Chinese diet 13 days - the menu and the essence of the method of weight loss with fixing the result

June 14, 2018 13:00 | Diets

Fashion for the Asian way of life touched and dietology. We like elegant, like figurines, figures of Chinese women or Japanese women. Traditional for these countries food styles provide the body with ideal parameters. The Chinese diet is gaining popularity 13 days, the menu of which allows not only to lose weight, but also to rebuild the body for a more correct metabolism. After the program is over, the weight stabilizes. And if you continue to eat properly, the body weight will gradually come to normal.

  • Compliance with the diet from China
  • List of products from the daily ration
  • We will weigh "for" and "against"
  • Video: how to cook rice

Follow the diet from China

There are several versions of the Chinese diet. The traditional option is quite long, it should be 2-3 months. The shorter is observed 21 days. But the method, calculated for 13-day application, is quite effective. It allows you to lose weight by 8 kg. During this time, metabolism has tim

e to enter the accelerated rhythm, slags and toxins go away. You can get used to eat moderately, without consuming harmful products. Due to all these factors, the lost weight should not be returned. Many of the adherents of the methodology have achieved the results for several years.

For effectiveness, a Chinese diet of 13 days should be carried out in compliance with a number of rules:

  • daily drank more than 1.5-2 liters of pure boiled water or mineral without gas;
  • completely removed from the diet of salt, sugar, flour and confectionery, alcohol;
  • can not cut diet time, breaks are not allowed;
  • uses only the allowed set of products in specified quantities.

The proposed technique is quite low-calorie. When it is observed, especially in the early days of habituation, it will be difficult to keep from food temptations. After all, the diet is monotonous. And the dishes without the addition of seasonings and spices seem fresh. Over time, the body will get used to it, and it will become easier.

List of products from the daily diet

Having started this program, you must drink a couple of glasses of pure boiled water every morning on an empty stomach( regardless of the preferred temperature of the liquid).This helps to wash the intestines and better digestion of all nutritional elements.

The daily menu, according to the 13-day Chinese diet, is not limited to specific dishes. Only the grocery set is indicated. For a day is consumed:

  • rice, better brown or red( 300-400 g);
  • any fruit, except high-calorie( 150-240 g);
  • vegetables, except potatoes( 270 g);
  • low-fat sea fish( 120 g);
  • milk with fat content up to 1,5%( 0,1 l);
  • beans( 60-100 g);
  • 1 chicken egg.

From the specified norm of products you can prepare any dish, at your own discretion. Not using anything outside the list( no oil, no salt, no sugar).

It is believed that the effectiveness of such a diet is largely due to the type and quality of the selected rice. To all of us, the usual rice cereal is rich in vitamins, trace elements, helps to stimulate metabolism, optimize weight, reduce swelling and improve the performance of blood vessels, kidneys and liver. Unrefined brown rice or red is considered even more useful.

We will weigh "for" and "against"

Compliance with this diet leads not only to losing weight. Among other positive things, you can call improvement in skin condition, cleansing the body, better health and good bowel performance.

There is nothing meaty in the list of basic products, and for some there is a negative aspect of the slimming program. Judging by the reviews of those who tried the technique, the first week is perceived more difficult. Further restrictions are not so painful.

The opinion of dietitians and medical specialists about similar diets is ambiguous. The main thing is that they can seriously undermine health. The question is not in starvation, but in observing the salt-free diet. If there are some problems with the body systems, this can have negative consequences. The tissues lose the liquid, the leaching of useful substances occurs. Violated water-electrolyte and water-salt balance, which affects the well-being and leads to malfunctioning of organs.

With prolonged sodium chloride deficiency, the composition of gastric acids that make up the gastric juice changes. Difficulties may arise with food processing, blood thinning, lymphatic system functioning. Salt is also needed for bones, muscles, the correct transmission of nerve impulses, the maintenance of hormone production, the functioning of cells in general.

Abandonment of consumption in normal amounts of dietary salt is fraught with the appearance of weakness, dizziness, irritability. And in the future memory may worsen, thrombus formation may increase, existing diseases become worse. Or there will be other negative phenomena.

The decision to start a Chinese diet( for 13 days, and even more for long periods), should not be spontaneous. First you need to undergo a medical examination and get medical advice. If there are contraindications, the technique can not be used. Strongly it is not advisable to continue it arbitrarily for longer than the specified time or conduct more often than once every six months.

Video: how to cook rice

This method of losing weight, like most others, has positive and negative sides. This is not a panacea for solving the issue of overweight. Rather, an emergency measure, taken at great need. The best way to maintain the body in excellent shape is not to observe diets, but a healthy balanced diet, adequate rest and physical activity.

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