Rice diet minus 5 kg - menu for 7 days

June 14, 2018 15:30 | Diets

Have decided to go on a diet, but are afraid, what restrictions in food will negatively affect a condition of a skin, hair, state of health and mood? You are absolutely right, most methods of weight loss have such "pobochki."But there are exceptions. For example, a rice diet, which not only saves excess weight, but also cleanses the body, contributes to overall sanitation, and improves the appearance.

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Video on the protein dieton rice

Magic properties of rice

Have you ever wondered why the inhabitants of the East live long, slim, cheerful and rarely sick? Even those who, having a modest budget, eat virtually one rice? Inhabitants of the eastern countries do not suffer from obesity, do not make of the food of the cult, eating mostly unpretentious dishes of rice and ve

getables, do not overeat in pursuit of obtaining momentary pleasure.

Perhaps this is their secret of longevity and excellence? After all, there is a lot of unique amino acids in the rice, useful microelements, minerals and vitamins necessary for the body. Let's talk only about some of them. For example, potassium helps the heart to stay healthy, calcium makes bones strong, improves the condition of nails and hair, B group vitamins normalize metabolism and protect against nervous breakdowns, iron strengthens the body's resistance and adds strength, iodine helps burn fat and increases mental activity.

Another important fact is that this miracle product does not contain gluten, which sometimes contributes to the emergence of allergy and weight gain, but it is rich in protein, which helps the cells to be updated, and the person - to remain active and not to recover. As you can see, the rice diet for weight loss is not only a technique for weight correction, but also an excellent technology for improving and improving the appearance.

It's important to know !For a diet, it is recommended to buy brown rice, black or brown varieties because of their special usefulness.

Fast rice diet

This technique is for those who need to urgently get rid of a couple extra pounds to get into their favorite jeans or for beauties, carefully watching their weight. This diet for weight loss on rice refers to the category of unloading food systems. Once a week, you eat only rice a whole day, drinking it with water.

How to prepare a dish? A glass of cereals thoroughly washed and cook until half ready. Then distribute the porridge for 3-5 servings and eat during the day. In parallel, drink at least a half liter of water or green tea, but without sugar.

If you arrange for yourself such a fasting days on a weekly basis, then you can save a great shape for a long time, beauty and wonderful health.

Some people feed on such a system at once 3 days, repeating the course in a month. This option is also good for maintaining the ideal weight or emergency burning several kilograms of fat.

7-day weight loss method

A one-week rice diet, the recipe of which is also relatively simple, can save you 5 kg of excess weight. But I have to work hard. The menu is rather meager, but if you survive for 7 days, then you will not regret, because not only your figure will change, but also skin, hair and even nails. You will feel a surge of strength, lightness in the whole body and a charge of energy.

So, an example of a daily diet:

  • morning - 100 grams of rice, a cup of yogurt or a jar of low-fat yogurt;
  • lunch - the same serving of rice, 150 grams of chicken / lean fish in a boiled form;
  • dinner - 50 grams of rice, a serving of vegetable stew, which is allowed to add a spoonful of oil.

You can drink water, tea( green, herbal), broth of dogrose, drinks from chicory. It's forbidden to sit down for a few hours before bedtime, so dinner should be early. If the body still becomes "rebel" in the evening, you can "cajole" it with a cup of fresh kefir, but, natural, not very fat - up to 1%.

How to competently exit the diet

The thin beauty has such a wise saying: "It's not so difficult to get rid of weight, how then to keep the result achieved."This, alas, is true. Kilograms can return no less rapidly than they left, if you immediately after the end of the diet, pounce on harmful food, fatty food, destructive for the figure of sweetness and alcohol, which is high in calories and provokes overeating.

Do not cross out your work, because in a week's time the stomach has clearly decreased in size, and your appetite has subsided. Use the reasonably achieved result, expanding the menu gradually - a couple of products a day, and useful. For example, on the first morning after a diet, eat a couple of eggs, let the lunch remain the same, and for dinner, allow yourself a salad or fruit( if these foods were assigned to a banned group).

For the next day, make light soup and half-packs of cottage cheese on the menu, and on the third day, cook fish or meat on the grill. In the future, avoid unhealthy food, eat moderately, do not eat up before you go to bed, and then you will keep the ideal forms for a long time.

System of 5 volumes - how to lose weight without a diet

Do not want to limit yourself in food, there is no possibility to adhere to a strict menu, want to lose weight effortlessly? Then your choice is a rice diet of 5 volumes, which allows you to lose weight and improve your health without changing the menu. True, it is necessary to tinker with the preparation of a miracle means.

So, in 5 containers( about 250 ml) put a couple of spoons of rice and add clean water to the dishes - to the top.4 days( preferably in the mornings) just change the water in all the glasses. From the fifth morning you start eating rice, taking it from any container. Cook it is forbidden, drain the water and eat these steamed spoons on an empty stomach. In the empty dishes, again place a serving of rice and pour it with water, place the container of the last in the row. In the morning of the sixth day, repeat the procedure.

Thus, every morning you will eat a healing portion of rice, and also do 1 billet for future use. But remember: after an unusual meal for 2 hours the mouth must be closed "to the lock."Then you are allowed to eat as you are used to. The only recommendation from dietitians: to reduce salt intake, in order to enhance the purifying effect. The duration of the system is 14 days.

This rice diet for weight loss, the recipe of which in fact does not limit you in any way, will remove all excess( salt, toxins, slag, excess liquid) from your body and make it easier for 3-5 kg. After a couple of months, the course is allowed to repeat.

The rice diet is an easy and quick way to become slim, healthy and beautiful.

By the secret of

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