a watermelon diet is the fact that users generally can forget about cooking and spending long hours in a stuffy kitchen, which, in the summer, is a wonderful news?

Interested? Remember the menu and start to lose weight.

So, your daily watermelon norm is 1 kg of pulp for every 10 kg of your own weight, that is, if your body weight is 75 kg, then for a day you have the right to eat 7.5 kg of watermelon delicacy, which is approximately one impressivewatermelon. But that's all, nothing else can be included in the diet. And so 5 days, but during the second half of the method you are free to add a couple of pieces of black( rye or wholemeal) bread to the menu.

It is worth paying attention! Sweet diet, alas, not everyone is allowed. Diabetics, owners of kidney stones, people suffering from bladder ailments, pensioners, as well as patients immediately after surgery should look for alternative methods of weight correction. In addition, if you suffer from a stomach ulcer, then you need to consume bread exclusively white.

Attentively "listen" to your body. The turning-day is the second. If you feel that the state of health deteriorates sharply, you can add bread to the diet, starting from the 3rd day.

10-day diet Malyshevoy

It was determined, what is an effective diet for you is ideal? So, you are in a couple of steps from the victory over fat!

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